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They can hit it far hitting down, so for many of there is no reason to change.
Hitting up will lower spin rate, as will switching to a less spinny ball. I've heard good things in that regard about the Bridgestone B330 and the Taylormade TP5. I've had good results in the past with the B330; got tested by a Bridgestone rep and it lowered my spin rate. 
Hitting up on the ball (the positive number) creates more distance than hitting down on the ball (negative number). LPGA Tour players tend to hit up to maximize distance with lower swing speeds, while the PGA Tour players have enough swing speed to produce distance even while hitting down. Hitting up is definitely better. 
Sounds like you're hitting down on the driver. Moving the ball forward in your stance might help push that -.5 number closer to a zero or maybe even a plus.
I think it's a dream job. If you have the ambition of being a top-level instructor, working with the best player in the world is definitely a great thing.
It almost seems, looking face on, that he stays in flexion on the downswing for a long time, and then has to 'pop' up really quick to save it? I don't know.   Not so bad for the irons, maybe, but that could be what's hurting the driver, if thats the case. 
Shhh! Don't say that outloud! 
I've been seeing and hearing some chatter about Chuck Cook, too. What is he like, in terms of instructor quality? 
I can't imagine Tiger going to him. Tiger knows better than that, right? 
Makes sense.  Regardless, I think Grant would do good work with Tiger. Also, a little different. Going to Harmon, or McLean, or someone like that is kind of meh. 
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