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Thank you again MVMAC....I will be off to driving range next few nights feeling like a hack trying to get the right feeling.  Sorry about the long distance camera.  Trying to get entire club in picture. I need to rotate my camera to landscape mode to record then.
Damn no tips....can't figure why I stand up still since way more on plane...plus appears my spine angle changes
Just played in a scramble this past weekend and everyone thought we were cheating cuz ppl thought we were scrambling a lot to make pars.  What they didn't know was that my Driver was unreal and we always had a good ball so I gambled a lot.  Short course 6300 yards.  We were on every par 5 in 2 and I nearly drove 2 par 4s.  The group in front of us stood up and told everyone we were yelling and screaming like craxy because of good putts and shots..One hole I almost hit one...
  Ok everyone, I have been working hard on making my swing way better and more consistent.  I have shot a career best 65 this summer, but followed it up the next day with a 78.  I am trying to get way more consistent and get that handicap down to scratch.   So tear my swing apart and tell me how to improve!!!
Forum,   I love golfing as I am a member of this board.  I will be on vacation OCT 11-15 and hope there is someone in this area that would like to meet up and go golfing.  Price doesn't matter, and I will buy lunch before/after.  I don't mind playing alone, but love to meet someone new that knows the areas best courses.  My fiancée doesn't golf, so was going to send her on a spa/massage/mani/pedi day while I went golfing.   Let me know if you want to join up, meet up,...
I watch because I love golf....but I want more real golf....rather watch reality show of a journey man than this
I cant wait..playing these games passes my time in the winter here. GF bought me a PS4 for my bday and ready for a golf game no matter who is on cover
I love playing this game. Puts pressure on you when you hit a good shot. You have to follow it up with one too.
Yea thanks guys. The guy that fit me said I should be happy but wanted that second opinion. Thanks again. Hope to get to 0 handi this summer
Is this good or bad. I loved the carry. That's about 15 yards or so more than my current setup. But are the other numbers good or bad
New Posts  All Forums: