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To get back playing by mid summer. Got dx with avascular necrosis of my right hip. So will need hip replacement in next month or two. Then hopefully try to get to scratch by end of year.
Mvmac. Been working on what you said. Taped my swing today and it look identical to my last one I posted. Any other drills or ideas to try. when my timing is on I can play some awesome golf. Posted a 4 under on the front other day, but followed it up with a 3 over on back.
Def brought up an old thread.  I just recently had my 9 iron snap in the middle of the grip while hitting a ball during a tournament.  Chipped in for birdie!!   But it cost me 50 bucks to have a KBS tour 90 stiff steal shaft installed with a new grip.  Most clubs have a year or 2 of warranty.  So you could just contact the company of your club.  But I'm sure the hassle wont be worth it.  Plus they would probably make you pay shipping both ways if they did fix it.  Just...
Exactly.  That's what is most impressive about these guys on tour.  I play at a 3-4 handicap right now and when I miss a shot that bad I'm thinking what went wrong. Am I back to my hold habits etc.  The tour pros know it was just a bad swing and then are not afraid of the next shot.  Not to mention they can hit any type of shot around a green that they want.
Well after a summer of playing.  Have my handicap sub 4.  Can shoot par or better, take lunch than have to grind to break 80.  I think its more from working hard on short game and putting.  Here is my swing.  To me I cant seem to figure out why I am on my toes when I make contact with the ball.  What do you all think? 
Golf Channel just had statement as well.  It was just a matter of time.  It wasn't working.  Plus his injuries are adding up with him.  Is it the swing causing it, or is it his working out with the swing.  Well we will begin to find out.  Wonder if he will attempt to go back to Butch?
I think cheating happens a lot in scrambles.  I played in one a few weeks ago.  My entire team of 4 where golfers with handicaps less than 5.  I can hit it over 270 and another partner can reach 300 when he tries but is inconsistent.  We shot 16 under.  Winning team shot 18 under, not one of the players on that team is a 10 handicap or less on a good day.  Not to mention on a par 3 closest to hole I was no more than 6 inches from the pin on closest to hole, and I lost to...
When you get to the green do you tell the game golf the distance to your divot, or to where the ball stops?  I would want to know how far I hit it to my divot on the green so I know my carry distance.  But then how do you record your next shot if your ball isnt close to your divor, spin, had green, etc?  Thanks
ready to see what they think.
Get u a stick and make swing plane. Or try to hit cuts to get your hands out in front. Looks like you take it way inside on takeaway. I'm not a golf pray but my swing plane looked like your this spring. Golf pro just had me trying to hit big cuts till I started pulling ball. Then went from there to get my plane neutral. Worked for me. Wait for one of the pros here and they should give u some more details with pictures and drills.
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