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I am a 40 year old high handicapper. I am a decent athlete. I've been exercising for about six months. But I don't know which exercises are best for golf and which sequence to do them. Thanks.
Am I the only one still watching?
2 x 15 Bench Power cleans + Presses Bent over over flys Walking lunges Calf raises
I started feeling a tingling in my toe about six months ago. I too thought it was turf toe but it turned out to be high uric acid levels. 
I don't want you all thinking the wrong thing about my question. I like cigars. I just have never blazed one while playing bad golf in hot Texas. I'm not the most germ conscious person but I was shocked seeing him put it in his mouth right off the ground.
I'm watching the American Century Championship. Jerry Rice is smoking a huge stogey. Before his shot, he will throw the lit cigar on the ground, hit his shot, pick up the cigar, and start smoking it again. Is this normal?
1) Am I the only one that greatly enjoys watching this celebrity golf tournament every year? I can't be since NBC shows it every year.   2) The level of partying that goes on that we can't see must be legendary. (Can you imagine the nookie that flocks there?)   3) I hate that Steph Curry is not playing this year. He just had a baby like five days ago. He should've won the tourney last year. He has some serious game.   4) Being from Dallas, I also hate that Romo is...
I know not everyone here is a fan of both or either.
I'm not the one to ask but would the fitting cost offset the money you saved by buying online?
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