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Scotty Heads and putter shafts in general are easy to bend. Just take it along to a pro with a putter loft and lie machine. Take 2 minutes and you can go up to about 5 degrees either way. The shaft is heated and bent in most cases for goose neck. Should only cost $3 or $4
The PGA Tour Superstores will fit you for free and they have a huge selections of used clubs. They will only charge you about $25 on top of the price to change the loft and lie angle.   If you want to get an idea of what might fit you before you go, have a look on golfclubshaftreview.com. They have some great charts to help you out.   Failing the PGA store, Try Golfsmiths but I'm not sure on their costs.   Good luck
Club lengths keep changing over the years. They are getting longer due to a couple of factors, weight and manufactures trying to make clubs go further. Have a look on golfclubshaftreview.com where they have a club length page.
Having a shorter shaft on your driver will give you a lot more control. You may lose some distance but if you are landing on the fairway more often, the question is, 20 yards back or 10 yards in the rough. Remember, the old length for a driver used to be 43 inches. Theses days everything is going longer due to weight. Cut it down, if it feels a little light load it with lead tape. Your pro can always extend it again if you want to lenghten it.
Tour Velvet all day long. Lamkin grips are harder. That is not to say the TV's are a soft grip but I think you will be happy with the Tour Velvet.
If your grips are too big for your hands you will probably end up pushing or slicing on your bad shots. Grip pressure is a big part of golf although, if you have to go with a bigger grip to ease up on the King Kong grip then try it out on 1 or 2 clubs first before you spend $50 or $60 on a full set. Check out the grip size page on  golfclubshaftreview.com
Shafts could be too stiff but my first thoughts are that the new Taylor irons are longer than most standard clubs. This could be your issue. Measure them up against your old clubs, if you still have them to se if this is the problem
Hogan Apex PC's. Amazing feel, great shafts if the #4 shafts are fitted. The E wedge was a preat PW which was amazing of tight lies.
Shaft swapping is fairly easy and can be a lot of fun to do yourself. Knowing your equipment is another story. Have a look on golfclubshaftreview.com for some good tips on replacing shafts and shafts specs.
You maybe trying to hit the longer irons too hard. D-Golds are a heavy-ish shaft so you may want to go with lighter. It is all trial and error and costs can go up. If you can go for a club fitting session you should be able to try a lot of different shafts. PGA tour super stores do this for free. Have a look on golfclubshaftreview.com for a good shaft fitting guide.
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