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I might be wrong, but there's some floating assumption that Sean Foley and Tiger were working on some complex, trackman-based swing algorithm. Based on Foley's interviews and account of his work by other, it appears to me that he's doing the same thing many coaches do...correct flaws/make improvements....except he uses HD video as an aid, and communicates his point with technically sound vocabulary.     Off topic: Pardon me, but this here is the TRUTH of LIFE
I'm guessing you meant to say either "And if you think" or "Does include". Either way, I think your post is vastly underestimating the importance of skills. Heck, I can imagine the shots Bubba hit, but I wouldn't even know where to begin if I tried them. Skills, as pointed earlier, is the deciding factor here. IMO. 
@David in FL and @newtogolf have said it all IMO    
Thanks, that 11 got me focused (More like livid). I still remember that hole very clearly because it taught me a lot of things. 1. Don't let a mishap on a previous hole carryover to the next hole. My only bogey on the back 9 came from the previous hole, a long (410 yd) narrow par 4. Went with driver instead of 3w and that left me in an awkward situation, which ultimately resulted in a bogey. 2. Think through your decision. I knew very well that I never play that par 5 with...
Just shot 44 on the front and was feeling like I left a lot of strokes out there, so I buttoned it up and I was +1 for the next 4 holes. Came to a narrow par 5 that I really should have played with a 3 hybrid.   Tee shot: Driver. Caught some trees 50 yds down, dropped behind a tree, 2nd shot: Punched out backwards to far in the woods on the other side. 3rd shot: A drop 4th shot: Duck hooked into the trees 5th: Drop (Already steaming at this point) 6th: Duffed maybe...
No one is asking the important question: Is Lindsey Vonn handling business where it matters? I need my client to be as focused and satisfied as possible.    In all seriousness, he has forgotten more about the swing than I currently know, so my only advice to him is to go out there and have fun again. I enjoy watching him play more than any player, but I don't like it when he gets frustrated out there. Hard to play well in such a mindset.
As a relatively high handicapper, this would happen quite a bit where you would go through spells of regression.I agree with virtually everything David said. I've been playing about as long as you have, and I tinkered a lot before. I tinkered with one thing to fix another issue, and the craziness just compounded. Whatever "solution" I thought I had often wasn't sustainable, so I had to simply go back to the fundamentals and my game improved drastically. (Turns out my whole...
I totally see his point here. The Bubba ragging is getting a tad stale IMO. Can the man be?
Maybe now Foley will have time for me.
 My longest was about 5.5 hrs, I swore never to be back there. On the flip side, I played 18 under 4 hrs on a sunday afternoon this past weekend. It was the most amazing feeling.
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