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I have a Taylormade Burner 2.0 that I bought on Ebay from Global Golf. Got it last summer for 109.00 plus 12.99 shipping. Here's my delima, I can hit farther with my TM Burner 2.0 3-15 than I can with this driver. BTW I am a terrible golfer. I shoot 110 on a par 72 consistenly , at least I am consistent. My son has a Nike MS , the square one, I hit it somewhat better. Is it possible I have a dud? I've leaned torward player error on my part , but it seems like I have to...
Sofia , I can't believe no one went here. She is a doll.
I own a small excavating business. Owner / operator , have a couple part time helpers. Hoping the economy picks up some.
Looking forward to reading and learning from this forum. I am relatively new to golf started playing last June. I always wondered why a bunch of guys would chase a little white ball over 60 acres , but now I know. I try to improve my game , but not get aggrevated to keep it enjoyable.
New Posts  All Forums: