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No, not surprising. Williams had said he was gonna go into semi-retirement at the end of the season, and it was in media months ago. The article also cites Williams' decision as the basis for breaking their partnership. Best of luck to both parties.
Excellent read. Congratulations
I see guys of similar age group do some serious shenanigans with carts at my course too, typically alcohol is involved. Prayers to the families of the deceased.
Quick question, just what in the world are you talking about? Is that from the article or rectally extracted? 
Lmao @ that highlighted part.  As for your friend, tell him this is 'Merica in case he forgot.The only thing I don't talk about on the course is politics....I'll even dabble in religious talk 
I know I really should stretch, but I rarely do it. Some days I'm on the fairway/rough/woods 5 mins after parking my car. I just jump on the 1st/10th tee if no one is in line, but going forward I'm gonna add it to the routine. 
I might be wrong, but there's some floating assumption that Sean Foley and Tiger were working on some complex, trackman-based swing algorithm. Based on Foley's interviews and account of his work by other, it appears to me that he's doing the same thing many coaches do...correct flaws/make improvements....except he uses HD video as an aid, and communicates his point with technically sound vocabulary.     Off topic: Pardon me, but this here is the TRUTH of LIFE
I'm guessing you meant to say either "And if you think" or "Does include". Either way, I think your post is vastly underestimating the importance of skills. Heck, I can imagine the shots Bubba hit, but I wouldn't even know where to begin if I tried them. Skills, as pointed earlier, is the deciding factor here. IMO. 
@David in FL and @newtogolf have said it all IMO    
Thanks, that 11 got me focused (More like livid). I still remember that hole very clearly because it taught me a lot of things. 1. Don't let a mishap on a previous hole carryover to the next hole. My only bogey on the back 9 came from the previous hole, a long (410 yd) narrow par 4. Went with driver instead of 3w and that left me in an awkward situation, which ultimately resulted in a bogey. 2. Think through your decision. I knew very well that I never play that par 5 with...
New Posts  All Forums: