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Why tell anybody anything about this, that's my question. Seems like he drank too much and blacked out, that's it.
Did they forget to write down the exact specifications?
My guess is that' he will be in Nike's stable moving forward
I see all the reports about the golf industry's troubles but feel part of the problem is of it's own making. For instance, check out the vast number of golf shoe models Nike offers . Not different color options but models. They must have some creative people on the payroll just to come up with descriptions of all the various models. Yet nobody seems willing to pay the full retail price but every year a whole slew of new shoe technology is discovered. Am I missing...
I just think the shirts look ridiculous.
I never see anyone with those flashy shirts the pros wear.
Hee Young Park -2. I think I love you.
The last break I got was the day I was born great looking
Who picked him at that? I am the only one with him but didn't type his full name in the entry.
If Matsuyama wins will I get the driver even though failed to enter in his first name??
New Posts  All Forums: