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20/4 back 9 - par 35 - shot 6 over 41 - best score yet 21/4 front 9 - par 35 - shot 9 over 44 22/4 front 9 - par 35 - shot 7 over 42 23/4 18 holes - par 70 front 9 - 17 over 52 back 9 - 8 over 43 total 95
So I have been playing  9 holes regularly for the past few weeks , some times the front 9 and some times the back 9 and my score has been hovering between 6 over to 10-11 over ..... can this be used to calculate handicap ?   as soon as i play 18, the first 9 becomes crap ... like 15-17 over and the back 9 becomes 7-9 over... why is that ? mental issues ?    Not really sure where this post goes,... please move if in the inappropriate place     cheers
@mvmac Thanks again.   will demo the sldr tmr. tried a few callaways over the week including the big bertha x 2 hot razr and razr fit extreme and I SUCKED AT THOSE CLUBS. I tried then along with the r11s and the r11s was way more consistent and longer with no lo lil fade. callaways topping hitting it fat or major fades or great loss of distance ... god knows why .... 
Thanks All :) msg recd loud and clear.... looking at 5 dz dt solo at $ 36 and that will last me more than a yr and a half :) or 5 dz prov1x at $90 ...
so essentially no recycled balls but used in mint / near mint is ok?
Thailand is closer but almost as exp as here. and not travelling to th till atleast nov/dec and the us trip for my bro is coming up next mth :)
thanks all
So my bro will be travelling to the us in the next month or so and will have some free space. Golf balls here AD 333 on sale are $20 a dz pro v 1x are $85 a dz ( never on sale. looking online at rockbottomgolf i see refinished and refurbished prov1x at $13 a dz..... now that is cheaper than the ad 333.  Would you buy the refurbished and refinished mint quality golf balls ? if no why not?   thanks 
@mvmac thanks for your response.  how different are these fairway woods from the sldr / jetspeed ?
In the quest to fill my bag I demoed the r11 3 wood today. loved how it was off the fairway and he rough, now that retailer and several other tell me r11 is not in stock only the r11s.... what are the differences between the 2 ? I have tried searching but no luck.   Cheers
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