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Thanks and and tree aren't any serial numbers. They are as good of blade that compare s to some o f the best brads I've hit. I even sent a message to FC and didn't get a reply. They have DG S300 shafts and tour velvet grips with the F logo on the front. A lot of trouble for a fake. Good puzzle I guess.
Thanks club rat But I got these brand new in a long drive contest and can't find the model to sell them. Going to a midsize, these are great but a little harder to hit when you get a little older. So if they are that old I have a 2 year old set? First time to go to midsize I've been hitting blades since I was in Jr. High and haven't got to hit them yet, hurt my knee the day after I bought them. I bought some Callaway Fusions, I liked them when they came out but didn't...
  I like them and they have the lower muscle back but I'm getting older and going to midsize. They may be from UK but I've only seen one pic on Google image and it doesn't say the model
I'm with Back 9 Bandit, the other thing is looking for price that's usually another thing you can find even on newer models but you have to work at it. It usually takes me about a week to find what I want.
Sorry about the Iron post I'm a newbie, but would like to know what model it is
Yes I just bought a set of Callaway Fusions, I know that's a little older of a model but they are in perfect shape and look like the haven't been used much. It takes finding about three clubs you may want and just  work to find them and the best deal with a seller that has a High feedback percentage. I prefer private sellers than stores, usually private sellers post more pictures of the actual clubs and stores just post a stock picture and rate them. I bought a White...
does anyone know what model of this Founders Club Blade this is?  
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