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Hello,   Me and a friend are going to Dubai to play golf first weeks of December. We are looking for some tips of great golf courses and if there are any golf resorts that anyone can recommend we stay at. Any info here would be very appreciated.   thanks! D
Hello guys, yes interesting question :)   I obviously dont do this when I play a tournament or any normal round. I do this on the practice area when im trying out new clubs to see/feel the new shaft (as the topic of the other thread). Ive been playing college golf and wouldnt do such a thing in any tournament. Again, interesting question still!
You are absolutely right its just that I already bought these clubs and am not sure if I should change shafts or sell the clubs as they are and buy a whole new set.Thanks for the answer. What is the main reason why the pros want lower launches / lower spin than the amateurs?
Not sure what my swing speed is with my irons, I hit my 7-iron about 175 yard carry. How could I tell if the shaft doesnt fit me or if my swing speed is too fast for the shaft?
Hello,   I just bought a set of ap2s on Ebay (pretty much brand new) with the shaft Kbs Tour 90 stiff. I was looking for a lighter steel shaft and the tour 90 was very light so I bought it. Looking at the KBS tour shafts here:   http://kbsgolfshafts.com/shafts/kbs-tour-90   One can see that the tour 90 shaft is by far the lightest but also produces a higher launch angle and spin rate. I like that it goes high so this is not a problem. The club is indeed super-light...
Hello,   Im looking for a new set of irons similar to ap2 but cheaper. Id like the ap2s but not ready to spend that much money on a new set. Any ideas?   thanks,   D
What are the main differences? You dont lose accuaracy with the ligher shafts?
Im thinking about buying these but not sure I should have such a light shaft as the True Temper XP 95, only 95 grams: http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/product/530936/Titleist_714_AP1.html I guess what im worried about is being a pretty good player and having these very light shafts. I really think my callaway razr x forged, 0.5 inch longer with project x 6.0 shafts are too heavy so I do want a lighter shaft, just not sure if it would be too light as I have read that its...
I see that the True Temper XP 95 S300 are really light weight with 95 grams only. Anyone have these shafts with their AP1s or AP2s?   http://www.truetemper.com/products/xp95/
I really like the KBS tour stiff shafts, are they available for the AP1s? Im looking for a light shaft but dont want graphite. How is the SL shafts? Do you have stiff as well?
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