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ready to see what they think.
Get u a stick and make swing plane. Or try to hit cuts to get your hands out in front. Looks like you take it way inside on takeaway. I'm not a golf pray but my swing plane looked like your this spring. Golf pro just had me trying to hit big cuts till I started pulling ball. Then went from there to get my plane neutral. Worked for me. Wait for one of the pros here and they should give u some more details with pictures and drills.
I'm not a teacher or anything.  But went and had my pro look at my swing since my driver is going crazy.  Played 2 rounds this weekend with a 76 and 77 and didn't hit one fairway.  Hitting my irons crisp.  He took a wedge swing, 5 iron swing and a driver swing.  i was setting up the same for all clubs.  He had me work on my set up for my driver.  Stance, ball position and getting behind the ball more at address. Felt really weird like i was leaning way back and ball felt...
Sweet.  I am at work till 1800.  So I should get home and get to see the back 9.
I agree.  They have beat it to death.  They could of atleast shot 2-3 commercials and then showed them randomly.
I know.  Just noticed that after I clicked on the tour stats that someone posted.  Its just those that win that specific week are all putting better than most for that week.  I am going to have to start keeping track of my putting stats now, wonder how far I'm off.  I always seem to get pissed if I miss a few 6-8 footers in a round.
Either way, these guys are all pretty good putters.  Specially those that have won tournaments including majors.  That means at one time they had a very hot flat stick.
Well Sanchez isnt starting very well at Memphis.  If they posted his scores correct he started on 10 with a bogey and the par 3 11th he took a quad.  Lets hope for a better finish, really liked him with team Rice.
I play ProV1 almost a majority of the time.  But my playing partner plays the e6 all the time and loves.  I have played his ball a few times when we have played in some alt shot and weird scrambles and I like the feel of the ball.  I just prefer the prov1 more with my short game around the green.
I have loved it.  I like seeing all the different players winning each week.  Shows how many players are really that good.  Plus I think as Tiger and Phil career come to an end, we are in an age without a dominate golfer.  Eventually someone will come and be that person, but who knows when.   But, my GF has hated it.  She normally likes watching Sundays round with me, but this year she says she doesn't hardly know anyone of the people they are showing so she has lost...
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