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I swear I dislike speculating on such personal matters, but that bolded comment could easily mean he wasn't outgoing enough, or something of such nature, as oppose to him having a temper. Just my unsolicited 2 cents. Again, best of luck to both parties.
Wow, this truly saddens me. I wish each one of them the very best and a healthy recovery from this situation.   I really liked them together. 
Lmao at "distraction". Are you aware of last year's TV ratings? How about how tickets performed compared to when he plays? If you are, then you wouldn't be surprised that the media is whipping up a frenzy about the possibility of him playing. Corporations love it too, more eyeballs show up when he plays, and that's good for business. If the master's doesn't "deserve the distraction", you should lodge a complaint against the media.I doubt he should stop existing because...
Well, yes...relatively speaking. 
Hahaha!! Perhaps subconsciously, or maybe he and I just think alike. 
Saying here that Augusta/Masters is unlike any other course/tournament is like preaching to the choir, it's a tournament that requires you to truly be on your game, but also have all your neurons firing at the right level. Jimmy Walker is on his game and I expect him to be there, but I'm not sure those neurons will fire just right on Sunday. He stumbled through the gates at Pebble last year, and his wins have been at average tour events. To his credit, he has had top 10s...
I'm guessing this is suppose to be satire. If it is, then it's somewhat funny. If it's meant to be serious, then I'm respectfully speechless
Interesting video, thanks for posting it.   Love seeing walking golfers
15 hours isn't really that much. I still spend anywhere between 1 to 2 hours in the gym daily depending on whether I do Cardio or not. It's a lifestlye in itself and I'm not even jacked. With the proper trainers, training, and equipments, I don't how his longevity can be adversely affected by his exercise.   Really love that dead lift bar too. 
Hit a bad shot and Johnny Miller sounds the nerve alert.
New Posts  All Forums: