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If August let's their rough grow up for the Masters, it aint by much. I was shocked at how low the rough was at Augusta National. Has anyone been making those kinds of statements, though? I don't recall at any point in the thread that people were doing what you said.  The WNBA has struggled for popularity for a lot more complicated reasons than "not exciting enough", as do all women's sports leagues.  Also, no reason to tell jamo to relax when he hasn't done anything. 
Here we go again
Don't they do that on the Web.com tour? Wait, maybe it's the Golf Channel spot coverage. One of the two does it, and it's actually really cool to watch. 
I think that people paying for the cameras would make it feasible; obviously, some players aren't going to get their own dedicated feed at first, but I think they could make it work. 
I agree with the quote. You should be able to follow your favorite golfer, if you want to pay that money. I also love the idea of more Shot-Tracer.   And in regards to comments on swing technique by the announcers; I also could do less of that. Peter Kostis just makes me unhappy. 
How awful of us to get offended at discriminatory, sexist language. Truly shocking.
God that makes me want a PS4.I play a lot of sports games. But I'm currently replaying Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2, as well as the Mass Effect series.
I don't mind him making the HOF. He's not an all time great, but I think he's worthy of induction.
lol and you call me sanctimonious. Might want to rethink that one.My one curse word being somehow worse than sexist behavior. Come on.
Yes, calling someone out for sexist (not to mention unfunny) jokes is worse than the commentary itself. That makes a lot of sense.
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