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I remember when Mark Calcavecchia began playing Silver Scots. He had won 6 times from 1986 to 1989 when he won the British Open playing Ping Eye 2 irons. He then got a big contract and changed to Tommy Armour, and didn't win again until 1992, and then only 6 times after that from 1995-2007. (I'm not sure what year that he eventually went back to Ping, but he still plays Eye 2 wedges which first came out in 1982. ...
Great news! But now comes the implementation of the rules. Will they just allow a token female member or two, or will there be a more liberal approach to recruiting ladies to join the clubs? (Note: as of November 13, 2014 there are 3 female members at Augusta National.)
 Between those two choices it is Leonard Nimoy.However, for me, there is a third choice, Leonard Bernstein.Live long and prosper.
I have a 17° TM System 2 Raylor from 1991 that still has a spot in my bag.  
Personally, I feel that iron technology has pretty much reached its peak. Beginning with the development of perimeter weighted clubs in the 1980's I think we have reached a level of forgiveness enjoyed by amateurs and pros alike. However, it seems like fairway metals continue to evolve in shaft and head design. Even after a size limitation was placed on drivers in 2004, drivers still continue to come out with claims of increased distance and accuracy. Putters come in all...
As the saying goes, "Some bogeys are better than others." Just wondering if anyone wants to share a story about a bogey that ended up being a pretty good score?   For me, last summer I was in the semi-finals of our club championship (senior flight) and was two down after seven holes. Hole #8 was an uphill par 3 playing about 170 yards. To the left of the green is a bunker, and to the left of the bunker is a hill that has a severe drop to the 7th fairway. To the right of...
I have no problem remembering each hole on a course that I have played a number of times. In fact, I go home and record my hole by hole score at oobgolf.com, where I then have a compilation of stats since 2009.   However, when I play a new course, I always use a scorecard and record the score, number of putts, and fairways hit (R, √, or L). For a week or so, I can remember each hole of a new course, as long as I use the scorecard.
I don't know if this will help, but here is an article about Greenside Bunker Science & Sand Wedge Design.  http://www.about-golf.org/learning-resources/articles/artshort-game/sand-wedge-science-bounce.html
I have hit a lot of golf clubs in the last 55+ years. My personal feeling is that when you talk about functionality of older golf clubs that it can be divided into three categories: woods, irons and putters. (The current made, model and year of my clubs are in boldface type.)   Putters - In my opinion Karsten Solheim is the master of innovation in putter design. Prior to using Ping putters, I tried every putter I could get my hands on, but stability of stroke was always...
On a par three, my golf partner was about ready to hit his tee shot and a chipmunk went dashing between his legs. (We thought the chipmunk was just looking for nuts.)   On another occasion we were going from our green to the next tee, and on an adjacent hole saw a golfer looking up at his putter that had become lodged between branches on a tree. Apparently he had just missed a 3 foot putt and had tossed his putter in disgust.
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