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No, he would not have 18 majors. Everyone is better now. The odds of him winning 18 majors would be very low.  In terms of Tiger? I have no idea. Tiger's is about thirty times the athlete that Jack is or was. My guess? I think he'd be better than Jack. 
The field being deeper means everybody has improved? Isn't that what deeper fields mean? Everyone being better? Of course its the same thing. And I can cherry pick guys of today, that's literally the whole argument. Because they've benefited from the training of today they're better. That's literally how they got better. Better strength training, better golf instruction, better mental instruction. Even throwing out the vastly deeper, more athletic talent pool. Of course...
The debate over whether the strength of field is stronger now or then is just ludicrous to me. Look at literally any other sport, talk to anyone who played/plays/coaches baseball or basketball or football; they'll tell you the strength of field is a billion times better.    Let's use basketball as our prime example.   Jerry West is regarded as one of the best players to ever play the game. Well-respected by his peers and fans alike. He would get destroyed in todays...
First swung a club and went to clinics when was five or six, and played my first nine holes when I was young, like 11 or 12. Was super against it because I thought it was super nerdy. Showed an aptitude for it, and my parents slowly got me into it.
No, I don't think so. There's a reason he's playing nearly exclusively on the Champions Tour.
It occurred to me that uploading the whole video was helpful. 
Is this A2? I'm not quite familiar with the system so this is my best approximation. What it feels like to me is that I stand the club up fine on the way back and just can't stop myself from going across the line.
Positive: I've been scoring well. Negative: Struggling a bit with coming across the line. Haven't quite found a feel that I like. Does anyone have a drill to help fix the backswing? Would be greatly appreciated.
My top ten, in order: Woods Nicklaus Hogan Snead Jones Player Palmer Nelson Vardon Mickelson Totally subjective.
Totally agree. Laying off these guys is only a short term solution. Quickest way to save a buck.
New Posts  All Forums: