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3 Week Playoff:   Seed the 2 man teams according to their season records and have an 8 team bracket for winners and losers.   Week 1 Seed #1 plays #8 Seed #2 plays #7 Seed #3 plays #6 Seed #4 plays #5   Week 2 Winners bracket semi-finals: Winner of #1 vs #8 plays winner of #4 vs #5 (winner =A, loser =B)                                               Winner of #2 vs #7 plays winner of #3 vs #6 (winner =C, loser =D) Losers bracket semifinals   :  Loser of #1 vs...
First 18 holes of the year. Last time I played was early December. Shot around 85. Hallelujah!
1) how many rounds does your average golfer play per year? Both 9 holes or 18 holes = 1 round.  21 2) what does he or she typically score Men=97 - Women=115 3) what is your average age for your average Golfer ? 46    
Frank  Caliendo  
Ghostbusters still one of the best ever! 
Over 50+ years, there have been a number of impossible shots that I have pulled off, but the two that stand out in my mind...   As a young man: Green Valley #7, par 5 - third shot, level lie, uphill, over oak trees, 70-80 yards. I hit a flop shot with a 7 iron to five feet and made birdie.   As an old man:  River Forest #5, par 4, second shot, ball above feet, in the rough, over trees, 215 yards. I hit a three wood with a high draw, over the trees to 15 feet and missed...
Sometimes it is just the difference in temperature. I feel that once the weather warms up a bit the distances will improve.
Age: 63 Height: 6'3" Where are you from: Born, raised, worked and retired in Pittsburgh, PA How Long have you been Playing: 50+ years Best Score: 73 (one over par) Favorite club in the bag:  I don't have a favorite, I love (or hate) all of them Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Dave Pelz, "Short Game Bible"; Joseph Parent, "Zen Putting";  Ben Hogan, "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf"; Jack Nicklaus, "Golf My Way"; and, Bob Rotella, "Golf is Not a...
The depression continues. Here is the next 10 day forecast....  
I have 20+ putters in my basement. I will then have "putt-offs" with some of them from various distances.
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