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I wanted to get this thread going again. Has the Apple Watch been updated to serve as a golf rangefinder? I have the Bushnell Golf GPS Watch. It has served me well but I'm looking to upgrade.
I agree 100%. Let's be honest. Golf is a niche sport. The audience that watches it on television is small. The audience that watches it on LPGA is even much smaller. So they should be showing the LPGA stars that the fans want to see. I add Cheyenne Woods to your list.It seems that the LPGA television producers do always show Michelle Wie, as they should.
Swimming for 30 mins and 5 mile walk. (Although nachos and half a Snickers weren't ideal.)
I know it's two years later but I am going to take your advice and check out this place. Thanks.
I thought this too. However whenever you lose a ball, it is hard to go back to the spot you hit from if there's a group behind you.
Big day today for me - I broke 100 with 99.
This question isn't as relevant now with all the adjustable drivers. But why are most drivers 9.5* instead of 9* or 10* or 11.5* instead of 11* or 12*? There has to be a reason, right?
Pull-ups 3x7 Power Cleans 3x10 Rows 3x10 Squats 3x7
I am a 40 year old high handicapper. I am a decent athlete. I've been exercising for about six months. But I don't know which exercises are best for golf and which sequence to do them. Thanks.
Am I the only one still watching?
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