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  I didn't call anyone an idiot.   Most of the golfers I play with show very little imagination with their bagful of sticks. They anticipate hitting their so called stock shots with each club and moan and groan when they don't pull them off as expected. At best, 50% of their shots actually achieve acceptable outcomes but they stick to the same old, same old. I don't call this idiotic but it is rather unimaginative and very conformist to the norm.
I took up skiing this winter - mid December - and its the only sport/activity that I have attempted to learn since my teenage years. As you all know, I regard myself as a damn good golf coach, but having taken lessons from various ski instructors, their teaching methods have been quite an eye-opener for me regarding the KISS concept.   I dare say there are some - lets baffle him with science and he'll think I'm cleverer than most - out there, but the four instructors...
  If you read the two sentences after that sweeping generalisation, you will notice that I did explain what I meant by 'use correctly'. I will however concede that my explanation was rather brief.
So why is it then, that it's the player who can putt well, who will always sort the men out from the boys?
Having taken part in another similar post, the fact that we play 40% of the game with the putter and we feel we need 13 for the other 60% just seems wrong. If we can apply feel to the use of the putter then why can't we be more versatile with the other clubs in the bag instead of trying to emulate the pros who dedicate much more time to finessing distance and tragectory etc???
IMO the only club in the bag that that most of us tend to use correctly is the putter. Using something that is referred to as touch, we adjust the swing length to the corresponding length of putt. I think golfers should apply 'touch' to every club in the bag and for most players that would probably mean carrying less clubs. 
  Hi Dave,   there's a big difference between a 30 and 12 handicapper but FYI, I have mostly carried no more than 9 clubs in all, 5 irons, 3 woods and a putter. I used  to play off 2, so I am familiar with sub 80 rounds, but the years have caught up on me and as my name suggests I don't get the ball out there as far as I did in the past 
  I agree that a tour pro or top amateur can justify carrying a bagful of irons but to attempt to convince Tailgater, a self confessed 100+ player, that he should attempt to play the same game as the more accomplished player is just plain ludicrous. I would advise all players who shoot 80+ to consider what the OP suggests.
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