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1. It is a very interesting dynamic that there are no captains. I could see some Stacey Lewis v. Cristie Kerr fireworks. I bet Lexi and Paula Creamer just hang back. I bet Stacey and Lexi play together while Kerr and Creamer play together.    2. The format for this tourney is really confusing. It is part NCAA Tourney + World Cup + NFL playoffs = Ryder/Solheim Cup.   3. Spain is the team to watch. Everyone knows about USA and N. Korea.    4. I think match play makes...
Jerry Rice is playing.
I can't believe they let either one get away, but losing both within a short amount of time is complete mismanagement.     I guess Kelly Tilgham is still #1.  Lauren Thompson moves into Holly's spot as the #2.   They could bring in Melanie Collins to replace the spot duty that Win was doing.    What Jennifer Bosworth of the Back 9 Network? Can she actually play golf?
Holly will be missed. She is smart, hot and loves golf and talking about golf. Also, she seemed to have good back and forth with Williams, Hack, DiMarco, and Rhymer.   I like Paige but not to replace Holly. They need to bring back Win McMurray.   Actually, they need to bring in Natalie Gulbis after the LPGA season wraps.  
You asked, and you were rewarded. Sara Brown has been added to the field. So was Sadena Parks. 
Now the field is up to five. Tommy Gaines Gerina Piller Jackie Stoelting Mallory Blackwelder Emily Talley
If football, basketball, and baseball can have student trainers and managers, why can't golfers have student caddies?
Sept 30 - Oct 3. Yes, it will be live.I wonder who will host. Tom Abbott, probably.
We have a team of four playing in a scramble tournament (play the best ball till ball is holed). Is there a betting game that we could play within our group? 
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, except for Bubba and Jordan Spieth. 
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