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I've got the shanks, and it's awful.    I've been through this twice before, and it's awful.    I've narrowed it down to two possible causes:    Too close to the ball OR swinging too much out. I don't know which. 
I love this tournament. Doesn't get near enough attention. Hilton Head is such a beautiful place.
I understand where you're coming from; I really do. But you can't be a Tiger Woods fan without being a golf fan. He plays golf; they like watching him play golf. Therefore, they are golf fans.I play at least twice a week, sometimes three, and I practice two days a week. I've got golf clothes and golf shoes and golf books and golf posters galore. But I typically only watch when Tiger is playing. Am I not a real golf fan? Is @iacas not a real golf fan? Parsing out golf fans...
This is like a top five gripe of golf announcers and fans. They constantly criticize Tiger for slamming cubs and cursing.  I think its a dumb criticism regardless; its not hurting anyone, nor does anyone think its cute. It's pretty much a non-entity. 
Mad Men just started up again tonight. I was lucky enough to get the privilege of covering it for the website I work for.    Anyone else watch the premiere tonight? 
This Masters wasn't boring at all.
It's not a stretch. My mother is from Illinois and says so, but she's lived in Georgia since 1987. Doesn't change where you're born and raised.
That sounds great actually.
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