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Huge oversight by me. Move Mary into a tie with Lauren....
1. Lauren2. Fiamma3. Renee4. Lindsay5. Kylee6. Courtney7. Dallas8. JackieI think these 8 are okay looking with the top 5 ranging from hot to cute.
Very cool for her. I was hoping she would get her tour card back in December. Now, she can play with sponsor exemptions. Did you all see the clip of her getting sprayed after the win? Who was the blonde wearing all black? Wow.
Great idea. I too think a list best illustrates this.  My preferences in order: 1) Majors + Players Championship2) Ryder Cup, President's Cup, Solheim Cups, International Crown3) Generic PGA tourneys with big names atop leaderboard4) LPGA with cuties atop leaderboard6) Celebrity golf tourneys6) Spare PGA Tourneys with no big names7) Big Break9) College golf 10) LPGA with no nookie girls
Also, they upgrade the female co-host as well. Check out Melanie Collins:    
I just watched the trailer for the newest Big Break season, which is Big Break Florida. If I had to guess, I would say that 50% of the posters on this message board love Big Break, 30% are lukewarm towards it, and 20% dislike it. I would also say of that 50% about 1/3 of the fans prefer watching hot chicks play good to mediocre golf over watching guys playing exceptional golf. I am firmly rooted in the 1/3.   I am only speaking to the 1/3 here. We are in store for a...
I agree on Paige. Smart and sexy and seems cool to have a beer with. Great legs too.
I am a huge fan of the LPGA. The hotter the player, the better the viewing of golf is. I wish these golfers would be in contention more: Natalie Gulbis Blair O'Neal Sophie Horn Belen Mozo Ryan O'Toole Cheyenne Woods And a few more
With no Tiger Woods this year (and forever), is there any new golf game that I can buy for this year?
I primarily watch the Golf Channel and I love it quite a bit. My problem is the lack of original programming on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All they show is reruns on these days.    Here are my comments on the on-air hosts:   Gary Williams - I think he is really good and does a good job of keeping the show on task and topic. He is like what Chris Fowler is for College GameDay on ESPN. I get the impression that he is quite smart.    Kelly Tilghman - I think she is...
New Posts  All Forums: