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Tied my lowest round ever yesterday with an 83.  Should have shot an 82, on 17 I was about 90 yards out and hit my GW sideways into a tree, no clue how that happened considering how well I played.  Didn't hit into any bunkers.  Only had one double bogey, and it was on a hole I hit into a different fairway and rushed to hit the shot to get out of the way of the group coming up it. Now I just have to keep it up.
Matt Kuchar -10 Branden Grace -10 Thongchai Jaidee -10
Favorite golfing partner... In no particular order My brother @golfingdad because hes my bro, (online manly hug ensues) My wife and kids because I enjoy teaching them the game. My normal Saturday group because it is a bunch of good guys. Any guy who is a single digit hdcp, because I always play better with them.
We will at the men's invitational. Golf from sun up til sun down for 3 days in a row. Kind of like a mini Bandon trip, It's getting u prepared.
One of the big ideas behind the creation of CC is that students are hitting the workforce unprepared. So businesses had a say in these standards. They also looked at other countries that were successful with their educational systems and stole some of their ideas.
Yes, we started implementing the CCSS this year in grades K-9. Next year we will be adding 10th grade curriculum as well, the year after that the 11th grade. In California testing starts next year, but they are giving the test this year as a field test and to start norming the results for next year. The idea behind common core at least for us in high school is to teach more relevant topics and teach it in a way so that kids need to think and apply what they have learned....
The gorse was in full bloom when I was there. I got to admire it up close a few times, especially on day 1 when I couldn't hit a decent tee shot to save my life. Sucks being able to see your ball in it but can't get to it or don't even want to try and get it out of fear of pain.
They've gone the last 5 years in March so I would plan on the same for next year. Can't wait to go back and play them now that I have a better idea of what to do. Shot better every round, took a little while to get used to the style of play needed there. Shot 102,97,98,92. The round of 98 was at Bandon Trails and was our 2nd round of the day. Should have shot in the 80's but fatigue and powerful wind on the final 4 finishing holes made it hard. Next time I go I'm getting a...
Just got back from my Bandon Dunes Golf Resort trip.  I absolutely loved it, and can't wait to go back with the guys from my club.  Played all 5 courses, Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, Old McDonald, and the 13 hole Par 3 Preserve.  Weather was absolutely perfect, the caddies in our group said that we were lucky to have such good conditions all 3 days we were there.  The only day the weather got a little crazy was the first day on the back 9 of Bandon Dunes and...
WooHoo. Now I need to figure out how to dethrone Golfingdad for member of the year.
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