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Yes I am a right hand golfer
Sorry I was looking at 2 threads at the same time and I accidentally posted on the wrong one but thank you for being polite about it
Any ideas how I can make that playable
I've done some studying of my swing and I realized my swing on my driver is a straight slice or straight fade
I have a question I have a straight slice what ideas does anyone have on tips to keep the clubface squared or how I can turn my straight slice into a fade or draw
thats exactly what i gotta do gotta get up there and slow down gotta get that in my head but should i still look into the headcover drill to make sure imm on the right plane
i deffintly try to kill it on the corse lol can anyone explain to me the headcover drill for and outside to in swing
and also i only do this on the course when im on the range i hit perfect drivers so what would that mean
so does anyone have any ideas or drills for me to work on and can anyone make since why its just with my driver
well i have a simmilar problom i hit my woods and irons as strait as can be and then i pul out the driver which is 10.5 diablo octane dg s300 shaft and it goes like 100 yards straight and then turns dramaticaly right and i cant figure it out. i dont go over the top i have a nutral grip. but i dont understand whats wrong i cut down my driver to 44 inches and my 3 woods 33 inches with the smae shaft and i hit it fine any ideas
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