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Well Sanchez isnt starting very well at Memphis.  If they posted his scores correct he started on 10 with a bogey and the par 3 11th he took a quad.  Lets hope for a better finish, really liked him with team Rice.
I play ProV1 almost a majority of the time.  But my playing partner plays the e6 all the time and loves.  I have played his ball a few times when we have played in some alt shot and weird scrambles and I like the feel of the ball.  I just prefer the prov1 more with my short game around the green.
I have loved it.  I like seeing all the different players winning each week.  Shows how many players are really that good.  Plus I think as Tiger and Phil career come to an end, we are in an age without a dominate golfer.  Eventually someone will come and be that person, but who knows when.   But, my GF has hated it.  She normally likes watching Sundays round with me, but this year she says she doesn't hardly know anyone of the people they are showing so she has lost...
Cant see how they afford to play as a pro.  Did you see the money leaders?
Guilty here as well.  But lately I have been more concerned with my game than others, and its showing.  When the High School team is practicing, if I see someone with something that is very obvious, I might help them a little or let the coach know what I am seeing.
lets get this going again  
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/john-hawkins/hawks-nest-remember-anthony-kim/     Well, here you go.  This is the lastest and greatest on the main page of golf channel.
Here is my new swing.  Been working really hard getting on plane.
At my course we have the same problem with nobody able to play because they cant get off work in time.  Plus in my area most people commute to work 20-30 miles each way, so if they have to drive to course it could be 30 minutes of driving.     So to get more people to play, we went to a team format.  You can have up to 9 people on a team and only 4 play each week.  If you can play and its not your week, we always have side games for those that show up and are not needed...
I would be interested as we'll. according to website it's an upgrade over the es12 that people said wasn't very accurate with yardage. Has anyone set up beside trackman or ect to see how results compare?
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