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Shot an 87 at Caradoc Sands just outside of London Ontario first round of the year!
Hey Bogdan call me Gabe short for Gabriel -- pm me and we can exchange numbers always nice to meet locals and play golf! I'm looking in buying the londongolfersclub membership since ive been a muni user for a long time and now they are part of that membership it only made sense
Possibly graphite shafts for you then?
Congrats guys!
Youtube it! I can't seem to find it but there is a good one about tempo - basically every moving part of your swing  in sync... You can force your club to get to the top by quickly jerking it - where as you make a smooth fluid motion back and through the backswing and follow through - look at Ernie Els he's a perfect example - also saw your video you're still collapsing at impact and not extending your arms through impact --- look at the best players they all extend...
I'm watching Golf Channel and they took 15 of 23 minutes to move from Rory/Tiger to talk about the leaders of the tournament ---- then back to Rory Story - I guess you have to deal with that when you're Number 1 - (My wife thinks that he is a hack for WDing lol)
I'm heading to Glen Abby this year again for the 2nd time last year I was at the Hamilton GCC if any TST forum guys from the area we should meet up! Great... RORS is in my line up for today - I didn't have time to move Tiger over :(
too bad they didn't have this type of line up at the Canadian Open :(
Yah!!!! I came 5th to the last!!!! Woot woot!!! ... congrats David in Fl!!
Hey guys can you tell me what those abbreviations mean? (CP/OP/CF etc) thanks noob to abbreviations here!
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