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I have Luke and Rosey in the finals major upset against Tiger and Rory... Here are my picks for this year - I will be surprised if Rory makes it past the second round - Hasnt played for 4 weeks professionally... Love these types of matches! http://games.golfweek.com/bracket.asp?ID=7&Message=Thank%20you%20for%20entering.%20Below%20are%20your%20bracket%20picks&Bracket=26595
A friend of mine is selling his bushnell hybrid - GPS and Laser best of both worlds... I've read the reviews and they are really good - ill probably pick it up and leave my iPhone for strictly score carding/data (anyone have the hybrid? Thoughts?)
Has anyone bought this? A friend of mine is selling his - I'd like input, Ive been reading reviews really good thus far
    i agree with tempo - but its good to understand what types of issues as a new golfer can work on - marvin its up to you to figure out what will help - Ive had just one lesson and I found that everything that i was working on, on my own was just reinforced - keep it up though!
Thanks Mordan - I was leaning towards the one without the slope - thanks again
don't buy the golf scape it's not worth it - doesn't centre when using and I find that the markers for yardages are off! Battery life is garbage iPhone will be dead by the time the round is done BUT good at keeping scores, stats on GIR FIR etc so you know where you are struggling.
Hey guys with the version with the slope could you just turn it off? And let your playing partners check to make sure it's off... Or the risk of having the slope version would undermine your score (in the eyes of your playing partners) - im looking to play in some club tournaments this year that's why I ask. Thanks
BUMP! That's exactly why I'm looking to get a range finder! I have the golf shot got the iPhone it's great for keeping score and my rounds but awful for keeping my battery life and the new feature that it has called golf scape is okay but not very intuitive, you're always realigning it to centre. I know this thread is old but curious if anyone is selling there's?
I'd be interested also since I lost my divot tool from my local course last year and they don't sell it anymore! Something simple and a ball marker would be good! TST would be awesome
Hey Spider - welcome to TST - I am a firm believer that visualizing what needs to be done is easier than trying to explain it ...(certain things at least) I have a list of videos that I watch on YouTube that really helped and I hope (at least with your driver situation) this does too!   I will have my swing on here soon - and I always like those who have the keen eye to help others get better!     Let me know how it goes :)
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