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I'd be interested to know how exactly tiger came to the conclusion that he wanted to work with Chris Como. Anybody have any idea, knowledge on that?
Tiger named Chris Como his coach, according to Twitter.
"Pym" by Mat Johnson. Really excellent bit of fiction. 
Hey now!  
I don't think it's "political correctness gone mad' to hold some to appropriate standards. However the degree of sexism in the language, it was still sexist language, and that is not okay for anyone, let alone the president of the freaking PGA.   Sexism isn't okay, ever. I would be horrified if any of the female members of my friends and family heard that crap. My nieces don't need to grow up thinking that being a 'lil girl' is slang for being weak. It's 100%...
I like the facial muscles thing. I'll try that out on the course and see how it goes. 
I putt with an interlocking, super-weak grip. I used to do the finger down the shaft thing (my father does it, so I just copied him), but my coach changed me to where I am now.    I like using the interlocking. I used the reverse overlap but I didn't like the way my hands felt. 
I'm usually a big Sorkin fan, but I can't stand The Newsroom. Transparent had a really good pilot. Outlander, which just went on break, had a really wonderful first eight episodes.
Yeah, holy Christ, 7400 yards? That is ridiculously long. That's long for college and pros, let alone high school.   He's probably just going through a bit of a confidence slump. Best thing is to just keep encouraging him and making sure that he knows that its not the end of the world if he plays poorly.
I putted left-handed for one round when my putter broke and I had to use an old left-handed one that I had lying around. Had trouble with longer putts, but I was money on anything ten feet and it.   Miniscule sample size, totally anecdotal, I know. I'd like to see someone do a study on this; would be pretty cool.
New Posts  All Forums: