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thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I'm just trying to ingrain the correct sequence and change the damn picture. It's not easy, but I'm working on it! 
It looks like you're stance is a wider on the right vs. your Erie photo. Is that intentional? For myself, I find it's easier to do the hip slide and get my weight to my left when I have a narrow stance such as you're doing in the Erie photo. Sorry if that's not helpful or something you're already aware of. 
Hi. It's not too exciting, but below are clips of myself working on a drill from my last lesson. I'm attempting to "lay down" the club shaft and then taking a chip shot at the end. Feel free to comment, advise, or philosophize. ;) BTW, I'm looking back because there's a mirror behind the camera.   
Hi. This might be a useful video to watch:
You might find this interesting:   http://golf-info-guide.com/video-golf-tips/why-you-shouldnt-try-to-hit-the-ball-straight-video/
Are you sure you're hitting a "straight shot." My understanding is that it's pretty hard, and rare, to truly hit it straight. The times I thought the ball appeared to being going straight, I was told (by an instructor watching) that I was hitting a small draw. Do you have access to an instructor or trackman?    In general you want the clubface to be closed to the path, but open to the target to hit a push draw. 
Yep, I agree.  I know Breed can come across like a used car salesman, but I do respect him. I have a hard time believing he wouldn't say that there is lateral movement in the downswing. It's just clear as day. So, I wonder if he's talking about something else when he say's "hip slide." I don't know that that would be, but just giving him the benefit of the doubt. 
Maybe Breed is defining "hip slide" in a very specific way? For example, Jim Hardy in his one plane swing says to not do a hip slide. However, he does advocate what he calls a "bump" of the left hip, which is essentially a lateral move to the left that happens just before the down swing. Kuchar and others who say they don't do a hip slide, clearly have a lateral movement to the left. Is that a hip slide? Maybe it's just how they're defining it? 
Best Tip? Find a teacher who can teach you these things: Key #1 - Steady Head Key #2 - Weight Forward (at impact) Key #3 - Inline Impact Key #4 - Diagonal Sweetspot Path Key #5 - Clubface Control   The teacher doesn't have to be a 5SK instructor. But whatever they're teaching you, it should result in getting you to ultimately do these things. I realize that most people (including me) on this site are a bit biased toward the 5SK, but these are really just...
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