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Just my opinion, Rickie would have to change his name to "Rick", dump the dumb hats, dump the clown outfits, and shave, and he could be considered the new Phil. I like Rickie, but he should draw attention with his golf skills and leave the fashion (or fashionless) statements to the entertainers or hollywood.
I really wonder why my thread got hijacked, my original writing deleted and Icais (or whatever his name is moved it and put Gunther as the author. Anyone know?
My buddies and I have had discussions on the 19th hole regarding your fantasy foursome. The subject was; If you could pick any three pro golfers to play with and spend the day with, who would they be? Many people have different thoughts on this. Some would want three who could coach them, others might want to play with the legends. Some would want serious, no nonsense rounds.   I for one would want to play with pro's who enjoy camaraderie, don't take a leisure round...
In his prime, (and when I was in mine) Fuzzy Zoeller
You guys have way too much time on your hands for stupid threads like this
I've tried every razor available when I started to shave and ended up with a rash. That was 50 years ago. I have been shaving with Norelco's for the last 40 years, (every day) and never had any skin problems. I tried Brawn and Remington and all the others and found them useless. I always go back to the Norelco. My shaves are as close as a blade if I use a pre-shave lotion.
Golf Buddy clipped onto my visor. Just hit the button and she tells me the yardage to the front, center or back of the green. No need to read anything. Just listen. $120.00 on Amazon and every course is available. 
Actually, a course here in northern Illinois, that we used to play every Sunday morning, had a rake in every cart. The nice thing was you walked to your ball with the rake ready to use, rather than walking  around the hazard to get one. Invariably, a lot of times there is one rake on the farthest end from your ball. Time and effort are needlessly spent retrieving it, walking back and raking. I think a lot of traps aren't raked for this reason. The supplied rake in the...
Sounds like a real close-knit FUN group
Tanqueray or Bombay, on the rocks with Blue Cheese olives on the side.
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