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Sorry for those that lost their jobs.  Retail is a brutal business.  I have never been impressed by the PGA staffer at our dicks but ours isn't the biggest store either.  He's usually on a smoke break anyway and not around.  But I certainly won't generalize all of them based upon him.  I'm certain there are lots of good ones out there.   I personally won't buy clubs or most accessories at Dicks.   I prefer to support my local shop.  And after building a relationship I...
Only if I get a get a tap in birdie because I know I just used all of my good shots for the day............
Looks like #18 at Ackerman.   My wife gets a kick out of it every time we play. 
Please help me settle a discussion. My dad is 72yr old with a 15-16 index. He has been pressured by club members to back up a set of tees, primarily because he's won a few events. There are 5 sets of tees and he used to play the 2nd set and now he's playing the middle tees. Of the 10 par 4s on the course he can only hit 5/10 in regulation and those that he can hit in regulation usually require driver hybrid. I tell him he's nuts and should move back up. It's my...
Lots of guys I play with don't have official handicaps but they do enter each score into an iPhone app that keeps track for them.   That's what we use when having some friendly bets.  My HC is official but only because I play in a member guest where it's needed.   So you can keep your own for tracking your improvement or you can get an official one.  It's purely up to you.   The number will be the exact same as long as you use an app that does it right.
If the tees you played had a course and slope rating for men, then it's an eagle.  If it didn't, then it's not.  Pretty simple IMO.  The funny thing is that you can shoot a 70 on a really short easy course with ratings so low it could actually raise your index.  
My first time out is usually pretty good because I'm relaxed with no expectations.  The second time out I expect to shoot my handicap and everything goes to heck.   The third time out I ready to quit the game until about the 15th hole and something usually just clicks and I'm back in the groove with a few bad shots thrown in the mix.
I take about a 50-75% swing unless it's a crazy opened up lob wedge I need to get up really fast in which case I swing for the bleachers to get a feel of the turf since I'm usually in the rough when I do it.  I will also amend my 50-75....if I'm in heavy rough no matter the club I give a full practice to feel the resistance I'm going to get and if I think it's even possible to advance vs punch out.
I don't care if they are hard or easy.  All I want is the rating to be  indicative of the course.  I hate playing a 69/118 course that is way harder than a 72/135.  Just because one is 6000yrd and the other is 6800 doesn't mean it's easier.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing both but when I post for HC my ego takes a beating on "easy" course but gets stroked big time on the "harder" course.
New Posts  All Forums: