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I think you might be better off swinging more left to try to hold off the hook but that is hard to do because it goes against your instincts. I was just wondering if anyone had trackman numbers on a calm day vs. windy day and how much their paths differed.
Horizontal swing path = direction of swing on trackman.
Is this a golf forum?
The more right you swing/aim the more it will hook unless you open the face more.
Lets say you have a less than 2 degree hsp with a 6 iron. Is it accurate to think that your hsp would shift more rightward if u were hitting with a 25 mph right to left crosswind?
I read the graph as there is a high correlation between high speed and low handicap which I agree with to a point. Club golfers shoot in the 80's and 90's because they miss lots of fairways and greens. I'd like to see a graph that charted face to path consistency to handicap.
Thanks! That clears it up for me.
Do you try to match your face to club path or to the hsp?
Distance is ruining golf. I've got 95mph speed with my driver and have basically been blown off by a few instructors because they think I must be a hack because I hit it short. I finished 2nd in my state mid am match play a couple of years ago. Haney's graph is total bs.
I don't understand how hsp can differ from club path.
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