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As I literaly said in the post you quoted, I'm sure that's true. but that doesn't make my post any less true. He missed at least 3 putts user ten feet yesterday, including one under 5 feet. That, to me, speaks to being pretty close to contention.
Sure they would. Some probably had as many good opportunities as he did. But the fact remains: he isn't scrambling to get this score. A few more breaks and made putts and he's right there.
If he makes five of those makeable birdie putts over the last few three days he's two shots off the lead. I know fits your narrative to act as if my statement was unreasonable, but if you actually tried to have an objective opinion about this you'd see I'm not incorrect.Tiger missed at least three birdie puts under ten feet yesterday, two of which were lipouts and one of which was a dead block from 5 feet. But by all means, continue to act like someone whose hit 43/54...
????????? Who said women get a get out of jail free card????? Who said they can't be bad??????Turtleback (and I) are saying that some of the posts in this thread at juvenile and misogynistic and therefore inappropriate. I mean, keep building strawmen to knock down, but literally nobody has said anything remotely resembling what yoir post implies.
Bohn is a PGA tour level player, as evidenced by him being in a tour event. Nobody is saying that this is Ben Hogsn's Oakmont but to say a 71 here is an 80s score anywhere else isnt realistic I don't think. Is Chambers Bay, for example, really ten strokes tougher than this course?
No, I don't think so.
I think this week has been very encouraging. He's not back, of course, not to an acceptable level of play to win tournaments but it's a hell of a lot better than shooting in the 80s. If makes even a few of those near-misses, we're talking about a possible victory instead of a lowish finish.  Good things are ahead, I think. 
-1 69. I'm am so excited
Ugh. Was hoping to see him for the weekend.
I would love to know what she's done to show a "thirst" for the Spotlight, because as active as I am on social media and keeping up with news, I've heard shit all.
New Posts  All Forums: