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I like the facial muscles thing. I'll try that out on the course and see how it goes. 
I putt with an interlocking, super-weak grip. I used to do the finger down the shaft thing (my father does it, so I just copied him), but my coach changed me to where I am now.    I like using the interlocking. I used the reverse overlap but I didn't like the way my hands felt. 
I'm usually a big Sorkin fan, but I can't stand The Newsroom. Transparent had a really good pilot. Outlander, which just went on break, had a really wonderful first eight episodes.
Yeah, holy Christ, 7400 yards? That is ridiculously long. That's long for college and pros, let alone high school.   He's probably just going through a bit of a confidence slump. Best thing is to just keep encouraging him and making sure that he knows that its not the end of the world if he plays poorly.
I putted left-handed for one round when my putter broke and I had to use an old left-handed one that I had lying around. Had trouble with longer putts, but I was money on anything ten feet and it.   Miniscule sample size, totally anecdotal, I know. I'd like to see someone do a study on this; would be pretty cool.
I'm of two minds on this topic.    On the one hand, I'm very much a liberal and very proudly a leftist, so I agree with the idea of a more socialistic type of country. Their support of far-left causes would make me happy in that regard.   On the other, this would weaken the UK and put the Scots in a very difficult position. They would lose out militarily and economically to a degree that I think would really put the country in a bind.    So, it's difficult for me to...
Been a while since I updated. I've played only a few times and practiced even less; college has hoovered up all of my time and energy.    But I've been able to do some mirror work, and when I do play the results are promising. I am still getting across the line, but less and less. Now that I've found the right feel to stop going across the line, it's just a matter of ingraining it.    Hope to have some video by this upcoming week. 
Still seems soft.
"Two things that don't last very long: dogs that chase cars and golfers that putt for pars."
Not a lot of backlash on Phil's WD; thought I would see/hear more, though I could just be missing it.
New Posts  All Forums: