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I just can't get into the Champions Tour. I rarely even watch their majors. I would probably watch more if Couples and DL3 were in contention but it seems those two never play Champion Tour events.
Best: Michelle Wie, Lexi Thompson, Sandra Gal and Natalie Gulbis. The four have perfected the athletic chic look. Sporty and fashionable. Worst: Morgan Pressel's shorts and Brittany Linicome's hats. Pressel's shorts generally have the pattern of your grandmother's drapes. Regarding Linicome, her hats never seem to fit right and sit way too high on her head.
Sara Brown is really good looking but she's not Holly hot.
How good is Christian? Was he the weakest male golfer? Katy, an LSU grad, was mad a fellow LSU tiger, Tessa, picked her.
Who was in Natalie Gulbis' group?
The field seems to be about 40 LPGA players. Is this not an official LPGA event?
If Anthony is kicked off will the show be even less entertaining? How good is Christian? Jimmy seems like the weakest player of the guys that are left? Honestly, this season is kinda boring me. I am not like most people. I watch more for the infighting and personal dynamics than watching the players just play golf.
Is the LPGA on television this weekend?
I thought Mary Narizi would be the most hated Big Breaker of all time. I was wrong by a mile. This kid Anthony is going to win every medal in being the worst Big Breaker ever.
Where do you have your ball in your stance for these clubs: Driver Fairway woods/hybrids Long irons Short irons wedges
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