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I know I subjecting myself to ridicule, but they look like to fun ride. I would just ride it around my neighborhood or run small errands.
Boating, fishing, camping, soccer, baseball, biking and yard work and washing the cars.
My wife and I are thinking about purchasing a lake house about 1 hour from our current home. But I am worried that we would never use it with all of our weekend activities: kids' sports, work, church, and travel.
Why didn't the producers just think of this and implement it since it is so easy? Please excuse the sarcasm. Not seeing Holly is affecting me.Replacing her is so difficult. She had the looks, golf skills, golf credibility, speaking ability, interview skills, and ability to take and give s*** with guys naturally. That is a lot of attributes. Also, I think her and Gary Williams were a dynamic duo.
Good call. She is always a good guest. She has the perfect personality and can articulate the technical stuff very well too. Of lady golfers, she is the Phil Mickelson when it comes to breaking down hitting a golf ball. Would she want this job though? Her career is still in full swing.What about Natalie Gulbis?I wanted the Golf Channel to either bring back Win McMurray or hire Jennnifer Lahmers of the Back 9 Network.
Due to her non-compete clause in her Golf Channel contract, she can't start appearing on Fox until January 1, 2015. It was a smart move for her.
Let me ask a very important question - does this network show hots?
I don't have DirecTV. Am I missing anything?
There are six ladies. Four of them bring the looks. The brunette from Austria; the blonde from Latvia; a short blonde and a tall brunette with a nice rack. The two foreign ladies are 1 and 1A. The guys all seem cool, except the aforementioned Anthony. He has played the heel since day 1.
I agree on Hack. I used to like him but lately, he just has nothing. Hack is better when he is Williams's sidekick, not the lead role. I like Chris DiMarco on there. Straight shooter with good insight. Paige is okay analyzing golf but her interview skills are bad.
New Posts  All Forums: