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Those balls are some of the worst on the market. They start to scuff after being hit, good balls only will grow plastic hairs if they hit cart paths and trees? i used to think it was the fiddler and no the fiddle but there is something to better equipment. My advice is to buy Some decent balls and play courses that are more wide open. Try some Bridgestone E6, they are available for around 25 bucks vs the Noodles for 13 bucks..
A quick thought of mine....
Hogan stressed the proper downswing order is. Hips Shoulders Arms And finally the hands taking a more passive role. This should give the player a better sense of the required lagging action.
I love this stuff...I wonder what he would do with modern equipment.....
I can easily defend him. Many in Tiger's gallery weren't sure if he was going to chip back in the fairway. When he pulled a wood to go for the green the crowd gets excited. Tiger knows they would react and all of this unfolds during Sergio's backswing. When asked, Tigers first instinct is to say the marshal said to go. I like all of this animosity between players, adds to the sport.
My thoughts are when it comes time show my six year old son how to play, we will start at the green and work back....
I find it difficult to take anything other than full shots and at these awkward distances I have been working on a low punch with mid irons.
I have been working on using a pitching action with a seven iron from 70 to 80 yards. Like to get some thoughts on how far others will take this to the extreme during a round. By extreme, I mean using a 3 iron at these awkward distances.
They must grow big onions in Fiji !!!!!
I have a square foot section of a rubber mat flooring used at professional gyms. Using sidewalk chalk on the mat itself shows me exactly where the club bottoms out.
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