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 ARROW 4 LYFE MY FRIEND I have serious heart-eyes for Man Bennet. He's such a badass and he brings great power to his character. I think Arrow has been one of the best and most consistent shows this year, especially the last four or five episodes. 
So awesome to see that she won. Hopefully her and Lexie and Ko compete for a decade or two
I've got the shanks, and it's awful.    I've been through this twice before, and it's awful.    I've narrowed it down to two possible causes:    Too close to the ball OR swinging too much out. I don't know which. 
I love this tournament. Doesn't get near enough attention. Hilton Head is such a beautiful place.
I understand where you're coming from; I really do. But you can't be a Tiger Woods fan without being a golf fan. He plays golf; they like watching him play golf. Therefore, they are golf fans.I play at least twice a week, sometimes three, and I practice two days a week. I've got golf clothes and golf shoes and golf books and golf posters galore. But I typically only watch when Tiger is playing. Am I not a real golf fan? Is @iacas not a real golf fan? Parsing out golf fans...
This is like a top five gripe of golf announcers and fans. They constantly criticize Tiger for slamming cubs and cursing.  I think its a dumb criticism regardless; its not hurting anyone, nor does anyone think its cute. It's pretty much a non-entity. 
Mad Men just started up again tonight. I was lucky enough to get the privilege of covering it for the website I work for.    Anyone else watch the premiere tonight? 
This Masters wasn't boring at all.
It's not a stretch. My mother is from Illinois and says so, but she's lived in Georgia since 1987. Doesn't change where you're born and raised.
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