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They all booed. The same team decided a -19 sounded more believable this year ( I still call BS )
-26 in a four man scramble. Which four holes did you hole from 150 out?
Shot an 87 yesterday at Lakota Canyon in Colorado. Felt good but I really screwed up on the last 3 holes to ruin my chance at my best score ever.
My goal was to shoot in the 80's by the end of the summer. I started the year shooting high 90's on average and a good game being in the low 90's. The last couple of weeks I have posted 90, 89, 91, 92, 87 , 87 at different courses each time. I am almost there. The last round I was +9 after 15 holes then promptly destroyed my chances at a low 80's score by single, double , triple on the last three for the 87. Here in CO. I have 6-8 weeks left to build on my...
Wow -21.. That is a huge score even for single digits. Birdie 15 holes and eagle 3. No one had a chance... Funny story. A buddy of mine was in a scramble a couple weeks ago and the winning team came in saying they shot a -26. Now a -21 is believable with a group of scratch golfers, but a -26 That means they had to eagle 8 holes. I guess everyone at the tourney booed them. And rightfully so.
Breaking 90 has been my goal for this summer. Up until this summer I would play about 12 rounds a year and shoot anywhere from low 90's too low 100's. This summer I cought the bug and have already played about 45 18 hole rounds ( at many different courses ) and another 15 9 hole rounds. I have been tinkering with my swing/grip/stance all summer mostly by reading this board and magazines and finally I feel I am at a point where the mental game is hurting me. In the...
I used to have a horrible slice that basically went about 200 yards and 60 right. What has really helped me is I started turning my hands over through the swing. Before I was keeping my hands in the samer position throughout the swing, which pretty much kept the club face open no matter what. Now that I am turning my hands over it allows me to have a better swing path and helps me close the club face.
I guess this is what I am doing by "flipping my wrists". I can now share the excitement of hitting bombs off the tee box.
Yeah I am sure that this can lead to other issues but for now it feels pretty good. Am I on the right track with this? It seesm easier to keep my left arm straight by turning the end of the club towards the sky in my backswing then on my follow through having it point towards the ground. It seems when I miss hit the ball with this new technique that it still goes straight but with loss of distance. MAybe I am getting lucky?
Yes that is what I am doing. My glove hand is below my right hand right after impact. This is my only swing thought and I am hitting the ball further and straighter than I ever have. Let me preface this by saying I have played more rounds this summer and hit more balls at the range than I ever have in my life. I cought the bug!. But the frustrating thing has been trying to figure out my swing flaws since my handicap has pretty much stayed the same even after almost 40...
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