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How's that different from what he's been doing for the most part of his career? 5 wins 2 seasons ago came from similar fields
Couldn't agree more Nothing personal to you, Sir/Ma'am, but please take the garbage out back. In what planet is golf a game of gentlemen? The racist/sexist gentlemen that pioneered the game, or better yet built the course of the very prestigious masters, or the weekend duffer that curses up a storm? Which gentlemen are you referring to? I get a bit tired of people falsely romanticizing the game. Golf is a game of people. Some are a$$holes, some are good, but please, save...
That's the best you could come up with? Harmon's comment is akin to that of a doctor who makes a diagnosis without examining the patient. Has it occurred to you that Harmon is wrong, or just being a malicious since he and Tiger don't get along. 
Excellent logic, lol
Tiger and Rory off tomorrow at 2:30. If this thing was close, it would be a drool-inducing Sunday for any TV producer
I'm really not convinced you have a clue about what you talk about. You think he had the yips, based on what evidence? So far everything points to an improper technique. @mvmac briefly chimed in on the slight change he made in one of these threads. #RectalExtractions
  You two are probably tied for the worst predictions so far This by far is the best prediction on this thread.
Is Speith still 21 yrs old? Not sure if it's gonna change mid-round
Being old will do that to ya
Somethng tells me he'll have a 3-4 shot lead today
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