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@ The Humble Golfer:       If you're looking to walk the course(s) and want a great Caddie that knows golf, and knows the Red and Blue Courses very well..    don't hesitate to ask for Chris Cat/C Cat.       It's certainly a great test of golf, in a setting that leaves nature untouched, and the golfer no where near city noises, and distractions of any sort.          Feel free to buzz me at 215 870 3060 if you want to chat about either course.       
Glad to hear some of The Sand Trappers will be at Streamsong Resort today for the big event.        Can't wait to hear your feedback, and some of your favorite holes.     It's a very Special place to say the least, and if you like great golf....     You'll love Streamsong Resort's Red and Blue Courses!!                 C Cat Streamsong Looper
For all of those that want inside information as to how great and magnificient the Streamsong Resort just let me know...   I'm more familiar with the Red and Blue Course than anyone that walks the planet save for the architects, and a few people that have been on property for a couple of years..   I've been at Streamsong for 4 weeks, and it's been a Blast.       Streamsong does not disappoint, and since there's 16,000 acres of noise buffering room...   ...
Hi All..    I'm brand new to The Sand Trap..     but wanted to weigh in on Streamsong Resort...                I know the Resort, the property, and both Red and Blue Courses better than anybody.     I'm a top Streamsong Caddie.            My name is Chris Catanese, and I get called Chris Cat, or C Cat, or Catman pretty often..   rarely just Chris.   I'm from the Philly Burbs originally.     Seeing as I've had the pleasure to hang out on the golf...
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