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The greens can repair themselves pretty easily.  The carpet in the clubhouse is expensive.  That's why they're banned.
I said 2-iron.  My clubs don't have those kind of numbers (they have the loft on them vs a club number), but I have an 18-degree iron and have no problem hitting that.
Actually, it does. You're mistaken.
He kinda looks like me.     ...if I could shed this protective layer covering the rippling muscle mass underneath.
Man, depending on how wet the grass is, #3 may not even go 150 yards.  That looks like a bunch of grass from here.
Scratch.   They can do just about anything you want.  They feel great, perform amazingly, and now that they've started to rust (raw finish), they look even better.   Super thrilled with how they turned out.
I miss metal spikes (I'm 31) but recently got a pair of Ecco shoes and tossed my spare soft spikes. So comfortable.
Or these...   I'm a big fan of the 4-degree gapping in the irons and 5 in the wedges.  Has really stabilized my yardage gaps. Call the 46 a PW, a 9-iron, a Niblic, I don't care.  It goes xyz yards with a certain trajectory and spin.  That's what matters in golf.  Not how far you hit it, but KNOWING how far you hit it.
A few each, maybe 6 at most: 55 50 42 30 18 3-Wood Driver 60 *First tee club*   Head to the first tee.  I'm not trying to "find" anything before a round, I'm try to see what I brought with me.  If I see every "normal" swing is fading, I may try to hit a draw or two, but if it doesn't work I won't dwell on it.  I'll just stick with the cut that day.   ...at least that's what I tell myself.  What my ego does on the course is often different.
I have clubs with those loft specs.   To me, they're not combined at all.  I also have a 38 degree iron.  If you had to assign numbers to them, they would be my 6 and 8 iron, respectively.  I guess you'd call the 38 degree iron, my 7 iron.   Irons are about precision, distance control, accuracy...not the number on the bottom.
New Posts  All Forums: