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Let me ask a very important question - does this network show hots?
I don't have DirecTV. Am I missing anything?
There are six ladies. Four of them bring the looks. The brunette from Austria; the blonde from Latvia; a short blonde and a tall brunette with a nice rack. The two foreign ladies are 1 and 1A. The guys all seem cool, except the aforementioned Anthony. He has played the heel since day 1.
I agree on Hack. I used to like him but lately, he just has nothing. Hack is better when he is Williams's sidekick, not the lead role. I like Chris DiMarco on there. Straight shooter with good insight. Paige is okay analyzing golf but her interview skills are bad.
I relate everything to beer. There's 24 beers in a case. The box of balls had 8 sleeves in the box. There are 3 balls in a sleeve. Thus, 8 x 3 = 24. See, how I did that?My friend gave them to me. He only plays tour balls. He was won the case in a raffle at a scramble.If they are harder than Pinnacle, then I probably won't use them. As a high handicapper, there's nothing more frustrating than finally hitting a good approach shot to watch it fly off the green.
 I had the exact same thought. I thought it was ironic that Gerina Piller got so little camera time. 
Watching: 1) College Football 2) Golf 3) College basketball in March Playing: 1) Golf (Huge gap) 2) softball 3) sand volleyball 4) fishing
Does choking down effect the lie angle?
I know they didn't have the manpower to cover all groups, but the coverage focused I like 20% of the players on the first three days.
I doubt this event made money for the Golf Channel because the ratings won't be great. But it was a huge success. It was quite entertaining. I love watching match play.
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