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This is probably the 6th or 7th season of Big Break that I've watched. It is without a doubt the least memorable season of all the seasons I've watched. I will remember four people: Charlie (he blew it); Christian (his background story was the best); Anthony (his cockiness); and Jimmy (survived and somehow won).
I was finally able to post a picture of the cart that I was asking about.
I don't know why they don't give us match play. It would be compelling.
Winner, winner Chicken dinner.
I have a two-wheel push-pull cart and I hate it because my bag keeps rotating with each hole.  By hole 9, my bag will have rotated 120 degrees and the handle of the bag is pointing down.  Also it tips over sorta easy. 
Is this a good one? Does one like this function as a push and pull cart? My friend's wife is asking.
Buy him a golf ball with the course that's hosting the PGA logo on the ball. (Most confusing sentence ever.)
You got to give credit to Cheyenne seems to have done it on her own by grinding on the Ladies European Tour.     She is hotter than I realized.     I hate to see that Emily Talley missed it. She had a good season on the Symetra Tour. 
I hope Chris-er is matched up with Emily at some point to see her outdrive him by 3 yards.
I support this. Done.
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