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Any thoughts on the push problem Mike?  I played another round last night and still had issues with the straight push.  I either straight pushed it or hit a small push that would hook left of my target.  Still hit a couple push fades as well.  I posted a video to evolvr, but I dont think much has changed since my last video. 
Yeah I think the feet were getting a little squared up on me.  I got to keep a better eye on that.  Thanks.    I finally got to play a few rounds and the verdict is in.  My miss has been a straight push!  Push with everything driver through 60*.  My good shots are small push draws, and my really bad shot is push slice with the driver.  I can hit an occasional straight hook and even a straight slice with the driver.  Any way, back to the main problem of the push.  Is this...
I would say start with the driver.  I think drivers have advanced much farther than irons over the years.  I have little knowledge about this other than I had a hand me down set that was about 15 yrs old at the time, and when I bought my new/used set, the biggest difference  I noticed was in the driver.  The irons didnt seem to be much different other than I hit the same number clubs farther than the old set because they have cranked the lofts down more.  Example:  my...
This may be good or bad advice but this is my opinion on clubs.  Just get the set that feels and looks good to you.  If your handicap is correct, you have more to worry about than what clubs you are playing.  I dont mean to sound like a di*k, but I am an 8 handicap and I dont even worry about the clubs I am playing.  I bought my set for $400 off ebay.  Thats putter-driver.  I havent really even thought about getting fitted yet.  My goal is to get down below a 5 than reward...
I have always used the line on the ball to putt also.  After reading this thread I tried to putt with just white showing.  I hit every putt, inside 10 ft, exactly how I wanted.  Now all I need is a caddie to read the green for me.
Still working with Brian on evolvr, but I thought I would post here also for some more feedback.  Im still working on shoulder turn, and keeping my arms more out in front of me.  Let me know what you think needs more work.  Thanks guys.
If the pin is sitting straight up and down like it suppose to, I leave it in.  I think it is an advantage to have it in.  If it wasnt an advantage they would let you have a choice to putt with it in when you're on the green is how I look at it.
 It was definitely meant as a joke.  I will never hit the ball as good as Zach Johnson hits it on a bad day.
Dont really know what to tell you.  In both swings(the good and bad you say, I have no idea, im just a stupid monkey)  feels are being forced.  The second swing might be closer to my natural swing than the first.  Dont know what else to tell you.   Hey Mike, why do you keep trying to teach me how to swing like Zach Johnson?  5 and 4 ugghh.
I just worked on the things Brian (from evolvr) and Mike told me to. Its only one swing. They are not ingrained. I have found that it is very easy to "change the picture" while hitting into a net. I'm not worried were the ball goes. The challenge will be to see if I can take the swing from the garage to the course. I probably have a couple months before I have to worry bout that though.
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