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Anybody who knows the biochemical pathway of these drugs in relation to how the brain naturally functions will stay the fu2k away from drugs. I hope it ain't drugs tho, them some real demons right there. Wish him the best nonethless, I'm definitely not good enough to pass judgment on the guy.  Off topic, but from what I gather from the Golfsmith guy, Nike is moving up nicely in the golf world.
I know people rag on TW for his on course reaction, but I have to admit that I find it amusing. 
Tiger 3-jacks from inside 10ft. Not good
I've always known the day will come when I too will feel the eat, so I just shave it off for now.   Off topic: I hope Fox Sports is really trying to give GC a tough run for their money. They should pick up Nobilo too
As @Dave2512 put it, it seems like market correction to me. 
Is it possible that those courses were overcharging in the first place? Is it possible that their patrons have started frequenting other courses where they may get a better value for their buck. I definitely wouldn't argue that the business is booming, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, I'd say the reports of golf's death have been greatly exaggerated. I don't know much about the retirement (or much of anything at all), but it seems like a solid point 
Same here in NJ and CT.  Amen. And how many new clubs does the average player buy yearly, most of my buddies buy clubs maybe once every 3 years unless they get an eye-popping deal (which tends to be online).  I haven't bought new balls this year at all, mostly because I find enough ProVs and NXT tour to keep me smiling for a while. I 
Yes. Perhaps we can run a quick poll on how many TST'ers know a golfer (1st or 2nd degree connection) who has quit the game in the past 3-4 years. They may know someone who plays less now due to family obligations, but I'll be interested to see how the results comes out.
I see what you're saying, and I believe "absolute" will be determined by each individual...hopefully with regards to one's own ability.  For example, if I shot 84, but did it with no 3-putts and no doubles, I would probably come very close to absolute satisfaction. I would walk away knowing that I need to improve this or that, but I would be satisfied that I was free of those 2 things (3-putts and doubles)Undeniable satisfaction Haha, those are a dime a dozen. I see on the...
I look at posts of my rounds, post-round emails I sent to friends, and I came to the conclusion that I appear to never be fully satisfied with my round. There are days where I'm relatively more satisfied than others, but really there's always something to pick at. If I made par, I'll still wonder why I didn't play more break/chip in for birdie.    Do you guys ever just finish a round and feel true satisfaction deep inside?
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