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Thanks Mike!
Thanks Erik & Dave for sharing this - this gave me a different look on how to describe weight and pressure - Always concerned with weight transfer but in reality its pressure during my swing that needs to be noted more so in the dynamic sense!
I was just curious guys - if when you are making a more centered pivot when you have reached your backswing does the club have to be parallel to the ground --- depending on the club (shorter irons shorter, longer irons, woods, driver parallel) Let me know - I have noticed that I have been doing a reverse pivot but have always stayed centered until my lower left side of my back started to hurt from playing at a friends simulator   -- im finding out that I move just a bit...
Ended up pulling the trigger on the GX-3i
You are correct (my perspective at least) Late 90s you weren't accustomed to seeing golfers bombing the ball 300+ yards - the Game has changed - players being more physically fit, equipment Technology being better... More sponsors have taken on Golf as more and more of the masses are starting to watch it... (I was at the Canadian Open last year and there were spectators who were wearing loud mouth pants... Showing their support for John Daly and the hottest girls in the...
hahahah no kidding (crying because we dont get this option) lol
Thanks Jamo! Hope I have a better day tomorrow lol
Hey guys - we can edit our picks or are they set in stone? Just wondering I've looked in my spam folder and can't seem to find that link to my bracket - since I lost Tiger and Rory early can I have The players that are moving on as picks or no? Excuse my confusion!
Well guys, after 2 weeks of extensive research - threads, youtube, prices I am finally going to pull the trigger on the Leupold GX-3i. Three Reasons - weather proof, and OLED display, an a unibody aluminum frame - thanks to the TST community for posting their pros/cons of each of the two I was looking at (V2 and Leupold). Early birthday gift muahahah!   If anyone is interested I can post pictures/video of box opening...
There are a couple On ebay now I'm thinkinh of pulling the trigger on the V2, I have a friend that is selling his bushnell hybrid as well can't seem to decide which one to get
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