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That should have said "using a NET" with no real feedback.
Good question, I'm a believer in practice and working on what I've been shown as much as possible. I still haven't been able to get outside. In New Hampshire some courses have opened and so have some driving ranges but it's still chilly (I don't like swinging while wearing a coat) and it's been raining quite a bit. I AM able to practice in doors with foam balls using my Optishot simulator. It's not REAL golf and foam balls sure don't feel like real balls when hit but i'm...
Took my 2nd lesson tonight. Worked more on my swing and then worked on chipping. Apparently my swing still needs work, I still have a little too much movement during the back swing, but my form chipping is good. Next week we'll review THEN start doing some bunker work. All in all I'm very happy i made the decision to take some lessons. I may not take them for a long period of time because they can be expensive but if I can get the fundamentals ironed out or at least know...
I understand what you're saying but the missing skin on my fingers don't quite agree. ;-) I'll see what the instructor thinks and follow his recommendations. I suspect i'm doing something incorrectly or I won't be blistering. I'm new to the game and he seems to know his stuff so I fully intend to "follow instructions." His guidance and advice is what I'm paying him for! ;-)
So far in my 1st lesson I was shown how to start my back swing and bend my left knee (i play right handed) enabling me to do a full back turn without swaying "out of the barrel" which as a 55 YO beginner i thought i was unable to do, so THAT's a good thing and has helped my swing a lot already. I was also shown how to have a STRONG grip rather than a beginner's weak one, problem is i now have two very painful blisters on my right hand from usinging this new grip. They...
Actually the place I'm going for lessons is owned by a PGA pro however the owner not the person who's personally teaching me. Come to think of it I have no idea if my actual teacher is a PGA pro, he may simply be an experienced teacher who works for one. That said I think he's a good teacher so regardless, as a beginner I know he can help me.
Like onephenom the 1st thing I look at is price. Golf is an expensive sport, I'm not a rich man, I'm also new to the game. I go to courses that I consider a good bang for the buck. Perhaps someday if and when I improve (currently taking lessons) I'll be more picky but right now I look at price 1st.
Fair enough.
I think all the TV and mag models makeup makes them all look older than they are. Heck most of the big models are a lot younger than they look. Models in their early teens look 26 in magazines photos.
God that got me laughing out loud in my office at work!!!! ;-)
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