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First of all, equating someone having a black belt in karate to carrying a gun on the golf course is pretty absurd. Secondly, I'd also be more than a little put off if someone was carrying a hammer or knife; it's just that we're talking about someone carrying a gun and not those items.
I voted no. I dont understand why someone would have a gun on them at the golf course, and that makes me very uncomfortable. Having a gun on you makes you more dangerous, and everyone else less safe.
One thing that has helped when I've dealt with the shanks is feeling as if my right arm is tight across my chest after impact.
I love seeing slow mo video of golf swings, but I usually mute the TV so I don't have to hear Kostis screw it up.
I already miss it terribly
It's not that unusual; the language of PR is the language of PR.  This: "this is my final discussion on the matter" – only gives the press more reason to speculate. They did it the best way. 
yeah Isacs ban him 5 lyfe
Come on dude. They have an underground temperature control system. They have a gazillion dollars. They got the course ready after an ice storm tore the hell out of it. This is so crazy. They get thousands upon thousands of spectators in that place, with an infinite number on a waiting list. You're telling me that people on that waiting list wouldn't go?
Of course they would go for the course. That's why most people go anyways; that's why I went, anyways. Watching a golf tournament live is fun, but not that fun. People would love to have more opportunities to see the course.  This idea of coat-tailing doesn't make any sense to me. Who wouldn't want to play professionally at a place like the Masters? She obviously can't play with the men, so why not have a women's tournament? Plus, even if it is coat-tailing, it's good for...
That's not really the point, though. It's not about "creating a tradition"; it's about women playing at the Masters specifically. Saying the course was designed for men isn't actually an argument, because nearly all clubs were built "for men". "Coat-tailing on the success of another tour"; Really? That's really what you think she's doing? Again, it's not about creating a tradition: it's more, "The Masters is awesome, and I want to play on that course in a professional...
New Posts  All Forums: