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Thanks.  Would this video of Stephan be an example of getting the right elbow in a pitch position? 
Drives me nuts when he does that. It's fine if he wants to brag about his accomplishments--he earned that. But he thinks that just because he's a good golfer he knows EVERYTHING about golf and he only knows how EVERYONE should swing the golf club. I do my best to just tune him out. 
Maybe I'm alone on this, but Faldo annoys me to no end. Sure, he deserves a lot of respect as a golfer and deserves a place in history, but as a commentator he comes across as a pompous arse. It drives me crazy when he makes comments like "Ahhhhh, HOW could he have done that?!? He SHOULD have transferred his weight and hit down on the ball, you got to hit DOWN on the ball." Really, Faldo? Thanks for that brilliant insight. I can't stand it when he talks about the players...
I'm curious about the submarine pitch feel you're working with, Where to you feel like you're "throwing" in the pitch? At the ball or target?
I just want to say that over the last few weeks it's taken all my will power to dig deep and try to bring out my inner Stupid Monkey. Stephan has me doing drills that are very uncomfortable and it's taking a lot of concentration to not let myself go back to old ingrained patterns when I start hitting bad shots. My tendency is to either anlayze the heck out of why I'm doing and/or start switching to some other drill learned in the past that yields a faster result. It's...
I don't know, I kinda of like it where it is. You can tell a true fan when they know about the Heritage! It's cool to see that I'm not the only one who has this as a fav. 
I borrowed one by father-in-law's wide brimmed hat last time I played. I liked it, but my wife took one look at me, rolled her eyes and immediately walked away shaking her head. I must have looked pretty silly, but who cares? Maybe it was just the hat and I need a cooler, retro one. Can you post a pic of the hat you wear? 
Is that Gilberg? 
Whatever. They're total douchebags. They come every year to one of my favorite courses, crap all over the place, and leave without even the common decency to clean up after themselves. What's up with that?  
How so? They don't seem to mind when I tape my eyes shut when I'm hunting. 
New Posts  All Forums: