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This happened last year too
      That commercial was hilarious, but these comments are hilarious. Like really, it's that serious? That's a ton of anger
My first tournament out, I made a 9 on the first hole (par 4). I looked like I belonged in the highest handicap flight, almost certain that I hadn't made more than a 7 on a par 4 all year till that point.
Snow and freezing rain tonight. Lovely
Yea, you pay full price. I believe the price was like $140, and that was about $30 more that I would have payed to play that course on a weekend. Similar to what @Golfingdad said earlier in the thread. 
 5 of my friends play this tour. They held one of their majors at my club last year, and a few months later, I played a round with one of the tour winners (Dude had game). All that got me very interested, so I played as a guest once last year. It was a very nice competitive experience, and I could definitely see why my friends are hooked on it.   I'm contemplating joining this year, but I'm holding back as I already have a golf club and I travel to play all the time. Not...
hmmm, huh? Are you trying to draw some type of clever inference? 
I'm no legal expert,so I may very well be wrong, but I think he's angling for a defense in case he gets sued. Perhaps he'll be arguing that he has a right to his opinions no matter how unfounded they may be. Not sure how good a defense that will be, but.... I would like to see him dragged to court and sweat it out, but I hope Tiger doesn't sue him. Just let bottom feeders be bottom feeders (in PGA tour sense),. don't dignify him with a direct response. LOL, darn it,  I...
A part of me thinks this ^^^^is a result of ^^^^
Dude looks good and healthy with the loss of the extra pounds. 
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