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How about those that use "Yada, yada, yada"
Archway crispy iced oatmeal. Addictive!
Gary   I just downloaded it to my kindle. Will let you know how I like it. It must be good. 5 stars on Amazon!
Give us a break. Many people have back issues and need to recline. You're a jerk declaring a discussion is over per your views. The airlines install them, people use them. Simple.You're a big guy? probably fat and over weight so we can't recline and up upset you're fat a**Unbelievable !
Just my opinion, Rickie would have to change his name to "Rick", dump the dumb hats, dump the clown outfits, and shave, and he could be considered the new Phil. I like Rickie, but he should draw attention with his golf skills and leave the fashion (or fashionless) statements to the entertainers or hollywood.
I really wonder why my thread got hijacked, my original writing deleted and Icais (or whatever his name is moved it and put Gunther as the author. Anyone know?
My buddies and I have had discussions on the 19th hole regarding your fantasy foursome. The subject was; If you could pick any three pro golfers to play with and spend the day with, who would they be? Many people have different thoughts on this. Some would want three who could coach them, others might want to play with the legends. Some would want serious, no nonsense rounds.   I for one would want to play with pro's who enjoy camaraderie, don't take a leisure round...
In his prime, (and when I was in mine) Fuzzy Zoeller
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