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I ended up with a 54 and 58 RTX CB wedges and played with them today.... WOW! Stop me on a dime or run em if needed. Awesome!
Yeah we have a short 9 hole par 3 course right by the house. http://www.oasissportspark.com/   I am going to that first. Thank you guys for the replies. She has never played, she is left handed, and a bit hot headed. Should be awesome, but I want to try it so we can have something to do together outside.
So my wife and I are going to give it a go and try to play golf together. My question is should we play from the same tee box, or should she play from the closer tee and I play from the middle?   Also who should shoot first, and will it slow us down a lot playing from different tee's if that is the best option?
I would hit the driving range a few times before the lessons. That way you can have a good idea of what you want to work on the most. It may be everything, or maybe you hit your driver good, but not your irons. Always good to be prepaired.
With a GPS can you track each shot? Meaning if I hit driver can I go up to my ball and it will say on hole 9 I hit my driver 270 yards, then I hit a 7 iron 160 yards and then 2 putted?
Cleveland Wedges, and a club fitting. 1* upright on the irons.
Currently a PW, 54, and 58. May get a gap wedge, but not 100% on that now.
Oh yeah, I forgot the most important club... The Putter. That is a CARBITE POLAR BALANCED DM MALLET
Ok, that is what I was wondering. If I could only get one should I go for the 3w or the Hybrid.   Thank you for the reply!
So I currently have...   Cobra S3 10.5* Cobra S3 Max Hybrid 3 20* Cobra S3 Max Hybrid 4 23* Cobra S3 Max 5-PW (standard) Cleveland 588 RTX 54* Cleveland 588 RTX 58*   I am thinking to finish it out to go with a Cobra Amp Cell 3W-4W, and a Cobra Amp Cell 2H-3H.   The reason I am thinking "3 Wood" and "Rescue/Hybrid" is during my wedge fitting I was able to hit the 54* 100 yards, and the 58* was 80ish. I was able to swing less or open the club for...
New Posts  All Forums: