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The Golf Channel runs that same dumb commercial about 50 times per hour. I am so beaten by the commercial I refuse to even inquire about the novel.
He said on Letterman last night that he's playing the RBC. He said that tournament gave him one of his first exemptions and he owes it to them and he gave his word. Respect. He will surely playing the Byron Nelson and Colonial. He's from Dallas. The Nelson gave him an exemption whe he was sixteen. He's not missing those two tournaments.
He said he was playing but then he sorta seemed to be recanting on that in an interview. He said he was exhausted.
Stevens Park is a must. It has been redone in the last couple of years and the City of Dallas did a great job. Tennison Highlands is a great course. Every hole is different. Tour 18 Dallas is wonderful and a tribute to the best golf holes in golf. Cedar Crest is historic and a great course to walk.
3. I thought every hole with a water hazard had a drop zone.4. I love the snarky comment. I feel the same way when I get on Facebook.
- How do they score it if anyone other than the pro golfer hits a single putt? - Who caddied for Spieth today? - I don't see any drop zones on the holes over the pond. What is a player to do if they hit it in the water? - If I ever get to go to the Masters, do I need to watch the Par 3 Contest?
Has anyone owned a pair of Jumpman golf shoes? If so, how are they?
I hope she continues her collection of bikini photos.
Who are some of the best people to follow during the Masters? In addition to golf insight, I want to read about the behind the ropes and nightlife antics of the golfers and groupies.
I have been following her on Twitter for quite some time. She is a good writer and provides more behind the ropes information than most of the golf writers. She is funny and whimsical. She seems to have a good relationship with the golfers that like to party (I could be totally wrong about this.).
New Posts  All Forums: