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Hopefully this isn't ot, but couldn't find the answer to my question else where.  What do you guys do when the ball is sitting up in the rough?  I am wondering mostly about longer shots,  170-220.  With shorter shots I tend to play the ball back a little and really feel like I am hitting down on the ball.  I seem to have decent results, but dont know if this is the right approach.  With longer shots I tend to hit it high on the clubface and come up some 20 yds short.  Im...
 If you turn your right hip back(behind you, not away from your target) and up in your backswing it may help you make a more centered turn.  You should lose flex in your right leg and feel your weight on the inside of your right foot.  These things should help you from sliding off the ball.
 I think that should read, most parents are delusional, but some parents have some idea of what their kids can do and help them as much as they can. 
  I had the same issue.  What helped me was go to the top of your backswing, and than do nothing but try and get your right elbow to your belly button.  Than go back to the top and do it again.  Pretty much a pump drill.  Thats what has worked pretty well for me.   Good Luck
Under the rules of football, it was not a catch.
This^^.   Let me start by saying I am not a doctor or scientist, but I dont understand when people try to tell you, you have to cut out certain foods to lose weight.  If your main objective is to lose weight, eat less calories per day than you burn.!  I dont mean to come off as a d*ck, but it is as simple as that.
 I think this is something that should work.   When I first tried to actively slide my hips forward I had trouble with my upper body, and head, sliding with it.  A feel I was using the other day, while hitting into my net, was to get my lead knee forward and outside my lead foot.  seemed to produce some very nice contact.  I need to get it on video, but I think it is a feel that is going to work for me.  I would like to here from some of the experts on this topic as well.
I find that when I am skying my driver, my ball position has moved back on me.  If i make sure to keep the ball forward in my stance, than I will bottom out at the ball or just before the ball.  If I have the ball to far back I have a negative AoA like others have said.
I got clicgear 3.5+ for 172.50 from Dicks.  I think I got a decent deal.  I have been watching them for a while.
Not a golf pro, but looks like your right elbow gets to far behind you on your back swing.  Makes it hard to get it back into position on your downswing.  Something I am working on myself.  I also need to get signed back up for evolvr, but have a few things I know I need to fix from my last lessons.  Good luck with your goal. 
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