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I strongly doubt there's any truth to this, but I'll can't be fully certain. On the other hand, Amanda Boyd sure ain't coming out to deny this one. I won't be surprised if she's loving the attention, she can spice things up by posting a beach picture today with a caption like "TBT: Vacation with a friend and the little ones...free diving is awesome!!"     P.S. For those who might not know, Tiger was reported to be in the Bahamas last week with his kids last week free...
I am absolutely loving the featured group coverage. Very good commentators both yesterday and today.
Absolutely amszing pics @iacas. WOW! 
 I'm not sure if you visit europe much, but that statement isn't true. Golf is pretty accessible if you wish to play. I wouldn't comment on the accessibility in Asia as I'm not familiar with their situation as it pertains to golf. Secondly, yea stuff happens after soccer games in europe just as it happens in hockey or other sports, but that's not the topic. Golf fans are the main subject here. I don't think Poulter or anyone else's personality justifies being insulted at...
very brilliant
I was wondering when someone was gonna pick up on that. weak trolling at that
This is all I've ever heard too. His comments are lacking in logic, especially given that this was someone who covered golf since the days of the pharaohs . The current situation of players Tiger beat in his prime has nothing to the quality of competition they offered back then. Situations happen that may have knocked them off their game. Are we to say David Duval was a terrible player in those days because he's no longer making it on tour? Just seems like another piece...
Not even a debate for me, it's gonna be Wentworth almost exclusively
Listen, fall back, take several seats because I can take you to school on this issue, so don't push your luck. Taking what I said as an insult to "your" country shows a certain level of ignorance on issues of human right. If you wanna count the numbers of country truly worthy of sitting on that proverbial high horse, the U.S doesn't crack the top 4. Like I said earlier, let's keep this thread on topic. P.S. It's not just your country, so fall the heck back.
In order to stay on topic, let's just ignore this. Nice pictures  
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