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Hi guys I'm a relative newbie to this beautiful game and to the Sandtrap. Read a lot but don't post too much. I have been struggling so bad with my irons consistently topping them and also hitting wide right. On my last round after a very poor front 9 I decided to stand with the club a bit closer to my body. It appeared that I was hitting much cleaner AND much straighter clubs with the club closer to me. My question is/my questions are a) is there a possibility I was...
I played my first 'proper' 18 holes on Sunday morning. At the range, and at a little course I play (3842 yds, par 66) I've felt really good. I've been hitting straight wood/driver shots from the tee and gaining confidence with my irons. I hit a 92 only 2 weeks ago. I felt fairly ready to hit a proper course. I went and played at Deangate ridge. A 5756 yard, par 72 course. I hit a measly 129. I make that 57 OVER!! How eye watering is that? I hit a dreadful drive on the 1st...
I'll be sure to give this a go. Thanks. It's very frustrating when you hit a lovely tee shot then take maybe 2 or 3 slashes/tops down the fairway, hit a reasonable chip and then a nice putt. You think to yourself there's three shots I could have removed from my round straight away (those being the awful fairway shots)!!? But this, I suppose, is 'par for the course'. Excuse the horrendous pun there.
This is strange... I am new to golf and am getting slightly better, I found my fairway shots to be the worst of the lot? What is this. I think I hit maybe 2 decent mid iron shots all day. I kept topping them. Is it because I still fet I had a lot to do to get near the green? I'm not sure. At the range I'm fine of the deck, on the course, rubbish!? Any tips?
Also what's the forums opinion on practice balls like those air flows etc?
How often do you go/practice Jason?
Thanks guys, I am really enjoying it, although it was absolutely freezing yesterday :-/ . I shot 116 around that short 9 (played twice round) that I mentioned earlier. I hit a REAL purple patch yesterday, I hit 4 strokes on each of 4 holes in a row, I was really enjoying it. I was using a 5 wood off of the longer tees. Then I thought it would be a great idea to get the 3 wood out (have taken the driver out for now) and BAM, disaster struck, 3 off the tee followed by a 20...
I'm a cardiac physiologist and I've seen roid abusers who have completely ruined their hearts.... Remember that the heart is also a muscle! THESE YANKEES NEED TO STOP!!
Where abouts in Kent are you? I'm in Medway? What courses have you played?
Thanks for all ofl your advice. Practice, play and instruction it is then. I am out this morning on the short 9 again with my dad, am looking forward to it. Thanks everyone on sand trap, I don't feel to dreadful now
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