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Hi there,   Trying to work on my swing path and key #4, but would appreciate any feedback. The first part is a drill that Stephan is having me work on to help get the club shaft more in to out and shallow. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks!!!!!     
 Thanks DaveST for sharing your experience. This is an awesome post. I've been playing about 3.5 years now. I started off going to your average PGA professional, but learned about S&T and it instantly resonated with me. I had some instruction from a S&T teacher, but he was too far away for me to make consistent gains. I spent the next year or two bouncing back and forth between a few different teachers and methods. I ended up signing up with evolvr (the online lessons) as...
Thanks for sharing how you practice. That's very helpful. 
I'm still working on a drill from my evolvr lesson of lying the club down and trying to shallow out my downswing. I'm also working on getting my elbows together, which has been a big problem for me. The first clip is the drill, the second clip is myself trying to do the same thing with full speed. It looks like I'm taking the club back a little too steep on my backswing. Ball flight is improving. Last time I was out, I did the drill and was hitting a lot of left pushes. I...
I think he's good now that I re-watch his clips and understand the S&T pattern a bit better. I found it difficult, however, to learn S&T from Hopwood, the S&T book, DVDs, or other YouTube clips. It's only been recently after getting instruction from other teachers that the S&T pattern makes more sense. I'm actually working with my evolvr instructor on a S&T pattern (my request) and the things that Bennett and Plumber are teaching have finally started to become clearer. 
Hey, I was actually just kidding about nominating myself for a Stupid Monkey!!! Oh crap, now that I got it, that means I really can't let myself change swing patterns again. That's going to take some serious well power on my part. I'm proud to say, however, that I'm still diligently practicing the drills that Stephan has given me. Its taken time, but I'm finally starting to make some very good progress!  I'm sending in a video for a new lessons tomorrow. 
I was at the Bridgestone yesterday and was there last year and a few years before. I watched TW warm up and play several times through the years. FWIW, TW just didn't seem to have the same swagger and confidence he had in the past. It's funny to hear him be interviewed because he'll never admit he's unsure about his swing, but I wonder if he realizes this surgery might take longer than he thought to recover from. 
Can I nominate myself as a Stupid,Stupid Monkey because I can't seem to control myself long enough to be a Stupid Monkey?  Well, at least I'm back on track now and made a pact with myself to stay the course, no matter what. I'm working with Stephan and just grinding the drills and repeating "I'm a Stupid Monkey, I'm a Stupid Monkey..." Now, my wife thinks I'm nuts...
thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I'm just trying to ingrain the correct sequence and change the damn picture. It's not easy, but I'm working on it! 
It looks like you're stance is a wider on the right vs. your Erie photo. Is that intentional? For myself, I find it's easier to do the hip slide and get my weight to my left when I have a narrow stance such as you're doing in the Erie photo. Sorry if that's not helpful or something you're already aware of. 
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