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Okay, cool, I'm going try it.  Thanks!
I've started turning my lead foot open to promote hip clearance and the forward knee motion that Erik has alluded to.  I've always been under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that your back foot should remain perpendicular to the target to increase the 'magic' hip to shoulder turn ratio-ie an open back foot allows too much hip rotation.  Isn't a square back foot also an alignment tool?  Could be mistaken, but I don't really see many good pros or amateurs opening the back...
You make a fine point.  
Amen.  This is the logic (faulty logic) at work.  A shining (and real) example of circular reasoning or 'begging the question'.  True dat Jersey!
Since no study, evidence or statistic has substantiated a long/belly advantage, the obvious motivation of the rule is going after guys who might not survive on tour using a conventional putter.  Anchoring only became problematic, of course, when these dudes started taking majors.  I guess anchoring is only innately wrong ('against the spirit of the game'-whatever in the Sam hell that means) when it's successfully employed.  Pretty shaky principle. 
When I was a kid (20-25 years ago), and told people I played golf-the response from my peers usually ranged between teasing and derogatory digs.  'Do you wear plaid pants too'? Brilliant.  Then Tiger came along and made it cool.  This brought in a huge influx of new players, many of whom thought they could just practice their way onto the tour.  I can't tell you how many times I hear people say that if they could practice like a tour pro-they could play at least scratch...
Climate is an unlikely explanation: reference golf in Scandinavia and Canuckastan, where I'm from.  Sure we love hockey, but our participation rate for golf is astronomical, despite our relatively short season in many parts of the country.  Having said that, most "cold climate" nations are far more diverse geographically than many realize.  In Canada, golf is played 365 on Vancouver Island and B.C.'s Lower Mainland.  I'm sure there are parts of Sweden like this too.  See...
Canuck, I have done my homework, and I'll let my $ speak in future purchases.  I understood your point completely-ironic though-not really (or mildly)?  It's not like it was written in the context of people not knowing he's in the biz.  Are his expertise and critiques invalid because he's in the biz? I don't think this fact discredits him from chiming in on the big companies, or that it's all that ironic-because it's blatantly obvious from the outset that there's a degree...
CanuckAaron (not like Van City Canuckleheads, i hope?!)  Wishon and many other clubmakers/fitters have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft, growing their knowledge and selling high quality equipment with real aftermarket shafts.  But because the guy is a capitalist you'll stick with the big 4 or 5, their mass produced heads (from inferior foundries) and their inferior OEM shafts?  I see.
If you guys get a chance check out this Tom Wishon article:    http://www.golfwrx.com/57171/wishon-the-way-golf-clubs-are-being-sold-has-harmed-golf/
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