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I'm with everything you said.
Amen Brother!
Exactly, as long as it doesn't turn into trash talk and NBA tatoos
Me included.
If you go to the beginning of this thread, page 1 through 3, then skip to the last couple of pages, it's hilarious how Reed went from being a blowhard to "a great guy". I'm watching to see when the sand trap genius's do the same with Bubba.
Gu.ess I gotta find a new Golf forum. You guys are getting your news from Jon Stewart, the view, MTV etc. It's the same with all of you have single hanidicaps, according to your profiles. HA! I'm otta here. God bless America!...........In spite of you
Best News commentary on the tube. Deal with it or watch Sharpton or Maddow on the channel nobody watches. They need some exposure.
I'll add Ben Afflack to the mix.
You're correct. Rush might turn the country around and they would feed themselves.
I'm going there nonetheless. Add Michele to the mix.
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