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I love golf the way it is currently played. I agree with Jack Nicklaus, national spokesperson for Tee It Forward, "Golf is a game that should be fun to play, but many golfers make it far too hard by playing from distances that don’t match up to their abilities."   If I could advocate a change that would add to the growth of the game, it would be to change the number of holes to 12 instead of 18. I feel that more people would be willing to invest around 3 hours to play...
When will people realize that a swing is completely individual? Look at Lee Trevino or Alan Doyle. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. Certain basics have to be observed, like squaring your clubhead at address, but how you arrive at that point is allowed to be different. The real test of success is how you feel about your game after playing 18 holes. I play weekly with my friend John, who is admittedly a high handicapper, and I try to avoid...
My first eagle came as a teenager in the 1960's. Since then, I've had two eagles in the 70's, one in the 80's, four in the 90's, two in the 00's, and three this decade.   The summary is 13 eagles over the last 6 decades. The breakdown is 6 eagles on par 5 holes, 5 eagles on par 4 holes, and 2 holes-in-one.   I can't wait until the 2020's so I can get an eagle in the next decade.
You are an 11 handicap, have a plan for improvement, and are practicing 4 to 5 times a week. Sounds like a formula for success.   Ignore this guy and stay the course.
Two years ago a friend of mine had gall bladder surgery and was playing again in less than 4 weeks.
What was the golfer's score on the hole?
Know any really good golfers that completely quit due to frustration?   Good is a relative term. The few golfers that I know who completely quit out of frustration have been a couple of friends who were 80+, and they just couldn't hit the ball far enough or consistently enough anymore.   A good example is Dr. X.  He is 92 years old, and loves to golf.  He came out to play with his friends at a local club on a Saturday morning in a better ball of 4 competition (full...
Sandbagging is not an abnormal occurrence, especially when that person plays handicapped events.   On the other hand, I know several golfers at our local club that are accused of sandbagging, when in actuality, they have a much truer handicap because they putt everything out, and do not take "gimmies." When golfers count those 3 and 4 foot putts as a "gimmie" they artificially lower their handicap. Dave Pelz has recorded that pros on the PGA tour make only 83% of their...
 Personally, I don't think that the golfing gods allow anyone to have good drivers and irons one the same day, unless you are a scratch golfer. So, my suggestion is that you spend time working on your short game/putting and try to get up and down more often. This is the best way to lower your scores.
Last week I shot 39-41 = 80 when I bogied the 18th hole.   Monday I shot 39-40 = 79 when I parred the 18th hole.   I realize that it is only a one shot difference, but anytime I break 80 it is a great day.  
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