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As the originator of this thread allow me to chime in on a few things -   1. I'm a bit taken aback about the back and forths that I've read here. I brought something to this forum that I thought would be interesting but quickly watched the discussion disintegrate.Having had in the past the ability to draw other designers, authors, theorists into another forum that I once frequented .I'm a bit taken aback      Would the same have happened with another mfg. ? I've yet too...
Taylor Made Burner Plus irons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, AW, PW The 4 iron has the original steel shaft Graphite shafts / I-Drive / Regular Flex Tacki Mac Grips Somehow I missed the all clubs, pic shows 7 but there is an 8th I will take an additional pic if an issue $200 plus shipping
Was only kidding about the Dr. and Newton, hence the wink in my post.
62 years today..what do I do ? Not much anymore -  Play more than a bit of golf these days. take the Border Collie out for his 3x a day frisbee. I was a general contractor / carpenter for 30 + years. While I will still dip my fingers into the well, so to speak, unless it's something that really catches my interest, I'm not available.   I will tell you one thing though - I went to work every day happy  Each day brought a new challenge, each day allowed me to...
Nice car, hope its either a drug confiscation or you got a sizeable inheritance ?
With apologies to Paul McCartney, you know the guy from Wings...   You say it's your birthday / Yes I say it's my birthday / I'm gonna have a good time.   Glenlivet 18  
One of my friends rode a Commando, not much too look at British style wise but a fast bike. Quik note - he rode it close to 100k miles with out any real work, unbelievable for a British bike. Anyhow our mechanic said that one day it would turn to dust beneath him - he had never seen a Brit bike that did not need major work @ the 40k mark. BTW - I had the entire top end done around that mileage - blew it out @ 5k later as I never had it adjusted. I pulled piston pieces the...
It would seem that Dr. Abez Kryemadhi form Messiah College and Issac Newton would disagree with you.   I seem to recall some company doing a similar desigh about 10 years ago with a similar albeit more conventional head.  
  I'll say a prayer today for the Fathers, Uncles, Friends who forged through WWII and Korea and an additional prayer for those of my generation who fought in Viet Nam.   Two in particular (WWII and Viet Nam) told me stories that to this day bring a tear to my eyes for their gallantry and bravery. I was always humbled in their presence.   Our freedoms have come at quite a cost. 
Unfortunately due to a leg injury my riding days are over. I am contented these days doing the next best thing for me - top down on my 2013 Beetle Turbo.   With all that said I primarily rode BSA motorcycles and at one point owned two - A Lightning and a Starfire Scrambler both 650cc. Although these are not my pic's, both are pretty accurate to my rides.   I did a few thousand mile rides on each of these - suffice to say that I carried a tool kit...
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