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I'd try Darren Hopwood. I've never had a lesson with him, but I've had direct contact with him online. He is much more about having students develop a functional golf swing vs. being a "literal" S&T instructor. He's very knowledgable and a great guy. 
Oh, it's real my friend, it's real. 
You beat me to it! I was just going to post that....Well, I've gotta say, I was hoping this was an elaborate joke, but it's looks like it's real. I've lost all faith in my fellow man...
I think you're correct that it may not be for everyone...But what is? I've bounced back and forth from different teachers and different "methods" (i.e. Golfing Machine, S&T, Jim Hardy's one plane swing, and just your typical PGA pro). My experience is that the 5SKs is the most practical approach to the swing because even with the bouncing around, I can apply it to all those approaches.. It's funny that you mention all the check points because one of the things my evolvr...
Been doing my daily practice of at least 10 to 15 minutes of slow swings. I'm working on not straightening my left leg at impact and continuing to work on a good hip slide. It's translating into my full speed swings. 
Ummm. I know I can be dense sometimes, but I can't tell if is this is a joke or not.  
I'm in. I threw my back out a couple of weeks ago, but have recovered relatively fast and am starting to swing again. The slow motion practice is just what I need now anyway. I worked on my backswing today with stuff from evolvr. Probably did about 15 to 20 slow mo swings in 30 minutes. 
Thanks for the feedback. I've been putting a ball between my elbows and concentrate on keeping the pressure points between my arm pits to help with connection. getting that right arm extension action tends to come naturally by doing that as well. But I'm always looking for that magic swing aid that will turn me into a pro in one easy step!  
I'm curious what you think about the Golf Swing Shirt...Do you really think it helps with extension/keeping the arms straight? 
Not sure they do online lessons, but I've heard this golf school is pretty legit MORAD. It couldn't hurt to try contacting them: http://www.moradgolfgeorgehunt.com/   But why just copy his swing? What is it about the swing you like? The simplicity? Centered head? Swing plane? Hip slide? You can get all that my doing evolvr and using the 5 simple keys as a template. Not saying you'll look just like Rock, but you'll develop your own swing that will have all the essential...
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