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Sounds like a good plan.  I know your dedication to practice along with the guidance from the lessons will prove fruitful. Who are you taking lessons from?  Have you taken lesson from him/her before?
I started golfing 55+ years ago. I was fortunate to grow up in the suburbs with a large back yard. I went to Zayre's and bought a Matt Andrews 7 iron and some golf balls. I used plastic balls for longer shots and regular balls for chipping. I learned not to hit the regular golf balls near the house after putting one through the kitchen window. I dug some holes in the back yards and put empty cans in them. When we were 10 or so, our parents took my brothers and myself to...
According to my HI, I have gone from a 7.8 to 9.3.  So, in this case, I would have to say that my game is slightly worse.   I must say that 9.3 is somewhat of my regular handicap for a number of years. The reason I went to a 7.8 was that I had several outstanding scores last fall. Now that those scores have left the HI computation, my handicap is back to normal.  However, I have hit a slight slump this summer, and my handicap is trending even higher. Time to get to the...
Hole #5: River Forest CC, Freeport, PA   My tee ball hit the right side of the fairway, I had an uphill shot that left me 170 yards remaining to the pin. Pulled out my hybrid and hit a high, soft shot that was pin high, 12 feet from the hole.  Missed the putt.
Any of the 4 shanks in my first 11 holes.  I haven't had 4 shanks in the last 10 years. I hope it was just an anomaly.   I felt a lot like Tin Cup.  
39-42=81 @ River Forest in Freeport, PA,  senior tees   Had a lot of good shots, but 4 shanks were a little unnerving.
Not today. The putting was a little better.  No three putts today. I was out of sync for a short period of time and had 4 shanks in the first 11 holes, but still shot a respectable 81. I haven't had 4 shanks in the last 4 years.  Every time you think you have it figured out, something else happens in this game to humble you.
I only need one word today. SHANKAPOTAMUS!   
Congrats on the 91. I know how hard you are working to improve your game. Another 2 or 3 good rounds will get you back in the right direction. I, like you, have been going through a time when my handicap has been steadily going up. But, I have to stay the course, and trust that what I am doing will keep my game competitive. Right now my putting and short game need tweeked a little. I've had several 3 putts recently that were not normal for my regular game, so this morning...
Ups and downs are part of the game. Perseverance is the key. I've followed your diary closely in another thread and saw how excited you became when your HI came down very quickly after acquiring a new set of golf clubs. After 55+ years of golfing, I feel that there are two truisms when it comes a HI.  #1) A good few rounds in a short period of can actually give you a HI that is somewhat lower than it should be. Example: At the end of the last golf season I had a 74, 76,...
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