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I'm excited for him to be back. He was having a really good year before his injury. 
That's so awesome! Congrats!    Keep at it. More good things to come! 
It's definitely easier when you have a team. Trainers, coaches, accountants; every time someone else takes a task that you'd otherwise have to figure out for yourself makes the ultimate goal a little bit easier.
Chipping has become very poor. Not sure why. I'm hitting everything very short.    Driver is still bad, but I've isolated the problem. I was getting very steep and left on the way down; this was great news for my irons and even fairway woods, but that started to go south on Sunday. Spent about twenty minutes working on it today from home but I've been super busy with job interviews and other projects.    Hopefully I'll have some tomorrow or Wednesday to really get into...
Christ, I played well yesterday. 
You could try and keep the right arm straighter; a lot of that elbow coming behind you is the right arm retracting backwards instead of folding up.    Another thing you could do is on the initial part of the backswing feel as though the right arm is on top of the left That'll also keep the club head more outside the hands. 
I get what you're saying, but I don't agree.  Tiger won his first tournament in 1996, and won his 79th in 2013. That's 16 years. Jack won his first tournament in 1962, and 16 years later won his 68th.  I mean, we agree (to varying degrees of increase) to the fact that Tiger's had tougher competition. Tiger has won 11 more times than Jack did in that same time period, not to mention more than his entire career period.  Tiger may not have won a major since he was 32, but he...
Then why even post in the thread? The premise of this thread is to debate on what it would take for Tiger to become the #1 greatest golfer; if that premise is untenable to you, which I understand even though I don't agree, then why post?  Here's the thing: Tiger has won more tournaments, 79-73. He's won four less majors, 14-18. Tiger is playing in era with competition that is superior to Jacks, noticeably so. He's also playing in an era where technology levels the playing...
I'm all for him playing more. I think it can only help. Going to the Wyndham would be a good decision regardless of how well he does at the PGA. 
I have such shit eyesight that I probably should wear sunglasses., but I just hate the feeling of glasses on my face when I'm swinging. Plus, I have like a post-HGH Barry Bonds head so finding appropriately sized sunglasses is quite a chore 
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