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Does anyone else face the problem of the shadow position on the ground in your golf swing causing you to lose or gain confidence in each individual golf shot? For example, if I'm setting up to a shot and the shadow of my body is in front of me and slightly to the left I feel like I can hit the shot perfectly every time. But as soon as the shadow position position changes, for example the shadow is directly to my left or behind me or directly to my right (basically any...
Your Club face has just closed on you leaving with an out to in swing path with an closed club face relative to your swing path.   What should you do?   Try weaking your grip...
It is a known that about 1/3 of the Tour players play a draw, 1/3 play a pretty straight shot, and 1/3 play a fade.   With that being said the range I've seen for club path (with driver) is is from -4 (fade) to +6 (draw).   I actually have found Trackman #'s on thesandtrap.com - Trackman Figures from Some Tour Pros   Hope this helps!
  How about this? Ignore the red circles... That's just me! 
Thanks @Stretch that makes sense, but on a Combine test wouldn't Trackman generate the same environmental settings since everyone in the world is comparing how far they're driving to one another? Also, since I carry the ball about 215 at 94 mph how far should the carry be a 100 mph swing speed?
Matts aren't that terrible, but if you hit off them enough they can mess up your attack angle, which seems to have caused your irons to fall apart. I'd recommend that you do your best to hit 75% off grass and 25% of artificial turf. No more turf than 25% and anytime your local driving range gives you a chance to hit off grass take it! It's the most realistic practice that will get you ready for the course!
Hello,   Over the past 4 months I have taken Trackman Combine tests and, I really want to know what has caused me to lose 30 yards of driving distance while gaining 1 mph of club head speed.   Yesterday: Longest Drive with Roll - (234 yards)             Four months ago: Longest Drive with Roll - (264 yards)       I'm not sure what caused this huge lose of distance (30 yards).   My thoughts are that maybe I'm hitting to far up on...
New Posts  All Forums: