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I'd keep it pretty simple and go with surf and turf.  A nice filet and Maine lobster tail with baked potato and asparagus.  For dessert, chocolate mousse.  I do enjoy a nice wild mushroom gnocchi or risotto, but I think those may add too much richness to the dinner to have on the menu.
Been working out for the past 5 weeks with a buddy of mine.  We do an hour on the ARC machine, and then depending on the day, we either do: arms legs chest & back whole body   We also do abs every day.  We only miss days when I'm away at work, and this has really been great, except that I've actually gained 7 pounds.  I'd really like to lose another 50, so the weight gain has been a little upsetting, but I'm not backing off.  I'm looking way better already, and I'm...
And how will you handle those with lifetime exemptions (Tiger, Phil, etc.) that say "screw that!"? You going to kick them out of the FedEx Cup events?  I'm not sure those types of guys would care.  Kick them off of the TOUR?  Doesn't that defeat the purpose?  I'm sure Tiger could make just as much (if not more) money playing the majors, WGC events and a bunch of tournaments in Asia/India/Europe/Australia for big appearance fees. The way I see it, this really only impacts...
What about people that don't keep their card every year?  Someone that had a card for two years, lost it for a year or two and gets it back....do they have to visit the crappy stops they avoided the first two years or does it re-set since it's been 3 years?
James Hirshfield is in the Orlando area now, as I understand.  While I wouldn't say he's a "stack and tilt" instructor, I do know that he knows the pattern, he's a great instructor and will have you improving in short time.  I highly recommend the trip to see him. 
Yep.  When I ordered my new wedges, I ordered the super-low bounce 60-degree wedge.  They mistakenly send me a much higher bounce wedge, which I used while I was waiting for the "right" club to come in.  I'm definitely a fan of bounce now. 
Oh, good!  Another part of the game Johnny "came up with". The Al Gore of golf...
I don't know how shocking that was to me.  If you listen to Rotella (or any psychologist that specializes in performance of some kind) the nervousness is a way of your body telling you that it matters.  If I ever got to the first tee at Augusta I'd probably vomit in my bag.  I don't think Tiger has it that bad, but it wouldn't surprise me that he's just as jittery on the first tee at Augusta as I am at a USGA qualifier.
For $79, I'll take 10 of them.  Don't care what loft or anything as long as they're new.
Grip pressure.  I tend to squeeze the living shit out of the club.  That needs work.
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