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1) No2) 50-753) Not really, I stay in shape though4) No5) Yes6) YesI suffer from lower back pain, seems Ive only able to get about 12-13 holes in walking before it gets bad.
That's tough, I view it this way, say you aren't warmed up, or at the start of the season after a lay off do you still have the SS for an X? If you hit the stiff just as well as an X I'd go with the stiff, in the day of adjustable drivers it doesn't take much to swap a shaft at different points of the season if you felt the need.
I don't care if you're an administrator or not, I started the thread and I will continue to post my thoughts until a) people want to quit debating the fact or b) the thread is closed.
I do not try and generate animosity, I do not mind debating and I bring facts to the conversation. I will say I worded the title wrong as I should have said global sport as opposed to global game. Yes golf is a global game as is ping pong. Asians make ping pong a sport Americans do not. That is truely what I am saying Globally golf is played as a game but as a sport it seems only US and Europe view it that way.
Sure, people can't play in China why? Its to expensive? Maybe that's a sign that prices should be lowered to grow the game. But no my gripe is you call a World Golf Championship but refuse to play them around the world. Watching the Dubai tournament there was no short of fans there. I get tired of watching golf played in same damn place week in and week out, Yep just another 70 and sunny day in Florida for the 3rd week in a row. Part of the reason The Open is my favorite...
Is track and field not a sport? Is it not competed globally? Are there not many countries competitive in this sport?
You guys are crazy golf is not a global sport, the United States have 50% of the world golf courses and about 55-60% of the golf population while only occupying 5% of the worlds population.
Track and field
Sounds good, thanks for the tip.
Even United States produces good hockey players, and China even produced Yao Ming. The fact is the United States has 15,000+ golf courses, China has under 1000, India has under 100, Two continents ( Europe and South America) only have about 7000 courses among them. As stated before those players come to the states to play, so again is it really a global sport?
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