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I count every stroke and never pick up. For one thing, I really want to know my true stroke count so I can see if I'm improving. For another, it has helped my mental outlook, by forcing me to suck it up and keep digging (sometimes literally ) until the ball goes in the hole. Now that I'm around the bogey level, I feel that if I hit a bad shot, I can control myself, take my medicine and maybe salvage a double or triple, and avoid the dreaded snowman.    Even when I was...
Or the guys who are too lazy to bend over, and dig their ball out of the cup with their putter.  
Average varies, but I'll give you my embarrassing worse.    I didn't start playing until I was 39, and the year after I started I got invited as a fourth to go on an annual Florida trip my friends were taking to Sandestin Resort. A lot of water and trouble everywhere. Being a golf virgin, I had never seen anything like it. I'd only played on a flat muni course with 2 little ponds on it, nowhere near in play. We played 36 holes a day for 4 days, finished up with 18 on the...
I had always marked the spot with my putter, mostly because I play alone a lot, and since its only me it made sense. Done it for years, and my regular group didn't seem to mind a bit.  I did it playing with a group of strangers last year and one of them made a smart comment like "got it where you want it?". I kind of raised my eyebrows at him, and he said I was lifting and placing incorrectly and needed to take a penalty stroke. I wasn't sure if he was right or not, and...
    TIme to write a book on dreams. All of my golf dreams are like this. I'm starting to play, but either can't tee it up, the lie keeps changing, I can't swing, something is in the way, all of a sudden I'm in the trees, a young golf groupie babe jumps my bones (actually that's another dream), anything to keep me from hitting the ball.
I am by no means a good player, but I can get around. When I go to a new course, I awlays look at the par 3's and play the tee's that I feel I can hit up on or near the green. That usually sets me up on tee's that don't have unmanageable carries on the par 4's and 5's. I don't care if that means I'm the only one in the group playing 2 tees up.
I was trying to be funny.  I failed. 
I had a similar experience one of the few times I went to the range this past year. Here I was, finally grooving about 3 out of 5 drives relatively straight, sometimes up to the 250 sign on a bounce or 2. Sometimes. Lo and behold, here comes a flat bellied teenager, who sets up right next to me on the right, so I was looking at his back. He pulls out his driver, sets up, and wales away. Backswing like John Daly, almost touching his knee with the club head. Mighty swing-...
 That's the time to turn around and say "Stop talking on the phone or next time I won't try to miss you!" 
If they were 350 yards from the tips, they were mine. I just started playing last week and my friends say I keep my head down too long, and I never see where the ball goes. When can I expect to get better?
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