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I feel your pain in fantasy, that is rough. Yes Dave did have bad luck, but that didn't have to matter had he improved his chances by picking an emotional Caroline or the shaky Jimmy. Anthony seems to enjoy those moments too much, Caroline doesn't. She was already hoping not to be picked. 
Oh yea, it's no doubt dumber to put yourself in that situation. If I recall correctly though, Dave did hit the first shot in the first challenge. He lost to Tessa.
Is he going to eat humble pie eventually? Absolutely. The objective of the show is to play well enough to be in another episode, not an ego trip about being challenged by a cocky 19 year old. In both cases, he was the strongest guy in the pool to choose from. Jimmy and Caroline would have given Dave a shot to survive yesterday, but he went with a guy that plays well under pressure. Krista did the same thing. As long as they keep heading into these elimination challenges...
Yes, he probably will, but I plan to enjoy every last second he spends on that show. I rooted for him big time yesterda, especially since his opponents kept playing into his hands by picking him.
 I didn't even look them up, I was just judging on form alone. I used to be a sub 5 minute miler, and that form is a bit better than mine ever was.
These guys are seasoned runners, they run faster than 8 min miles. I'm gonna do this one day.
uhh, that's not how it works. Technically, there's no such thing as having no personality, but it's ok to think what you what suits you.Care to elaborate on how it's suppose to be different? Patriotism? When/if it ever gets to the same level as the soccer world cup, then everyone will to watch.  
I like what I like. I wanna see my pro golfers hit good shots and win, anything else is extra. I follow Dufner on Social media, he has more personality than you give him credit for. 
I will not be surprised if that was the case
Social media abuse in this case. If I ran an organization, I would strongly encourage my executives to abstain from social media.    Edit: GC is gonna drag this one
New Posts  All Forums: