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@mvmac thanks for your response.  how different are these fairway woods from the sldr / jetspeed ?
In the quest to fill my bag I demoed the r11 3 wood today. loved how it was off the fairway and he rough, now that retailer and several other tell me r11 is not in stock only the r11s.... what are the differences between the 2 ? I have tried searching but no luck.   Cheers
Got a pair of Adidas adizero and they feel light and awesome.
Rt front. I big tee 2 small tees and 1 coin. lt front nothing Rt back nothing lt back glove when I am putting Provisonal ball is on the ground and then handed to the caddy. Scorecard pencil and repair tool also with the caddy
Lessons vs Fitting.-  Lessons with a basic fitting- they will provide you some consistency in your swing and with an in consistent swing no matter how fitted your clubs are you will not be able to make the best out of them.also ill fitted clubs will make you mis hit so clubs which are the correct length and shafts which are correct flex with some lessons. but if just 1 of the 2 .... lessons
This happened 4 times today. 3 feet from the hole par putt. Bogie double double bogieTwice 5 feet birdie putt.. par par... one hole 0n in 2. Driver n 58 wedge. Then 4 puttsOther that these messups I had 4 pars
Thanks. I doubt that it was a shaft problem coz some of the strokes got up nicely so prolly a me issue esp since I have never hit a wood
Wilson staff 50 deg 12 deg bounce wedge. Adizero shoes 1 dz srixon ad333 in optic yellow
thanks. does the recommendation based on the swing speed and ball speed numbers seem correct ?
Just to add my avg carry distance was 217yds with the 3 wood off the mat
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