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 Thanks for moving the posting.
I'm just wondering how the golfers on this website feel about upgrading their clubs on a consistent basis versus using older technology.   Personally, I don't feel that the newer irons are significantly better than the 2002 Ping i3+ irons that I currently play.  I still play a Ping Eye 2+ BeCu lob wedge from 1990, and can't believe that the newer wedges would be any better. Golf companies continually market new clubs to sell, but they haven't convinced me that the newer...
If you are going to change out the shafts, I have a few recommendations:   1) Make sure you find a qualified repairman who has experience in shaft replacement. He will be able to properly fit you for the best results.   2) Get a quality shaft. Sometimes that can be pricier than you think.   3) If you haven't played graphite-shafted irons, play a round with a borrowed/rented set.  Graphite isn't for everyone.   I'm 64 and still play steel shafts. In fact, I even...
10/19 - 77 from senior tees at Saxon GC 10 GIR, 13 pars, 5 bogies, 32 putts
Before I retired from public education, I used to coach junior varsity golf. Every year I made the guys play a two club, nine hole tournament, one of which was the putter. (I didn't want the regulars at the golf course seeing a bunch of teenagers putting with five irons, or I would have made them use one club.)   The irony of the challenge was that someone would shoot 41 or 42 with two clubs, then go out the next day and shoot 45 with all 14 clubs.  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!
My biggest quirk is that I will threaten my putters if they perform poorly. Example, "One more putt like that any off to the the basement with you."    I actually play four different putters, (Ping B60, Ping Anser 2, Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball, and Odyssey White Hot XG #9), and will periodically put a different one in my bag, but only when the current putter has a bad day or two.
According to Golf Digest... "On average, 5 percent shoot in the 70s, 20 percent in the 80s and 27 percent in the 90s. The average score in America in 2005 was 98.3. So breaking 100 is, well, pretty average."
For those of you who like to play a solo round of golf, two questions:   1) Do you take a cart?   2) What is your record time for 18 holes?   When I play solo I always walk and finish 18 holes in around 2 hours 45 minutes.  My record is 2 hours 20 minutes.
There is funding for science, and then there is funding to study duck penises. I never said to eliminate funding for science and the arts. Personally, I feel that a lot of the funding is pork from both the Republicans and Democrats. I just think we need a saner approach to our government spending. Oh, and by the way, you said "never go to the moon in this sort of scenario." Really? Haven't you been following our administration's funding cuts for NASA? Russia currently...
I am calling you out as a non-golfer, if you refuse to play in the rain.
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