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You should use your other hand when reaching in the water to retrieve your ball...LOL!  Just bought a bag of tees.....big spender, huh?
I had an R1. Got rid of it.My swing speed was 94 to 97mph, had the stiff shaft. It felt like a rubber band.    I do have a couple questions....Were you hitting them more left or right and with which shaft? In your Ping's what shaft did you have?   Why does TM have to come out with something different every six months? Now they have the SLDR that I will never try.   The technology can not possibly be changing that much or we would be hitting 600 yard drives by...
This guy helped me the most with this. It's so simple, it's stupid and it works!     
I guess your correct in your thinking. I saw this club and immediately loved the looks. I was set up for it properly, even hitting some pretty consistent 290 yd drives with it. However, that was on the machine, but on the course was another story. I just couldn't get anything going with it. I even put it down for a round or two and went back to it and you guessed it....nothing. I'm mostly a Ping guy and have been for a long time. I thought I'd try something different. I...
I wouldn't waste my good urine on it or in it. Had the white one and it's "scientifically proven" crap. The stock shaft that comes with it was made for a beginner. Having 168 different settings is ridiculous. It just adds to the confusion of one thinking their swinging correctly. Get some lessons. Then get fit. Then go play the best golf of your life.   I will admit the black looks outstanding, however, if you paint a terd a beautiful color it's still a terd.
Do you eat Fried Chicken?
This is not true of Ping. They will do to the club what ever you like. Call their WRX department. Excellent customer service. I believe you can send yours back and they will set loft and lie angles  and do any grind to your liking.   Not a seller of Ping products.
  Not too many of these running around. Just got this one. I have the rest of the set too. Got this 1* weak which makes it a 59* with back grind and KBS Tour stiff shaft. +1/2 in. Matches the rest of my set. I really liked the U and S wedges, so I decided to give this one a go.
This whole thread is really crap if your putting the screws to Garcia. I mean if you have ever called someone fat or short or a dumbass, your just as racist as the next person is. Some of my best friends in the world are black and I love'em, but we still sit around and joke on one another every now and then whether it's considered racist or not.   I have respect for all the players. The media puts a lot of pressure on these guys and yes, sooner or later somebody is...
Yea, trade it in for something else. Painting your club will change the swing weight as well. I'm guessing at a minimum...a few grams....
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