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I'm not a fan of the too thin model look. She is that for me. I've always wondered what's the difference between a "model" and a "supermodel."
I know it is very uncool to reply to one's own thread. But the lack of a single response is baffling to me. Either everyone is tired of Gulbis or the people of this site do put significant weight on the golfing skills of the LPGA star. 
This made me laugh. It is so true. I know I will never get to play any of the courses that he profiles. I see his segments and think he has the best job in America.
Tilghman was never a regular on MD. She filled in at times. Her show is Golf Central.
She's got her fastball back.
New shows start tomorrow. It looks like Cara Robinson has been added to the cast. I think Paige is headed back to the Tour. The rest of the cast (Gary, Damon, Rhymer, Hack, LT, and Ginella) are back.
That will probably be hard to find.
I own the Acuity 2 wheel pull cart. It costs me $10 bucks and I now know why. It sucks worse than a four-putt after putting for birdie. My bag keeps spinning around on it until the handle is facing down.
The high handicapper idea would be interesting but would people that are better golfers than the contestants?I think Big Break needs more seasons of bringing back old contestants of players we liked and hated. I like the Where Are They Now editions.
Ryan O'Toole and Gerina Piller are two. I don't know a 3rd.
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