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There is no such thing as a 2014 and 2015 Pro V1.....They come out with new Pro V1's every two years
Wow, I wish I had some of those multi-colored Ping balls you played as a kid.  Alot of those are extremely valuable on Ebay, depending on the color combination.  They can range from $5 a ball to over $150!
The #2 rated course in our state is right in our backyard.  I go out there either at night or in the fall when the rough has all been mowed and have found over 1500 balls since May.  Approximately 500 of these have  been Pro V1 or V1x's.  My record for one day is somewhere in the 60's and I have hit 50 numerous times.  I have uncles with second homes in SC who golf religiously and I sell the Pro V1's, NXT Tours and DT Solo's to them for at least $1 a ball.  Easiest money...
if you haven't already done so i would be happy to help you out....I currently have well over 1300 balls in my possession of every make and model you can think of and would be happy to send you some free samples to try out.....living on a golf course definitely has its advantages :)  been ranked the #2 golf course in the state so I am always finding nice balls while on the course
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