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Truer words were never spoken
I watched the whole thing and he looked very jovial through the press conference. He seemed very optimistic on the state of his game as well, I'm definitely excited to watch him.
This tournament is at the bottom of lists tournaments to watch, but I'll be watching because of Tiger and Phil. I would really like a big year from those two. 
I doubt that matters to him. 
The FBI thing could have easily been a mix up as @Golfingdad alluded to. Steve Sands reported that same day that the PGA's head of security, a former FBI agent, will be heading the investigation from the PGA's standpoint. I won't be surprised if he mixed that up as an FBI investigation.   I don't care for speculation, so I'll wait till I get more information rather than make silly, judgmental, asinine, premature comments.   Folks love scandal, and they'll seek it...
This sucks. Glad he's working out though, good to get that body in good shape and improve his HOF career. Hope he wins multiple events this year.
Excellent post, David. I too use to be a loyal GN customer, and not until last month did I realize they took away my rewards. I have also noticed increasingly more courses are offering tee times on their sites at the same price GN does, I would imagine that drives down business for GN. I have started booking directly from courses that offer such pricing.  
This may sound weird, but I actually prefer the coverage of this course to Kapalua. 
Walker struggled to close the deal at ATT Pro-am at Pebble Beach last year as well. He definitely feels the nerve. It's interesting how these guys go on automatic mode all through the 14th-15th hole, and then the nerves just set in around the 16th hole.   The nerves are one of the reasons I love this game. Pros feel it, amateurs feel it. They have a million reasons to be nervous, I have $20 on the line. Same thing.   
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