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You are a true golfer if you'll play in hurricane winds and rain on a Florida gold trip with your buddies, because you paid for it dammit, so you're going to play. 
My company league play started already. 9 holes after work once a week. We wear jeans at work, and if it is still cool, which it tends to be now and then, we just come from work and play golf. In the middle of the summer, we may put on shorts. This is just a podunk country public course. No locker room. If you want to change, its either in your car or in the bathroom. Jeans are very common on the course in my area.  Lots of guys are still wearing their denim shirts or...
I just have Warren call my girl, who is sitting in my car in the parking lot. She comes out to get me when  he calls. 
My opinion, of course, but I would like to see shot tracer on every drive. I like to see how the shot is shaped as much or more than where it lands. Did he make a gutsy shot and draw it over the water, or play it safe and fade it in from the other side? Shows the mental state of the player.  
Too much information,
Phone in a zipper pocket in my bag, ringer and vibrator turned off. Never check it while on the course. I'm old enough that I can remember a time in the distant past when a person would be out of touch with others unless you happened to see them face to face, or if you chose to stop at a pay phone. I long for those days and try to recreate them on the course.    When I walk alone, it's in my pocket, (ringer and vibrator off) with earbuds plugged into my ears, playing...
Speaking of too much putting, I get tired of breaking into the leaders (at -14) to show a guy who's at +5 standing over a long putt. You know darn well the guy is going to sink it, but here's Koch: "Here's so and so on the 17th. Nobody's hit a putt from there all day. Wait a minute- it's got good speed. It's looking pretty good. It's better than most. Is it going to goooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn? YES!". When all along you know he's already seen the putt drop. 
Obviously the leadership at ANGC will not allow this to happen, as is their right. Also what should be as obvious is that you can't declare a 'A tradition like no other' (bleh) out of the blue- it has to grow into a tradition.    However, my personal viewpoint is that if it did happen, I would only watch it if the women played from the same tees, and the course was set up in the exact same manner as it is for the Masters. It has been discussed on this site elsewhere that...
Did you forget what you were going to say?  That's a side effect, you know. 
I agree with this. You don't want to see the movie starlett without her makeup.  Seriously, though, the whole year is planned around making the course practically unworldly for a couple of weeks. No other course does this. They wouldn't take the chance of not having the course perfect in April. Probably not in the same league, but I felt this way when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway started hosting all of those other races. I grew up going to the qualifying and the races,...
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