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Thanks for the feedback. I've been putting a ball between my elbows and concentrate on keeping the pressure points between my arm pits to help with connection. getting that right arm extension action tends to come naturally by doing that as well. But I'm always looking for that magic swing aid that will turn me into a pro in one easy step!  
I'm curious what you think about the Golf Swing Shirt...Do you really think it helps with extension/keeping the arms straight? 
Not sure they do online lessons, but I've heard this golf school is pretty legit MORAD. It couldn't hurt to try contacting them: http://www.moradgolfgeorgehunt.com/   But why just copy his swing? What is it about the swing you like? The simplicity? Centered head? Swing plane? Hip slide? You can get all that my doing evolvr and using the 5 simple keys as a template. Not saying you'll look just like Rock, but you'll develop your own swing that will have all the essential...
Well, that is, of course, so we can admire his perfect hair. 
I'll take the mirror. I like the instant feedback and checking to see in real time that I'm on the right lines. (But I'd still take both! ) 
Thanks, again, for your response. Reading about the 5th power accumulator cleared up a lot. The interesting thing is that one of my first instructors who is an authorized Jim Hardy instructor taught me a release that essentially was to use palmer flexion and dorsi flexion. However, I later ended up seeing a TGM instructor who told me not to do that anymore and said that I should hold the right flying wedge and "swivel" after impact by rotating my left forearm and keeping a...
Even though it happens every year at this time, I still say the same thing every time, "How coming they f*%#king have Christmas stuff out in the stores so early?!?" My wife just says, "It's the same time every year, honey, and every year you say the same thing."   Oh well, at least this year I'm going to Naples, Fl, for Thanksgiving week and get to play free golf all week on a great course complements of my in-laws!  That will help when the Michigan weather hits hard...
Thanks, Mike, for the response. You mentioned that holding the flying wedge longer will slow things down. Would holding the wedges longer negatively effect club head speed or anything else? Do you see any advantage to holding the wedges longer in terms of control, or is just "a feel thing"? 
Hi,   I'm hoping to learn more about how the club head, club shaft, and hands/forearms should work after impact to P9. I'm a bit confused on the relationship between coming out of impact and how these elements are supposed to be in relation to the swing plane. I know there are differing thoughts on this, but I'm more interested in the 5SK and/or S&T approach. It seems that when I watch videos of players who are more S&T oriented, for example, that some of them rotate...
Hi there,   Trying to work on my swing path and key #4, but would appreciate any feedback. The first part is a drill that Stephan is having me work on to help get the club shaft more in to out and shallow. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks!!!!!     
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