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@billchao prcatising mostly at the range and seeing some youtube vids, what other practise routines can i follow ?   @Brian W  thanks  i will get a face on vid soon. 
here are 3 more vids for a couple of days back  the big difference i felt that on the first 2 drives the face at address was closed a lil and the ball faded where as on the third it was neutral and ball did not fade  @billchao      hole 12, aiming left tree line went exactly there faded in and landed center fairway about 250 yds      hole 16 aiming for the big tree on the left front, goes there fades in appx 275 yds       hole 17 aiming for the tree line on...
As soon as I threaten changing the putter it starts working .... Had a 42/47 for a 90 today with 36 putts ..........grrrrrrr
understand what you are saying but if i am aiming correctly but the putter moves off line in the back swing because it is light and i cant feel it  wouldnt that cause misses aswell .... just a thought ...   tried out a few putters what i really liked was the odyssey metal x two ball which felt great off the face and the balance and the ODYSSEY VERSA #7  PUTTER . Currently am using the Taylormade White Smoke IN 12 . The Tm weight is 345 Gm and the Odyssey is 350 G, but...
another thing i noticed was that when using my putter it moves a lil while swinging, i used another putter( felt much heavier than mine) and it would not move and stay on the swing path / plane and i was not missing these putts ? could a heavier putter / putter feeling heavier be of some help ?
at 3-5 feet it is ball high to the left at 8-10 feet it is a lil short to the right 
And the putts are back with a vengeance. 96 today on a par 70. But 46 putts ........ Most if nt all misses were the short 3-5 footers on like 10 holes .......... Grrrrrrr
  Thanks Will try to get those things into play,  and try and get better videos on monday IST :)What abtout the take away the contact and the follow through ?
now ?
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1.5  to 2 yrs now My current handicap index or average score is: fluctuates... but today was 21 over  My typical ball flight is: average The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: sometimes a fade / low ball flight some times a pull   This is the video from my driver at a par 4 hole 11, it is a crappy vid pls excuse     This is a pitching wedge from abt 110 from the flag which i put on the fringe on the left...
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