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As soon as I threaten changing the putter it starts working .... Had a 42/47 for a 90 today with 36 putts ..........grrrrrrr
understand what you are saying but if i am aiming correctly but the putter moves off line in the back swing because it is light and i cant feel it  wouldnt that cause misses aswell .... just a thought ...   tried out a few putters what i really liked was the odyssey metal x two ball which felt great off the face and the balance and the ODYSSEY VERSA #7  PUTTER . Currently am using the Taylormade White Smoke IN 12 . The Tm weight is 345 Gm and the Odyssey is 350 G, but...
another thing i noticed was that when using my putter it moves a lil while swinging, i used another putter( felt much heavier than mine) and it would not move and stay on the swing path / plane and i was not missing these putts ? could a heavier putter / putter feeling heavier be of some help ?
at 3-5 feet it is ball high to the left at 8-10 feet it is a lil short to the right 
And the putts are back with a vengeance. 96 today on a par 70. But 46 putts ........ Most if nt all misses were the short 3-5 footers on like 10 holes .......... Grrrrrrr
  Thanks Will try to get those things into play,  and try and get better videos on monday IST :)What abtout the take away the contact and the follow through ?
now ?
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1.5  to 2 yrs now My current handicap index or average score is: fluctuates... but today was 21 over  My typical ball flight is: average The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: sometimes a fade / low ball flight some times a pull   This is the video from my driver at a par 4 hole 11, it is a crappy vid pls excuse     This is a pitching wedge from abt 110 from the flag which i put on the fringe on the left...
Ordered to an nj location and had a frnd ick it up and get it to india. Shipping was abt $9
Played 9 holes with my wife and daughter yesterday :) they are more addicted to the game than i am :) also started another buddy of mine with golf ... 4 and counting 
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