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Have may set on order. About a week away. Went into my local Drummond (Australian) store. Had my heart set on some Rocketbladez but thought it best I go the whole hog and try out a heap of them. The first club I hit was the G25. Felt beautiful first up. Also hit the Cobra Amp, Rocketbladez and Callaways. Ended up going the Pings and funny thing was the Rocketbladez felt the worst. Will fill in my thought after I have them and have given them a road test.
Yeah I worded that wrong. Yes the putter does matter but the name does not. I.e spending $200 plus on a big name is not really necessary when a$20 cheapy feels right. Really is just try before you buy.
I tend to agree with the OP. got a cousin who is a golf pro. Said the putter is the one club that it dosent really matter. Aslong as it feels good to you it can be a $20 cheapy. A lot of putting happens upstairs. Guess I just haven't found the right one yet :(
I havent wore golf shoes ever.  More so as i dont really play regularly enough to warrant forking out the $$$ for them.  Thinking about getting into golf more seriously now so might have to make a purchase.  Ive never had any problems with slipping unless its been wet and all i usually wear is my x-trainers.
I play the e6 mainly. Have given the B330 a go a few times and a NXT too. Usually come back to the e6's
Hey Guys and Gals,   Im new here.  From Country SA.  Own the Post Office here and try play a bit of golf when i can.  Not often enough :(   Hit of 21 atm with a fairly old shonky set of Prossimon irons.   Look forward to chatting all things Golf 
Loving the discussion here guys and having the exact same problems trying to work out what to use.  Ive used the e6 for the last 4 years and have no problems with them.  I have a fairly quick swing speed put struggle for accuracy off the tee.  Used to hook the ball a fair bit and found the e6 straightened me up fairly well.  My short game is bordering on horrendous especially chipping so ive basically been a chip and run type golfer instead of giving it air and working...
New Posts  All Forums: