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Fortunately it was a "closest to the pin" hole so I won a few hundred bucks so I about broke even on the bar tab. It was definitely cool having 15 or so people all see it happen. I felt like a real pro lol.
After nearly 20 years and approximately 15 bagillion strokes, I had my first hole-in-one Saturday. And I didn't even see it go in. 120 yd downhill over water, I hit gap wedge. It bounced about 7' short and rolled to the lip, where it stopped. It was a tournament so there were a lot of people on the tee box and everyone groaned when it stopped. I turned around in disgust, and of course that's when it dropped. 
Joanna Garcia is the main reason I hate Nick Swisher. I used to watch "Reba" because of her. "Reba."
how many people do you know that lie about their score? Hmmm, how many people do I know that golf?
Some friends and I did the same thing at the Borgata, but we quickly found out the ladies weren't "dancers," if you follow. Most of us made a beeline for the casino while a single friend stayed in the room. 
Shot 86 at Heidelberg Country Club. First round of the season for me, so I'm okay with it. A lot of straight pulls though leading to quite a few missed fairways and even an OB. 
If you want to try the Philly area, check out Scotland Run in Williamstown, NJ. http://www.scotlandrun.com/ It's about a 1/2 hour drive from Center City Philadelphia. On the way back into the city you can stop at any of the gentleman's clubs on Essington Ave or Delaware Ave. The gentleman's clubs are actually more my area of expertise. 
Katie Aselton from "The League." She's just awesome. 
There's no way I can pick just one favorite beer. On the course, when I plan on having more than a "couple," I stick to something light and easy like Miller Lite. But in the clubhouse I love IPA's and Imperial stouts. Dogfishead has yet to make a beer that I disliked. 
I think I definitely fall into the category of golfers whose gear is far better than their game lol. I like to look sharp. Clothes that fit. Logo on the hat only. 
New Posts  All Forums: