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Uh...maybe. Lol.
I didnt throw it in the tree. I was attempting to hit a real difficult shot from an impossible lie, and the club just slipped out of my hand. My caddie noticed afterwards that my grips were worn which would explain what happened.
Since this is my home course, these are the 2 scenarios I have seen to work the best.   Reaching green in 2; is usually accomplished with hitting a draw or fade to the right of the fairway bunker.  Very few ever clear the bunker in the air.  The fade is the safest shot to hit because no trees or OB to worry about.  Draw (high draw will clear the trees lining the right side) brings in OB to the right and if you don't hit it high enough to get over trees par then becomes a...
NCAA - USC Trojans MLB - New York Mets NHL - Ottawa Senators NFL - Don't really have one, but I root for all West Coast teams that don't wear silver and black. NBA - Don't have one.
A 10.5 Taylormade SLDR Driver
Tied my lowest round ever yesterday with an 83.  Should have shot an 82, on 17 I was about 90 yards out and hit my GW sideways into a tree, no clue how that happened considering how well I played.  Didn't hit into any bunkers.  Only had one double bogey, and it was on a hole I hit into a different fairway and rushed to hit the shot to get out of the way of the group coming up it. Now I just have to keep it up.
Matt Kuchar -10 Branden Grace -10 Thongchai Jaidee -10
Favorite golfing partner... In no particular order My brother @golfingdad because hes my bro, (online manly hug ensues) My wife and kids because I enjoy teaching them the game. My normal Saturday group because it is a bunch of good guys. Any guy who is a single digit hdcp, because I always play better with them.
We will at the men's invitational. Golf from sun up til sun down for 3 days in a row. Kind of like a mini Bandon trip, It's getting u prepared.
One of the big ideas behind the creation of CC is that students are hitting the workforce unprepared. So businesses had a say in these standards. They also looked at other countries that were successful with their educational systems and stole some of their ideas.
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