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My $199 walter hagen clubs have called it quits on me after 2 1/2 months so im still a beginner golfer, but im willing to spend some money now since I know I love the game. The only forgiving clubs I have tried are the ping G20's. And I really like them. But im sure there are other forgiving clubs out there. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
i know, i was saying i was hitting the mat early
yea, i did feel myself hitting the matt a few times.... i hate artificial surfaces 
New here,     but i went to the range today for the first time in two weeks and was hitting off an artificial surface, which i hate now.  but my 9,8,7 irons were all landing at exactly 110.  now im very new to the sport but i know there is supposed to be a difference ha. but how far am i looking at normally between irons?  and any particular reason that they would all end up in the same spot?     playing with a Walter Hagen XLR beginner set.
getting my masters at Tulane
hey everyone, new poster here from new orleans. just recently was told about this forum when asking about where to go for pointers. the gf got me my first set of clubs for christmas. a walter hagen xlr set from dicks. nothing special, but I think they are doing just fine for my very first set of clubs considering we didnt even know if I would stick with it. but I have fallen in love with the game and cant wait to improve. played my first 18 holes 2 weeks ago and shot a...
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