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Here is the complete setup.  So far everything works perfectly.  The NetReturn net brings the ball right back to you, assuming you make a good shot.  No need for extra balls unless I shank one into the side barrier, which my son did on his first shot. I'm glad I bought it because it probably would have put a hole in the dry wall.  Haven't used the tees yet, you can see the tee holder on the right side of the mat.  The TrueStrike definitely feels better than a...
Just curious why the picture I uploaded isn't visible until you download it? I see everyone else's photos without having to do that. What gives?
    Since I promised you all a picture here is the first one.  The net is the only thing that is fully setup.  The side barriers are hanging but haven't attached them all the way yet.  The TrueStrike mat is absent in the picture because the UPS dude apparently can't count.  He dropped off only 1 of the 2 packages which happened to be the net, and left the mat on his truck.  So it will hopefully be delivered tomorrow.  So I guess the project is only 1/3 of the way...
I will when its setup. The UPS website says its out for delivery. I feel like a kid waiting for christmas. Everytime I hear a truck go by I look out window to see if its the delivery guy. Garage is sort of cleaned out and waiting for its new addition.
The side barriers and sandbags got delivered on Friday and the mat and net are supposed to be coming tomorrow. Will post picture when it's all setup.
He will be excited to hear that.  I know he has the legitimate potential to be great at golf if he would put in the time.  His swing is decent for only playing 2-3 times a year.  We went to Belmont yesterday and he hit 3 buckets of balls.  He got steadily better throughout the day.  Hopefully being able to hit in the garage and with a few more lessons he will get it down.
14 Balls in one day? Jeez...were you trying to be Tin Cup or something? That's more than a rough day. I usually start with a dozen or so balls good balls.  When it dwindles to 5 or 6 I know it's time to go get another dozen. I can usually make a dozen balls last about 20 rounds or so.  My usual rate seems 1 ball every 2-3 rounds if I'm playing a lot.  When I take a break from golf I expect to lose more because of my inconsistent swing.
It will definitely make it easier to film myself hitting and not as embarrassing as taking my camera and tripod to the club.  I always find it funny that most of the people I have golfed with always want to be better but then never do anything to get better.  Their actions show that they are content with never being better than a 14 handicap.  Some of them actually are confused why I continue to get occasional lessons.  It's because I want to be a scratch golfer someday,...
I couldn't resist anymore, after doing a lot of investigating I pulled the trigger on the truestrike mat and net return net.  I also purchased the side barriers for mishits.  The wifey gave me the go ahead but has emphatically said if I put a hole in her house their would be hell to pay, which is why I bought a more expensive net and side barriers.  Will send pictures when the whole thing is setup.  Thanks for the input.
Looking into buying a hitting net to put into my garage.  Just wanted to know what you guys think about what are some of the better ones out there.  Definitely looking for one that will hold up over time and not let balls fly into my drywall. I am looking at the net return nets but they are a little pricey.  Maybe that's because you get what you pay for? Just looking for input from all of you out there.
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