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Depends on how you define scoring.  Scoring in the 70s 80s or 90s?  If your cant hit to within a midiron, you can't score in the 70s no matter how good your short game is.  That might be true even for the 80s.
I use Striker Golf GPS.  It had the most options for my money.  
Thanks!  That is awesome information
I think the consensus from this great forum is that the distance for most average to expensive balls ( and maybe even the cheap ones ) is basically the same-  within 5-10 yards.   That is not much in the whole scheme of things.  10-20 yards would be more of a game changer.  The difference, as I have concluded then, is the spin and feel.  FYI, I use and like the Srixon Z-star.  
Just bought a new box of Srixon Z stars.  The yellow is different than it was.  Slightly darker yellow.
I'm not sure you would have needed to copyright search Ping.  It is a huge name.  They were either naive or not too bright.
I just posted a similar thread.  I am in the market for a gps app too.  I am trying to decide between the Striker Golf GPS and Golfshot.  I have a read a lot of good reviews on Striker on FB and in the store.  But obviously, golfshot has been around for a while.  Has anyone tried the Striker App yet?
 I am in charge of setting up a league next spring so I have a lot of time.   I have many questions but the one principally on my mind is how many players to allow on a team.  It seems like two an teams is the most common.  But many allow for 1 or 4.  And just with the discussion above for handicaps, the set-up of a league seems all over the place.  As someone setting one up for the first time, please help!  BTW, I have been advised to set hcp % at 80 percent.  Any help?
going out now if its not too cold
I'm in the market for a smartphone GPS app.  Anyone have any experience with the Striker app?  I've heard some great things about it on my facebook and the ratings were good.
New Posts  All Forums: