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Welcome from Bama, Home of 4inarow. RTR
Shot 95 this weekend at my local course. Had a great round going 4 bogeys and 4 pars thru 8, but the 9th hole has my number and I almost always triple it, so I did. Then proceeded to hit the water on 10 for another triple. Managed 2 more pars on the back 9, so still a great round for me. If I can ever get past 9 and 10 without hitting the water or OB, I might break 90 for the first time. (91 is my personal best)
Calloway and Taylormade both have preowned sections on thier websites. They even sell other brands as well. I picked up a used Adams 3W to match the Speedline driver my Son-in-law gave me for $15. I found a set of Adams AS05 Hybrids on clearence at Dick's for $249 that I love. So I've upgraded 20 years for less than $300.( I used to play an old set of MacGreggor's from Kmart.) IMHO though, it's at least 90% swing, 10% club, if that much!
Drinking Water plant manager.
Become a good ball striker. All else will come eventually after I master striking the ball consistently.
Hi,    I'm started back playing about 2 months ago. I played very little roughly 25 years ago, but lost interest whn my best buddy moved out of town. I didn't have any friend to play with, so I quit playing. I kept my old MacGreggor set though, and since both of my daughters married golfers, I dug out and dusted off the old clubs and started to hit the driving range for a few weeks. After hinting pretty hard, they finally invited me along to play. Now we are playing...
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