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Ya thats what I figured
Right so... do I want a whole different club for 1 degree of loft? I currently carry a Driver, "3" Hybrid w/ 19 degrees of loft, "5" fairway also at 19 degrees, then 4 iron - PW then 52 56 and 60   Do I need a 2 hybrid in there?  
So lets keep it simple. I have a Nike VR fairway metal thats a "5" with 19 degrees of loft. Dude I bought it from is now selling a simmilar club but its a "2" with 18 degrees of loft. Why only 1 degree difference when really its "3" clubs different? What am I missing?
go to walmart and drop 19 bucks on their bag of used balls. Its like 45 balls for under 20 bucks
One is my Nike fairway 5 metal that is new and nice. I hit it pure and far. I also have an old "Hippo" 3 utility club that is also 19 degrees of loft I hit equally well. As far as I can tell they go about the same distance. Is the goal of Utility club to escape high rough or poor lies? Not sure if I should keep carrying this club with me.   Thanks for your input.
Also I am shocked Dufner got knocked out in the first round. I didnt have him going deep but at least get through round 1. Match play is by far , to me, the most interesting format to watch and play golf. I'd rather compete vs a person rather than par.
Bros you should have consulted me before you picked. My only regret was not picking Stricker. I called Henley, Howell III, and Lawry to upset all three matches. I got Poulter going all the way for the win. He'll take out Oosty to get there. Webb and Mahan will also go deep. My winnings so far are 240,000 and I think ricky will lose and Molinari will win bumping it to 270,000 through the first round. Love fantasy golf/football yall
I live in maryland and just went to the range for the first time in 2 weeks.... man it goes away fast.
Just signed in as "double bogey"   its on, yall!
I bought some because the price was so low.... No complaints except the ones with the spiders with red eyes. The eyes are painted on and while putting the grips on the solution made the paint run and come off the grip.   besides that can't beat them for 1-3 bucks each.
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