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I'm working on 2 things: One course management related and one technical related.   1) I am trying to hit more greens; I tend to go at tucked pins too much. I am a good enough putter to where I can make a few 15-20 footers during a good round, but my short game is not good enough to give me stress-free up-and-downs when I miss a lot of greens.   2) Regarding the short game problem: I noticed that if I use my body more than my arms and wrists when hitting chips and...
I appreciate it. I'm here to share opinions and learn more about the game, so anything of the sorts is accepted by me. But yeah, it makes total sense that I don't fit into regular length shafts, considering I'm probably like 4-5 inches taller than the people they are made for. Had I known it was causing me to hit shots off the toe then I would've gone sooner.I love the Apex Pros. Something about smaller clubheads and thinner toplines really suits my eye, and I had never...
I do understand that. Maybe I'm just leaning towards the irons because the irons I'm hitting now are super oversized, strong lofted and the shafts don't fit me. They were bought when I was just starting out and there was no thought of fitting or longevity going into them. The ones I hit in store just looked and felt better, probably because they were made better than mine, as they should be when they are newer and more expensive than mine were. And I also didn't get a...
I don't know why I didn't go on and reply to this too, but what I was told is that since my irons are already at least 2 years old, it would be cheaper to go on and get a new set with the new shafts instead of reshafting my irons because irons are meant to only last 3-4 years. That way I am just getting a new set rather than reshafting and then getting a new set in a year or two.
I'm just putting this on here as an experience I had. It's your choice whether you believe me or not. But I only hit 3 different demo clubs, I don't know why that's unbelievable, they have a relatively large stock of lefty clubs there.
I actually hit the same 6 iron both times with 2 different shafts. It was a Callaway Apex Pro, which does probably have strong lofts, but so do my Taylormade Burner 2.0s
Seeing as I have never had a fitting and my driver is seemingly producing unreal spin rates, I decided to go to Golf Galaxy and go get fitted for a new driver shaft. I expected to go in, hit some balls with some different shafts, see which one worked best, and leave with just a new shaft, but I ended up spending much more time and facing a harsh reality; something that may not be such a bad thing.   I got there and the fitter, Bobby, greeted me and had me hit a few shots...
Yesterday, in 35 degree weather (and in a tournament!), I hit a 4 iron 195 yards into the wind to about 3 inches. As we were walking to the green, 2 tournament officials and a parent all passed me and said something along the lines of "great shot!' Nobody in my group realized how close it was until we got up there and saw it sitting practically on the edge of the hole. Closest to a hole-in-one I've ever gotten 
I sadly only have 4 in my last 20. I live in a somewhat small town, and we only have 2 golf courses anywhere near here; 1 public and 1 is private country club. I only get to play at the CC during high school season, as it's where we practice, and it is SUCH a fun course. So I haven't gotten to play there since October, but hopefully July will come quick so I can get back to playing it! 
I played in a 2 day tournament Saturday and Sunday.   Saturday was almost 70 degrees, and I was burning up in the slacks and golf shirt I was wearing.   Sunday was 35 and sleeting. I was wearing 4 layers and was still cold. Not to mention we got about an inch and a half of snow last night.   Today it's about 40, and the snow's already melted, and tomorrow it will be 68. Weather has never made me so frustrated before. 
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