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IMHO we all are blessed to live in a country that allows us tremendous freedom to come and go as we please and for the most part say what we feel.  I have been deployed all over the world, seen many things that well, are not so good.  Have great memories of friends who are no longer here, not just because I am a Christian but I believe the price has been paid for him to say what he feels.  Do I object to him thanking God, no I am honored to call him a brother.      
A regular in our group plays the Duo ball and nothing else, he is a very accomplished golfer drives that ball 280 yards without a problem.  In addition his short game is better than most all with a 2 piece $19.00 per dozen ball.  I thought he was crazy to switch from the Pro V-1 to that ball but it works for him.  I played it once, just to please him...way to soft for me.           
Sometimes we need to get out of the way and let our swing happen, too many thoughts will hurt your consistency.  For me I need a solid set up, one thought to act as a trigger and then let go...just keep a steady head, relax and let the rest happen.  How often after a poor shot have you walked up to the ball and just hit it, no thoughts and I'll bet the outcome was good.  Have a great day!      
It's about finding what works for you, for me I play the DT Solo.  It's very responsive in my short game, has good distance that is predictable and has consistent ball flight.  I realize this is a two piece ball that may not do everything as well as a tour ball but for my game, it's the one.  Have a blessed day.   CharlieM 
New Posts  All Forums: