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Still seems soft.
"Two things that don't last very long: dogs that chase cars and golfers that putt for pars."
Not a lot of backlash on Phil's WD; thought I would see/hear more, though I could just be missing it.
I was playing with my dad one afternoon, sneaking in holes after I got home from college and him front work. The fourth hole is a straight-forward 430 yard par-4, but if you hit your tee-shot too far down the right side, it'll kick down the hill and go into the woods.    Guess what I did.    So we go and find my ball behind some trees; fairly easy shot, about fifteen feet of space to put my ball through. But when I hit the ball, I pulled it. And the ball hit the trees....
It's not a bad idea, but you have to be careful to shallow out the driver on the way down. If it stays steep on the way down you'll be in trouble. 
Coaching would've made him better, I can tell you that. And as mvmac said, the players shared tips and worked together often.  Everybody needs help or an extra set of eyes. You can always improve at your craft. Saying that "if he can't play by now, he never will" obviously isn't true in the face of late-bloomers like Tom Lehman or Steven Gallacher. 
Glove for me. I wear it from driver to 9 iron and I take it off for wedges, chips, and putts. Sometimes when I'm in between clubs and using a non full-swing short iron (say 145 out) I'll take off the glove as well.
They can hit it far hitting down, so for many of there is no reason to change.
Hitting up will lower spin rate, as will switching to a less spinny ball. I've heard good things in that regard about the Bridgestone B330 and the Taylormade TP5. I've had good results in the past with the B330; got tested by a Bridgestone rep and it lowered my spin rate. 
Hitting up on the ball (the positive number) creates more distance than hitting down on the ball (negative number). LPGA Tour players tend to hit up to maximize distance with lower swing speeds, while the PGA Tour players have enough swing speed to produce distance even while hitting down. Hitting up is definitely better. 
New Posts  All Forums: