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I got clicgear 3.5+ for 172.50 from Dicks.  I think I got a decent deal.  I have been watching them for a while.
Not a golf pro, but looks like your right elbow gets to far behind you on your back swing.  Makes it hard to get it back into position on your downswing.  Something I am working on myself.  I also need to get signed back up for evolvr, but have a few things I know I need to fix from my last lessons.  Good luck with your goal. 
I ordered 2 sets and got 26 grips and 2 guns for that price!  Must be hit or miss or something.  I ordered June 4th and received them today.
I want to win a Callaway big bertha driver!   Lee Westwood -7 Angel Cabrera -7 Kiradech Aphibarnrat -7
    Things I am working on:   1)  Steady head:  I have a tendency to have it go forward towards my target from A4-5   2)  Shoulder turn:  I tend to not make a full shoulder turn   3)  Getting my arms to come down faster to prevent my left shoulder from getting to high, which causes me to dump my wrist angle early   Think I am making some decent progress.  Looking for some feedback or feels that others have used for these pieces, or other pieces you see that I...
I'm not an instructor or a very good golfer, but I have been struggling with pushes off the tee this year as well.  It seems the biggest cause for me is ball position.  I was getting the ball back close to the middle of my stance.  Once I got the ball more forward off my left foot(I'm a righty) I quit blocking it way out to the right.  Hopefully this helps.
I used this.  Seemed to work rather well.  The other thing I did was looked in a mirror face on and made sure I could see my right elbow down below my left arm.  Even at the top of my backswing. 
In my experience, the handicap system translates pretty well from course to course.  I play an easier course as well(69.8) and I find that for me, an 8, I have an easier time shooting my handicap or better at a more difficult course if anything.  I think, someone can correct me if this sounds way wrong or stupid, the reason is because as an 8 handicap it is harder for me to go lower.  Example:  78 at my home course is an 8.1 diff that is equal to an 82 at another course I...
Last time I played with him he hit every green, and shot a -6, 66, that day.  He missed quite a few birdie putts that were very make-able.  He also didn't make a bogey.  I don't know how he managed 88, but we do live in cold weather climate were we are lucky to play 6 months a year and we did have a long cold winter were he probably touched a club less than 6 times.  I'm not going to argue with you about it, but just out of curiosity, what is your worst score in the last 6...
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