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One of the reason I like the Heritage is that it rewards more accurate ball strikers such as Luke Donald and McDowell who seem to get left behind on the longer courses. I could be wrong, but I think it has one of the lowest GIR averages on tour. Besides, I think that jacket they give out is pretty cool, in an old school kinda of way. 
From a fellow high hcp, just wanted to say the swing looks good! You definitely don't look like a 20 hcp. 
I'm not sure if this would be helpful, but below are a couple of good clips on using your right side. Another thought is to try and find an instructor who has experience in working with someone with physical limitations. I know I already mentioned this above, but you might want to look into seeing a certified TPI, although I don't know if they're qualified to work with someone in your situation--worth checking out, though. Another idea is to post your swing on the members...
Even though the Heritage seems to be an afterthought being right after The Masters, it has always been one of my favorites to watch.    I'm pulling for Kuchar, especially after last week. 
Yeah, it gives new meaning to saying,"My in-laws are a pain the neck."  Really glad it started up again. One of my favorite series. 
I've had the same experience. I do not belong to a CC, but my in laws do. So, I've also been fortunate enough to play at some nice courses by virtue of my father-in-law. I've never seen a "snobbish" attitude where I've been.  It might be my background or the fact that I'm lucky enough to live near some good public courses, but I'm still far more comfortable at a public course. That might change in time, but for now I'll just join the in laws for the CC experience. 
Also glad to hear you're recovering. It's also great that you're not letting that hold you back! In addition to consulting your doctor (you REALLY need to do that!), do you have a rehabilitation therapist that you're working with? If so, it would likely be helpful to talk to him or her about finding ways build your swing. Another idea is to find a certified TPI instructor who has a good understanding of anatomy and how to work around any physical limitations. I don't know...
That's interesting. Have you checked to see if you're right or left eye dominant? If not, just google how to check. Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan (not sure about Tiger) are/were apparently left eye dominant and they set up this way. My guess is that you're left eye dominant. 
yeah, Stephan has been great so far. Brian did my first lesson, but then they switched. I'm not sure why. Maybe Brian was like, "This guy sucks so bad he needs more help then I can offer."  I'm in the same boat with wanting lasting improvements. I could have likely gotten down to a 10 hcp with my last swing (assuming I had a very good short game) as I was getting pretty consistent and could predict my ball flight. BUT, I wasn't making the kinda of clean, solid contact I...
That is awesome! That is something to be very proud of!  I'm not sure if the saying about TV making it look like you're heavier applies to video, but it might. I also thought I looked heavier on my YouTube clips. 
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