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Have they said how they chose the 40 players?
Thanks. This worked. I am good. 
I have bought two Callaway clubs online. They both have serial numbers. Is there a website that let's me check their authenticity by entering the serial numbers?
I know there is already a thread on Holly Sonders leaving MD. That thread asks was it a good career move for her. I want to focus more on Morning Drive. Is the show going to miss her? After a couple of weeks, I think the answer is a clear YES. MD is not as enjoyable without her. Now, it is a revolving door. The banter is missing. The chemistry isn't there. I think Gary Williams is fantastic. I am okay with Hack and Rhymer, but their "comedy" act gets old.
48 on the front on an easy tract but I had my 7 year and 4 year in tow, which adds a stroke a hole.
53 on the back 9 after a long layoff.
After recent events, this thread is now relevant.
1. It is a very interesting dynamic that there are no captains. I could see some Stacey Lewis v. Cristie Kerr fireworks. I bet Lexi and Paula Creamer just hang back. I bet Stacey and Lexi play together while Kerr and Creamer play together.    2. The format for this tourney is really confusing. It is part NCAA Tourney + World Cup + NFL playoffs = Ryder/Solheim Cup.   3. Spain is the team to watch. Everyone knows about USA and N. Korea.    4. I think match play makes...
Jerry Rice is playing.
I can't believe they let either one get away, but losing both within a short amount of time is complete mismanagement.     I guess Kelly Tilgham is still #1.  Lauren Thompson moves into Holly's spot as the #2.   They could bring in Melanie Collins to replace the spot duty that Win was doing.    What Jennifer Bosworth of the Back 9 Network? Can she actually play golf?
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