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Wow, I came to the right place for an answer. Thanks Meeman for the link. You too David and Club Rat.
I am carefully reading all comments and if I am correct, Meenman and David in FL are not in agreement. David says use the USGA handicap calculator and tee'em up. http://www.usga.org/playing/handicaps/calculator/course_handicap_calculator.asp While Meenman says use the calculator then adjust an amount of strokes equal to the difference in the ratings between the white and blue tees. Can we get a consensus?
Ok, perhaps it is more complicated than I thought! Monday we played Summerglen in Ocala FL. The white tees are 67.2/108 and the blue tees are 69.5/125. How do you calculate the course handicaps from the white and blue tees for a golfer with a 15 index. Show me the math! I have always just used the USGA handicap calculator see http://www.usga.org/playing/handicaps/calculator/course_handicap_calculator.asp
Ahhhhhhh, that could be my problem. How do you calculate a 15 index's course handicap using ratings for the blue and white tees not the slope?
Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. According to the USGA handicap calculator if you have a 15 index and you are playing from the blues (124 slope) your course handicap is 16 and if you are playing from the whites (110 slope) your course handicap is 15. Only 1 stroke difference!! That doesn't sound right to me. I think David in FL's estimate of 4 strokes sounds closer to reality. What am I missing?
Summers in New England my buddies (serious golfers) and I play from the blues (69.2/127). Winters I play in Florida with more casual golfers on a number of different courses and they prefer to play the whites (Generally around 65.5/109 or less). My question is: How does this impact my handicap when the boys from up north come down and we play from the blues? Let me ask the question this way: Assuming my play is consistent, if I play from the whites for a year then from the...
New Posts  All Forums: