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My first time out is usually pretty good because I'm relaxed with no expectations.  The second time out I expect to shoot my handicap and everything goes to heck.   The third time out I ready to quit the game until about the 15th hole and something usually just clicks and I'm back in the groove with a few bad shots thrown in the mix.
I take about a 50-75% swing unless it's a crazy opened up lob wedge I need to get up really fast in which case I swing for the bleachers to get a feel of the turf since I'm usually in the rough when I do it.  I will also amend my 50-75....if I'm in heavy rough no matter the club I give a full practice to feel the resistance I'm going to get and if I think it's even possible to advance vs punch out.
I don't care if they are hard or easy.  All I want is the rating to be  indicative of the course.  I hate playing a 69/118 course that is way harder than a 72/135.  Just because one is 6000yrd and the other is 6800 doesn't mean it's easier.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing both but when I post for HC my ego takes a beating on "easy" course but gets stroked big time on the "harder" course.
Since this ugly thread was revived by the drunken troll........   As many have said, almost all public and muni clubs don't have guys that do this service.   Almost every private club I play does have guys that do this but tipping is not allowed.   The only few places I've otherwise seen it used are destination resort type courses.  And almost every single time it's been a retired guy stalking you on the 18th.  He washes clubs while group putts out.  He kind of...
Someone forget to take their meds today? 
I just checked out the site.  The donation is separate and indicated as such so yes, you can deduct your own donation.    But, the balls seem pretty cheesy to me to be honest.  The site doesn't say a dang thing about how it's made as far as 2,3,4 piece, what cover is on it, etc.    Seems kind of dumb to me to make a ball for each set of tees IMO.  I benefit from a urethane ball like prov's or hex chromes because I can actually spin the ball.  But I'm not a big hitter...
I hunt.
I played for the first time in 3wk yesterday(it's cool and hunting season).   It was cool enough that I played 3 balls just to see how they played in colder temps.  The pro v1x didn't seem too affected by it to my surprise but I also grabbed sleeve of orange e6 that I have no idea where they came from.  I've never played an orange ball before but wow can you see them!  I can see them in the cloudy sky and on the lush green grass.  Sticks out like a huge zit in the sand...
Transfusion.....I learned it at my brothers club.  Girly but good.
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