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Depending on the lie and pin position, I most often will chunk a lob wedge or thin a 9 iron :)
I have played The White Witch and had dinner there.  Absolutely beautiful views from the top of the mountain in which the course is built.  Named 'White Witch' after a supposed witch who lived on the property in the 1700s.     Johnny Cash has a house on the course.
ESC max!
I appreciate the response. I will drop you a note.
I signed up for boxgroove. Could not be more disappointed. Blatant mins advertising, IMO. I belong to a private club. My pro has 100x more options for me to play other private clubs than boxgroove. The site lists tons of clubs, but only a very few are actually 'in network'.
Does anyone know of a course that still requires pants?  I have never played one that didn't allow shorts.
My normal allotted time prior to a round is 40 minutes. This gives me time to check in, change shoes/ clothes in locker room, then warm up. I usually putt for about 5 minutes, then stretch and hit 8-12 balls with my 9 iron focusing only on swing plane and loosening up. I then hit 6 or so balls with 9 iron, 5 iron, SW, 3 hybrid or 4 wood. Finally a few drivers and chip for a few minutes.
I always ride. I only walked 2 rounds in my life and both times were with a caddy.
I am glad the guy is ok.  He should not have left the tee box until all in the group had hit. 
     I think you are playing from the wrong tees...
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