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How is this golf course? Does this course allow non-members to play?
Are your driver and 3W the same brand and model?
A 52 degree would fit into the gap between your pitching wedge and sand wedge. For example: I hit my PW 115 yards and my SW 90 yards. I recently bought a AW - 100 yards - to fill in that large gap.
Tiger and Adam Scott.
I asked a several people with more knowledge than me and to a man they all said a 12 gauge shotty. I have a Maverick88 by Mossberg. It holds 6+1. I have buck shot for home defense. It is a pump. I hope that just racking that bad boy would scare off any intruder.
Honestly, just to own one and target shoot from time to time. It would not be weapon for home defense, which is my 12 gauge. For road trips, I take my 9 mm for protection.
I am not a collector. But I own four guns. I own: 9 mm pistol .380 pistol 12 gauge .410 shotgun (from my late father) I want to buy a revolver. What shout I get?
Have they said how they chose the 40 players?
Thanks. This worked. I am good. 
I have bought two Callaway clubs online. They both have serial numbers. Is there a website that let's me check their authenticity by entering the serial numbers?
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