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Heard this on morning drive, and I'm more upset at Bishop for dignifying Poulter's existence with any kind of comment.My expectations of grown ups gets lowered every time I go on social media.
Completely unnecessary, and there's a good chance it was a simple mistake. We're talking 4 inches here after all....
Man's got some style, he's rocking that combo. Edit: I know he broke some pattern rules, but he did it his own way.     ...I'm biased, I get most of my shirts from that side of the pond. 
I'm not sure how watching gives you credibility in making captain recommendations, but oh well. If you watched the McGladrey classic ProAm, you would realize that he wasn't the only one not to watch the Ryder cup, and yet have an input on what could be done better next time.  
I didn't like Anthony at first, but he made me reconsider when he sent Krista home. He's got game, and I find his commentary funny. I was surprised about the 8i challenge yielding such poor results from most of them, guess nerves are showing already. I'm looking forward to next week.
40. 1 GIR, 14 putts. 3353 yds Yesterday
 Great if you're already playing within the pace, then you're good. Do whatever helps your game while keeping pace.That part of my comment that saying "Just because he saw it on TV"...that's the key part. If it's something you practice, please go for it. I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph
With all due respect, I think blaming (For the lack of a better word) the PGA/Pros is a bit of a cop out.     1. I wouldn't blame a pro/anyone who takes his/her time lining up a significant par putt, but a hack dancing around his 4th double bogey putt on the front 9,  c'mon man.   2. Pros tend to have a bottleneck on par 5s  because almost all of them can hit the green in 2 shots. I've seen people 270+ out waiting for the green to clear...really, dude? 3. A pro will...
Another issue in my experience playing golf is LEAGUE Players. I avoid playing behind them by all means necessary.   Edit: Course design obviously factors into slow play as well. Par 3 as one of the first 2 holes doesn't help the situation much.
 Dear God, please say it ain't so. I've played in 4-some that took under 3.5 hours on weekends, and the lowest handicap we had was an 8I wanna give you a high five, and a medal. I'm young, but I seldom play with people my age. The ones I play with know the deal, and they have the skills to keep up. "Let's keep it under 4, fellas!"
New Posts  All Forums: