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1. Weight not forward at impact.  2. Excessive head movement. 
I got hit in the ankle at a clinic once, when I was eight or nine. Hurt like hell.    I almost drilled a friend of mine two saturdays ago on the first tee. It was cart path only on that hole, and he had already hit his ball and was at his cart, so I decided it'd be okay to hit. For reasons I still can't figure out, he started back down the hill, and the ball missed him by a few feet. He was not happy after the round, understandably. 
Baseball was my first love; I use to dream about playing second base for my Atlanta Braves. As much as I love golf, I think I'd trade a career in professional golf for one as an MLBer. I love both games a lot, though.
I always like Zach Johnson at this event; think he could make some noise. Jimmy Walker is a good candidate, too.    I'm picking Rory, for obvious reasons, as my favorite. After that, it's Spieth, Bubba, and Zach Johnson. 
Spieth has put six yards on his drives compared to last year (289 to 295), which is really good. One thing that's always concerned me about him is that he didn't hit far enough, which I thought was the reason Bubba ended up taking him down at the Masters. Good to see he's improving his length. 
The idea of Jack having tougher competition that Tiger is just so ludicrous to me. Do you think that the NBA players of the 1970's could hang with the players of today? The baseball players? The football players?    I mean, come on.
There's nothing to add up; this isn't an international conspiracy. The video is inconclusive, Els has zero history of cheating, there's nothing strange about this incident. 
There's a good thread on here about grip pressure and the like. I'd link to it but I'm on my phone. Not sure if thread'll answer your question but that's a good place to start.
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