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Oh this is a sweet sounding idea  I even scoop as low as pinnacle golds, but that's where I draw the line. I play non-premium balls off the first tee since don't always pipe down the middle....best to pay the gods with a pinnacle than a premium ball. As a real golfer though, I do count my penalties when applicable. 
63.4% is still pretty solid, you're a "real" golfer 3.11333 times out of 5  .   I must have missed the no talking about anything other than golf part, because that definitely rules me out. 
Haha, Well this rules me out as a golfer. I'm not a ball snob.
I still am. The ball retriever almost voided my status, but I haven't bought it yet. Love finding me some high quality golf balls in the bushes/woods
I vote Yes. I appreciate the fact that he said it right there in front of Watson, and the fact that he was direct makes it extra good. With that said, I put this loss on the players because, at the end of the day, it's still just golf. They are the best at it and they should find a way to get it done.
no wife, no kids, golf membership that's close to my job, understanding girlfriend.....quit partying hard when I picked up golf. Demanding gig, but I always make time for golf. My other hobbies don't require daylight
Based on my experience playing with all sorts of players, I don't think this is far-fetched as an average number. The average par 4 for amateurs is under 400 yds, even at 400, a 235 yd drive leaves you only 165 in. That's not an overly tough shot into the green.
I've had good and bad. Started the season with little confidence with my ball striking, and I met another member at the range who just adjusted my grip. Best golf advice I ever had.    An old guy walked up to me at a range in Philly, and decides to give me the whole overhaul. I politely smiled and immediately forgot everything he said
No, not surprising. Williams had said he was gonna go into semi-retirement at the end of the season, and it was in media months ago. The article also cites Williams' decision as the basis for breaking their partnership. Best of luck to both parties.
Excellent read. Congratulations
New Posts  All Forums: