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Its a fair point, but I think with all the other videos of them hanging out lends some credibility to the idea. Can't know for sure, of course, but I think the evidence points more towards friendship than anything else. 
They also were on the Tonight Show together. They seem to get along really well, which is cool to see.    EDIT: Wow, that article was a little snarky. 
I play a push-fade with the driver. I prefer that shot shape. Like everyone else said, if it works, great.
Personally, I'd recommend the 5SK system. Second to that, try Stack & Tilt. Both are good.
I agree. It all comes down to preferences. I prefer prov1's to all other ball, but it's not like the others are crap. When you get this high up in golf manufacturing, I feel all the clubs and balls are very similar. 
http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/08/14/robin-williams-sober-and-battling-parkinsons-according-to-wife/?hootPostID=5b4d223ccba5238b6bb741613c2cea1b   Apparently, along with depression and anxiety, he was struggling through the early stages of Parkinson's. My heart breaks for him and his family. 
It still bothers me, really. But it doesn't affect my swing anymore. Around four or five in the afternoon, the range that I practice at has me swinging in my shadow. I just spent a lot of time practicing in it. I had to make myself just hit the ball. I still don't like it, but it doesn't totally screw me up. 
I like TM products, but it's total bullshit that all those workers had to pay the price because the marketing team was too stupid to understand market saturation.
And we're back at the beginning of the circle. @iacas, you're a better man than I because if I had to repeat myself as much as you have to (in this thread, especially), I would throw myself off a building.    @metrybill, there is literally 255 pages of back-and-forth that undermine your statement. Jack didn't face the same level of competition that Tiger has, and that undermines much of your argument. Also, using Ryder Cup records as a measure of success is useless...
So, Frank and I got together Monday morning. I'm doing everything pretty well; as Frank said, my pivot is 'money' (which I took great pride in hearing) but the backswing is still too narrow.    He had me keep my hands pressed together (pressure point #1 in TGM terms, though he didn't explain it to me that way). It helped immensely. Left arm stays straighter, right arms stays more in front and folds only a tiny bit past 90 degrees, if at all.    The only frustrating...
New Posts  All Forums: