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You might find this interesting:   http://golf-info-guide.com/video-golf-tips/why-you-shouldnt-try-to-hit-the-ball-straight-video/
Are you sure you're hitting a "straight shot." My understanding is that it's pretty hard, and rare, to truly hit it straight. The times I thought the ball appeared to being going straight, I was told (by an instructor watching) that I was hitting a small draw. Do you have access to an instructor or trackman?    In general you want the clubface to be closed to the path, but open to the target to hit a push draw. 
Yep, I agree.  I know Breed can come across like a used car salesman, but I do respect him. I have a hard time believing he wouldn't say that there is lateral movement in the downswing. It's just clear as day. So, I wonder if he's talking about something else when he say's "hip slide." I don't know that that would be, but just giving him the benefit of the doubt. 
Maybe Breed is defining "hip slide" in a very specific way? For example, Jim Hardy in his one plane swing says to not do a hip slide. However, he does advocate what he calls a "bump" of the left hip, which is essentially a lateral move to the left that happens just before the down swing. Kuchar and others who say they don't do a hip slide, clearly have a lateral movement to the left. Is that a hip slide? Maybe it's just how they're defining it? 
Best Tip? Find a teacher who can teach you these things: Key #1 - Steady Head Key #2 - Weight Forward (at impact) Key #3 - Inline Impact Key #4 - Diagonal Sweetspot Path Key #5 - Clubface Control   The teacher doesn't have to be a 5SK instructor. But whatever they're teaching you, it should result in getting you to ultimately do these things. I realize that most people (including me) on this site are a bit biased toward the 5SK, but these are really just...
Thanks for the suggestion. To your point, I'm absolutely not making the best contact. I took some impact tape to see where I was hitting it off the face. I'm actually hitting it a bit low, but fairly centered.  I just had an evolvr lesson returned. I need to start working on Key #4 as I'm pretty steep coming into impact. 
Thanks for posting. I figured this out earlier on my own, but this video reinforces why I kept shanking ball when doing punch shot drills and not when doing the a full swing to work on weight left. When I came into impact in the drill, I was keeping my hips way too square and leaving the club wide open. I wish I had seen this earlier! :) 
Took a little "detour" recently. Here is my most recent swing with a pitching wedge. Still working on getting a good impact position.  Any comments, advice, or help with direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!     
I literally went back to an interlocking grip last week after using the ten finger grip for about 6 months. I really liked the feel of the ten finger grip. But I found that I had a tendency to grip the club too tight. Using the interlocking has helped me focus on keeping a more balanced grip pressure. But, like stated above, if it works for you, then why change? 
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