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At my course we have the same problem with nobody able to play because they cant get off work in time.  Plus in my area most people commute to work 20-30 miles each way, so if they have to drive to course it could be 30 minutes of driving.     So to get more people to play, we went to a team format.  You can have up to 9 people on a team and only 4 play each week.  If you can play and its not your week, we always have side games for those that show up and are not needed...
I would be interested as we'll. according to website it's an upgrade over the es12 that people said wasn't very accurate with yardage. Has anyone set up beside trackman or ect to see how results compare?
Other than a divot in fairway should be a free drop. The next rule that needs changed is if your playing partner asked you to move your mark and you forget to move it back you shouldn't get a penalty. The penalty should go to the player asking you to move your mark and then not reminding you to move it back since you only moved it because of them.
I could imagine it be stressful.  But I would of liked it spiced up a little.  Like bogey your off the show, par you play tmro, but if you birdie you get 500 cash or gift card, and exempt from elimination on the next show if you make eagle.  Then she would of had a bigger challenge on either to lay up or go for it.   I don't care what pressure though, but if an aspiring tour pro cant make par or better on a short par 5 95% of the time, they will not be on the tour very...
I watched it on my DVR this morning.  The elimination challenge was a joke.  Make par to stay on the show?? At least make it a hard hole and not a par 5 that could be reached in two if she wanted to go for it.
I'm with WUtiger. Friends and I go there every year and a group of seniors go a different time and never once have we been let down. Hotel is literally on 18 green and you leave everything in your carts and they will be waiting for you when it's your t time.
My goal is simple i want to be below 1. And win my clubs championship and match play
Its just a 9 hole course.  But it is very tight. Widest fairway is 30 yards, most are 20-25. Lake of Egypt CC,Marion, IL.  
We always play for money.  Its nothing for all of us to have some type of Nassau with each other.  There are about 10-16 of us that play together on a normal basis every weekend and a few times during the week in the summer, so our 4somes change at times.  We all know each others game and true handicap so you negotiate strokes before round and go.  Then we always do some type of game in each 4some that involves 1 dollar points and no more than 4 presses per 9 holes.  So...
Still trying to figure out what kind of warm up/practice club Gary Player is using in some of the pictures
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