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I thought Mary Narizi would be the most hated Big Breaker of all time. I was wrong by a mile. This kid Anthony is going to win every medal in being the worst Big Breaker ever.
Where do you have your ball in your stance for these clubs: Driver Fairway woods/hybrids Long irons Short irons wedges
She is in contention this weekend. I've never paid attention to her before but she seems quite interesting. She is pretty cute too.
I too live in DFW. I can't speak on Flower Mound or Keller. But I can speak on Mansfield and Midlothian. I live near both. With the understanding that everything is relative and everyone has a different perspective based on their age, political views, race, and experiences, I agree with Mr. Desmond for the most part. There are fantastic parts of Mansfield and Midlothian. The size of home and size of plot of land in that you'll be able to afford trumps the size you'll be...
When I say simulator practice facilities, I mean the computer and measuring systems like when you try out new clubs at a golf store. Clearly, I don't know what's it called. Thanks.
I have always been loyal to Golf Digest. Are there any golf magazines that are better? How would rank them?
I know I subjecting myself to ridicule, but they look like to fun ride. I would just ride it around my neighborhood or run small errands.
Boating, fishing, camping, soccer, baseball, biking and yard work and washing the cars.
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