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Hey gang I'm going to be making a substantial order from Golf Balls Unlimited. Seems it has been a very long time since I got a coupon code from them. Am I missing it somewhere? Anyone have one? I'm about to drop a few hundred on balls and would like to save as much as possible!
Scored again at the goodwill last week guys!! Callaway golf shirt and another pair of Nike slacks. Blows my mind that not more golfers shop the goodwill! Amazing deals to be had. I usually stop in once or twice a month looking for new deals.
A friend of my golfed div 1 in college. And he rarely plays now 10 years out of school, wife, kids, and work prevent him from playing much, but he still shoots low 70's to mid 60's on our local course. Now he has been in some big tournaments and played against some of the best in the world. And as he says in his hay day he would be breaking 60 on our local course. Your best bet practice the short game and concentrate on hitting fairways. Find a PGA level course when you...
Anyone else hit up the GoodWill for golf attire? If not you may give it a thought! I've been doing this for a couple years now. Good quality golf clothes are expensive!! For instance today I picked up a pair of black Nike golf pants and a green FootJoy shirt. Both in like new condition. Total spent $8.50!!! Last year during 1 visit I bought 3 brand new with tags still attached pair of Adidas clima lite golf pants total $13!! That was a savings of $175!!!
I agree on all counts, without a doubt my favorite Titleist ball for mid handicappers such as myself! For whatever reason it seems to get very little love. The only thing I like about the Gamer V2 over the Velocity is I prefer the feel on the Gamer with the putter. Anyone who likes the Top Flite Gamer or Bridgestone E6 should give it a try.Now I am heading to the golf stores in the morning so more than likely I will be posting in this thread again in the morning.
3 dozen Titleist Velocity balls. They were out of Gamers, so I opted for these. I like the ball for the money but still prefer the gamer!
Anyone have any experience with the Black Widow Widow Maker grips? They are a hybrid grip with a corded top. Looking for a grip change, I like how they look and feel, but haven't hit with them and am wondering how well they will last. Just looking for any pros and cons.
Well I have been playing golf now for 3 years. It has been a struggle but I have greatly improved. At first I was shooting in the 120-140 range. And I was hooked and trying to improve fast. I was constantly switching clubs changing my swing and hoarding the Internet tips. Finally one day on the course with a good friend of mine who just happens to be a 2 handicap told me to just learn to play the game and all would fall into place. Now I'm consistently shooting in the...
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