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I'd recommend the old RBZ over the new one for higher handicappers . The old one had a 197cc head but the new one is only 175cc so it does look smaller at address. It's purely a confidence thing for me. I see a bigger head against the ball and am happier I'm going to make good contact.   Plus you can pick up one quite cheaply at the moment as they've just released the new one!
Mine were Mizuno Mx20s. I still have them as my spare set of clubs and use them now and then. They are great clubs. Shame Mizuno don't do the JPX 825 pros left handed which would be the modern day equivalent. I went to Callaway XFs now instead.
I like the Bridgestone e6. It reduces hook and slice spin and is straight and long. It's also very reasonably priced. I play off 16 but this is a great ball for anyone.
The nicest one I've found is the Footjoy Sciflex. Has a really nice feel to it and seems to last quite well.
Got to be a Taylormade Rocketballz fairway 3 wood (2012 model). Really easy to hit and great off the tee for safety. Has a massive 197cc head as well so oozes confidence when you put it behind the ball.
I went to Mizuno MP53s (what I'd consider a better players club) from game improvement irons. I lost 10-15 yards but my local pro pointed out that the comparison was slightly flawed as the game improvement irons had stronger lofts which was part of the problem. It seems game improvement clubs use that trick a lot.
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