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When I was 7 we moved to the suburbs and had a nice sized back yard. I bought a Matt Andrews 7 iron at Zayres and some plastic golf balls. I proceeded to dig a hole in the back yard and insert a tomato can. The rest is history.
A Ping Eye 2+, black dot, BeCu beryllium lob wedge. I bought the club in 1989 and it is still in the bag.  
How about some nice Maine lobster?  
Congratulation! Hopefully this is the first of many sub-80 rounds. I can still remember my first 79, golfing with my best friend, at a local municipal course 46 years ago. You might want to keep the ball that you used on the last hole and put on the date, score and venue with a marker. Then store away the ball and bring it out to show your grandchildren some day.  (I wish I would have done that.)
 Hi Lihu, I keep my scores on www.oobgolf.com. You enter your scores hole by hole after you finish a round, and they compute all of the stats. The site is completely free. I have been using it since 2009.
One of my favorite stories is the day I started with a double bogie at Saxon Golf Course. Saxon's first four holes are all par 4, and number five is a par 3. So, my scores started...   Hole #1 - double bogie 6 Hole #2 - bogie 5 Hole #3 - par 4 Hole #4 - birdie 3   Now when I got to the par three to keep the string going and make an eagle, I would have to jar the tee shot for a hole-in-one. When the ball was in the air it headed right at the pin. It hit near the flag...
I looked at my last 11 scores. One the first hole I had 6 pars and 5 bogies.  • When I parred the first hole I averaged 79.3.  • When I bogied the first hole I averaged 79.2.   When I reexamined the original question, "Does a really good or bad score on the 1st hole tend to have an effect on how you score the next 17?", I rationalized that pars and bogies are not really good or really bad. To be really good it has to be a birdie, to be really bad a double bogie or...
Agreed, the Open Championship is a great example of being short is an advantage. According to Google Rory and Ricky are 5'9" and Sergio is 5'10". I reiterate a point that I made earlier that gives the advantage to the shorter golfer... Tall golfers' eyes are farther from the ground, and consequently, farther from the ball. This would lead to the conclusion that the ball would seems smaller to the tall golfer. If a study were done of who strikes the ball more solidly on the...
 Agreed. It all depends on with whom I am playing and the nature of the foursome. With my friend Jim who hits it left and hits it right and hits it high and hits it low, it is impossible not to laugh at times. However, with strangers and low handicappers who like to grind, I would never laugh.
Just a couple of things to double check...   Global Golf, the seller, has almost 400,000 sales with 99.6% positive feedback. I've used this company. They are a winner.   RETURN POLICY - Your satisfaction is important to Global Golf. If for any reason, you are not happy with your item, it may be returned within 14 days.   The condition is very good, meaning that normal ball marks on the faces; minor scratching on the soles; no significant dings on the heads; no...
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