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I had it set at 9 degrees and that's what I want the jetspeed at
So I have a prolaunch blue shaft for my R1 that I want to try in my jetspeed driver. What would the difference be in the settings?
Okay, thanks.
Well, I would say it's been about two to three weeks.
I've been stuck in a slump for about a week now where I'm ranging anywhere from 4 to 13 strokes over my handicap and the only thing improving in my game is my driving. Any tips or suggestions for getting out of this?
Depending on how well you hit each one, I would go with the rescue as hit is most likely easier to hit and probably has more distance than an iron.
Okay, thank you! I am also wondering, how did you get that list of your clubs on there?
I would go with whichever has more pocket space, and another thing to consider is the club slots, I would go with the one that has more space for the clubs, but it is completely up to which one you like better. I hope this helped!
Well, you could always looks at a 5 wood depending on how close the loft is to the hybrid, but you don't need to have the maximum amount of clubs in your bag, if you have all of the lofts covered then that's just less weight that you have to carry around. (If you carry the bag)
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