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 I may be missing something, but those two highlighted statements don't go together. I don't think you can say the overall field strength is stronger today, but yet consider them lesser players that those of the past. I'm not sure you can also say that the field doesn't matter that much, but base the impressiveness of someone's wins off the strength of the field ("Competing against so many hall of famers in their prime").
I am NOT surprised that he isn't very good at golf (Neither am I, I just pretend to be). I'm also in the camp that he isn't a good commentator/announcer, I also think he has a crush on Gary Woodland, but that's just the silly me. Anyways, any guy that plays golf, mindful of pace of play, spend time with is kids is alright with me. I do plan to visit the Orlando area sometime this year.....hopefully!
Lmao! That's a bit strong. 
IMO, I don't see much in terms of Speith's mental make up that's noteworthy. Can you really say his mental make up is better then Reed, Henley, or Fowler? I hope he's not just hype, but to piggy back of @MS256's comment, all I saw was a guy who had a good master's week. As Jack said in one of Tiger's old documentaries...I'll paraphrase "There are guys who can hit it longer than Tiger, and putt better than Tiger, but can they do when it's really needed? That's where Tiger's...
  Couldn't agreee more if I tried.Ditto +++ Ditto ++++++ I was at the range yesterday and the 2 guys beside me had the following conversation. I found it funny given that this thread came up yesterday Guy 1: I'm not sure I like Bubba, he seems like a di@kGuy 2: Yea, I know what you meanGuy 1: I mean like that stuff that happened here                        (This convo was taking place in CT, so he's reffering to the Travelers' Championship)Guy 2: Yea I don't even think...
I know TGC has named Speith heir apparent to the game, and he has game for sure, but I think it's far too early to call.  They spoon fed Ricky to us, same with Woodland, and neither has lived up to the hype. Now it's Speith and English. IMO, I think Henley currently outranks them both, for now and possibly going forward. Hit me up when he wins a major, WGC, players, or any non-run of the mill tour stop.
Funny how I see the same thing and see it more as a look of "Didn't that putt look like it broke right?", or "We/I sure got that one wrong" as oppose to him casting blame on the caddie. I'm with @Golfingdad on him calling out his caddie at the travelers last year. That was a bad look. A
I'm def a fan of his play and imagination. I even like him for the religious angle too, so I guess I'm a fan
 Seems right. I remember Chamblee commenting on it. 
Not to defend Tiger or anything like that, but do you remember the last time Tiger slammed a club? Just curious
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