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You were probably fitted with a round Tacki Mac which I think is about 50g. Not sure what your Winn is but my Edel Lamkin is about 73g. I was fitted with the Tacki Mac and had the Lamkin on since new. Given the shaft is counter weighted and more weight is toward the grip I think the difference in weight between different grips is less noticeable.
Thanks and I agree.
Usually use my Vokey 56.08 SW but I had two chip ins during my last round with my new I20 PW. I am guessing that will be my go to club for a bit.
I love my Edel putter. I had the luxury of being fitted by Dave Edel in Austin. I can't say I immediately starting draining 20 footers but my stats are getting better and better. Before I got my putter I was averaging 33 or 34 putts per round. I am down around 30 or 31. My last 2 were 29 and 28 (two chip ins though). I always liked three site lines or two lines and a dot but Dave said I actually lined up better with no site lines at all. I really like a clean look and it...
Be thru a few but always end the season with my Ping G2HL.
A little history first. I have been playing G5s with Reg CS Lites for quite awhile but I was really getting some balloons. Tried a set of G2s with a Z-Z65 shaft. Liked it but through the years I feel my swing is much better (not trying to pick the ball up) so ebayed a set of I5s with Z-Z65s and cushions. I have no trouble hitting the narrower I5s and really like the less offset as well. My 150 yard club is my 6 iron so I don't know if the Z-Z65 are a little much for my...
Only one - hit a nice easy draw with TM RAC OS 5 iron to flag that was tucked flag from about 160 out. It was my second shot on a par 4 and I couldn't even see the flag from my ball. I thought it was a great shot but I couldn't see the ball land. My playing partners and I got to the green and didn't see my ball anywhere. One of them asked if I looked in the hole. My response was its not in the hole even though I thought it was a great shout. He looked and said, yep it's in...
I used to play with a guy that never lost a ball; and our home course is not friendly to missed fairways. And another guy in the foursome was always late. Anyway the guys I currently play with respect the game and it is so much more enjoyable and I have become a better golfer.
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