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I'm in the UK
2 of mine are similar to David's, 1 is worse looking. The grooves are sharp and true (as I sharpen them regularly). Still spinning and contact is still nice. I like them and I'm confident with them, just wondered what other people have done. I'm reluctant to get rid as they are such a lovely, Confidence inspiring club.
I've got 50, 56 and 60 degree SM Vokeys. The faces are well and truly worn (especially on the higher lofts). The spin milled finish has worn away and the impact area is now a dark colour rather than chrome. I sharpen the grooves regularly and take care of them. However, I was wondering just how long I can go on with this before having to replace them? Just how battered are your Vokeys?
Hi Our society has tended to play most events as stableford comps with 2 x nearest the pins and either a longest drive, a nearest the pin in 2 shots or a par 3 competition (best par 3 scores overall) However, things can feel like they're in a bit of a rut and I was wondering what could be done to freshen it all up? Other good game formats for groups and mini competitions instead of the usual nearest the pin etc? Any ideas welcomed. Thanks
Hi, Just started a golf society with a group of 20 or so friends and colleagues.    Everything is going reasonably well, however I am struggling to get my head around how to organise the deposit and payment system for collecting money for events.    For example. [and bear with me, Ive typed this half a dozen times to try and make it read easier without success!!!!]    I need to book 10-12 venues for throughout our season. Each of these venues want 10-15%...
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