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I too like Gary, Cara and Lauren Thompson. I would have no problem if Damon Hack and Rhymer were replaced. Actually, I hope they are.Chris DiMarco is good on the show but it doesn't seem like he really wants to be there. Paige is good too. She offers good commentary on practice and playing tips.
Bill Haas and Jordan Spieth come to mind for me.
Pay attention to the length of the clubs in relation to her height and graphite is the way to go for girls.
I am thinking of going out to the tournament tomorrow or Friday. To be a new tournament, Dallas has really supported this event.
I Normally shoot between 88-92. I am looking at either Titleist AP1s or AP2s. Which would be better for my game? Also, should I get cavity backs or muscle backs? Thanks.
Does anyone know of a good public course that is not difficult in or near Slidell, Louisiana? Thanks in advance.
"People in hell want slurpees." - Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead
You must think Top Golf is Mickey Mouse-like.
I thought this was the most boring season to date. And I fell asleep about three times during the finale.
Yeah, I'm interested too. It looked like one of those golf half-marathon competitions. I thought that was the most boring Big Break finale of all time.
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