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My top ten, in order: Woods Nicklaus Hogan Snead Jones Player Palmer Nelson Vardon Mickelson Totally subjective.
Totally agree. Laying off these guys is only a short term solution. Quickest way to save a buck.
Yeah, I've heard this too. That's also the reason he prescribes the weight on the left side, for a little push stroke. Never played enough break so subconsciously he adjusted over time. 
The Art of Fielding is one of my favorite novels ever. I need to re-read it. 
Come on Rory.
+4 39 today. And I played like shit, which is a good sign, I guess? No lost balls or strokes thrown away; just missing the greens left. Chipping is a solid B- right now, or else I would've shot par. Putting is off the charts. Distance control on long lags is money. Good times.    2/7 Fairways 2/9 GIR 5/7 nGIR 12 Putts
+7 42 at Georgia National. Awful, awful ball striking. Had the lefts all day. 5/7 Fairways 3/9 GIR 5/9 nGIR 14 Putts (one three putt)
Shot a +11 82 (42-40) today at my home course, Georgia National.    4/14 Fairways  4/18 GIR 10/18 nGIR 25 putts    A really weird day. I had two double bogeys; the first one was just stupidity, but the second one I got screwed. It's 275 to the water on the fifteenth hole, a little downhill, so I hit a 3-hybrid and flew the damn thing in the water. I usually hit it like 240. Never in my life.    But it was fun. Played by myself. Weather is beautiful here in Georgia. 
Shot a +7 43 today at Heron Bay Golf Course.    It was a weird day, because I felt like I played so much better. I had a triple on the par 3 third (UGH I HATE THIS HOLE) and a double on the par 4 eighth. I putted terribly. I missed three three footers for bogey or better, and left my four birdie putts way short. 
New Posts  All Forums: